Super Mario 25th Anniversary Fun In Sydney Today

We haven't heard anything directly from Nintendo, but walking past the back of Wynyard in Sydney today we spotted this setup. If you're looking for something to do outside the office this lunchtime, you could do worse than getting retro with your favourite Italian Plumber.

Things were still getting setup here, but with an NES, SNES, N64, and Wii all getting ready for action, it seems there's a nice dose of memory lane gaming on offer.

And while it's a complete guess, you'd be right to be disappointed if they weren't doing SOME kind of giveaway as well.

If you head down there, let us know what's going on in the comments. Fresh pictures would be good, too!


    Im there (or at least I will be at 12)... is this just behind the station upstairs in that small park?

    I will be there, any other Sydney based Kotaku regulars want to come along?

    If you want to see me, just rock up and scream "hey FatShady, is that you!" to everyone you walk past. You'll know its me because I'll look at you strangely and then try to pretend it is not me and walk away.

    See you there!

      Just got back. Man i suck at cart racing....

        *Bursts into tears from shame of still, missing out*

    And stupid work had to go and send me out to Kogarah today.


    Yeah, apparently this van is touring around Australia sharing Mario joy.

    I got to play at one of these stalls in Melbourne a few days ago. I got to be in a video confession that's meant to be on the Nintendo website.

    Was a little disappointed to find out none of the people there actually worked for Nintendo...

      Marketing events are often handled by marketing companies seperate from the organisation being promoted itself.

      They work for a few hours, promoting something they may know/care little about, get paid and move on to something else.

      I kinda wish Nintendo AU would authorise marketing campaigns other than Mario though. It's getting a bit old to be honest.

        Corey's right, I used to work in the same offices as the organisation responsible for a lot of Nintendo's marketing.
        They didn't know very much about the games.
        Not to be too much of a douche but I played a DSi ages before they were released, because they had them just lying around.
        They're pretty stingy too, no freebies for me.
        Unfortunately we're no longer there, so annoying that we shifted offices...that was one of the greatest parts of my current job!

    Yeah, I'm going to the Parramatta one tomorrow.

    Poor Luigi living in the shadows of his brother.

    Just went there... great for a lil bit of mario fun on the old school consoles.

    No one working there knows very much about anything. All questions seem to lead to the same sales pitch.

    One of the girls there said that the 3ds wont be coming out in english for another 18 months :(

    Does that mean the March 2011 expected release will just be Jap spec

    "’d be right to be disappointed if they weren’t doing SOME kind of giveaway as well."

    STFU. Sydney gets events on a GOLD platter, while states like Darwin and Adelaide get ignored completely for EVERYTHING.
    (Music events, gaming events, most cons...)


      Probably should be in Geography class, not Mario's 25th if you think Darwin and Adelaide are states.
      As for the event itself, I'm thinking I might rush an XML exam so I can try and make this event. Does anyone know what time this will be ending?

    Instead of things like this, why not bring out the Mario Allstars Wii collection in October like Japan?
    Silly Nintendo

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