Super Mario Bros. Sidewalk Speedrun

We've seen plenty of sidewalk Super Mario art, but Andreas Heikaus' project takes the cake. A student at Germany's University of Hanover, Heikaus' full speedrun of Super Mario Bros is his thesis matching computer-generated elements to live action footage.

Super Mario on Concrete [RobotSumi. Thanks Andrew Y.!]


    That was on here aggggeeeesssss ago Kotaku.

    Having a slow news day perhaps?

    Hasn't this already been posted before? Not that I'm complaining, it's just another reason to watch this awesomeness again.

    Didn't Kotaku do an article on this same video back in July when it first showed up?

    Hey, didn't someone already point out that this article was on Kotaku AGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEES ago?


      Hey, did someone not realise that comments sometimes take hours to get approved?

    whilst this is awesome, i'm sure mario couldn't jump that high....

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