Street Fighter IV Producer Vs. Daigo

Yoshinori Ono (pictured) is the producer of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. So you'd imagine he'd be pretty good at Street Fighter. He's just not as good as Daigo "The Best" Umehara (not pictured).

Ono recounted a time he played against Daigo, who is one of the best Street Fighter players on Earth. Ono tells Italian website Next Game:

We once played a so-called 'friendly match'. He's such a serious guy. He always studies the game to improve himself, but he has no sense of fun. I tried to inject some into him, saying, 'You're playing with the producer of Street Fighter IV, it's a nice chance! Ok, you shouldn't let me win but at least let's try to have fun together and show the spectacular things the game can offer...' He replied 'ah' and continued to butcher me without batting an eye. He KO'ed me in few seconds...

Was Ono holding the joystick correctly? Daigo has tips!

Silenzio, parla il maestro [ Thanks Fulvio for the tip!][Pic]


    Is that hot chick a bloke as well like in that other article?

    lol bai ling

    errm i think you mean 'the BEAST'

      I was confused by that as well. He is known as "The Beast."

    To me, that's the core of Daigo's appeal.

    He's a rock solid, stone cold killer. He barely blinks or reacts to frenzied matches, and time and time again he pulls insane clutch moves.

    It doesn't matter if he's won or lost, he never breaks a smile, or a frown, or rages or shows any type of emotion.

    Not many people like it, it's definitely not marketable and it's hard to imagine he wouldn't even look mildly satisfied after winning a tournament, but that's just the way Daigo has and always will be.

    The guy couldn't bring himself to have a bit of fun playing with the producer of the game that pretty much defines him? What a dork. Daigo just went down a few notches for me.

    As far as I'm aware this is Diago's style though. No matter who he plays he gives a 100% effort. He never underestimates somebody or goes easy on them. It's all or nothing.

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