Stranger’s Wrath Gets A Spit ‘N’ Polish

Stranger’s Wrath Gets A Spit ‘N’ Polish

When Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath returns on the PS3, it won’t be a straight port of the original Xbox version. No, things will be looking decidedly less polygonal this time around.

That’s because developers Just Add Water have decided to go to town on the number of polygons the characters in the game will be built from, an original decision to go from 3000 (the number in the Xbox version) to 9000 thrown to the winds when they instead decided to have each character comprised of around 18,000 polygons (with Stranger himself clocking in at 20,000).

You can see what this means for the game in the comparison shot above, comparing the original Xbox model of hero Stranger to the upcoming PS3 version and that designed for CGI sequences.

Stranger PS3 Update [JAW, via Joystiq]


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