Suda 51 Building 360-Exclusive Action Game

Japanese games impresario Goichi Suda - "Suda 51" (pictured) - the creator of No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned, will bring a title exclusively to the Xbox 360, titled "Codename D."

Suda, taking the stage at Microsoft's TGS 2010 news conference, said that he'd wanted to work with the company for a long time, calling it a "long dating period." "Codename D," will be Kinect-enabled, but won't feature conventional weapons such as swords or guns. A live-action trailer shown after Suda's appearance depicted the game's protagonist lighting a baseball on fire to take out some foes.


    Suda 51 games are usually one of those love em or hate em affairs. Fortunately for me, I loved no more heroes, so i'm looking forward to this!

    Tempted as I love Suda 51's games but I hope it doesn't require the Kinect to play this one.

      I bet it does - firey baseball flinging has a kinect ring to it...

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