Super-Smart Game Pirate Sells His Wares At Shopping Centre

Ordinarily, when folks monetise their game piracy, they use Craigslist or some other indirect means of making a sale. I've never heard of a pirate peddling his stuff at a shopping centre, as a Canadian man is accused of doing.

The Mounties bagged a 31-year-old man - long on the radar of US-based piracy investigators - accusing him of selling copied games for about $US10 each out of the back of a hobby store in Richmond, British Columbia. He is, pardon my legalese, in deep doo-doo.

The pirate, who wasn't named, was nabbed by the private investigation firm of IPSA International, which works for entertainment software industry clients, which means game makers.

The story didn't say if he was burning console discs or PC games. Vancouver is a regular venue for anti-piracy sweeps, apparently.

Buyers Beware Of Pirated Video Games [The Province via Game Politics]


    You should see Bangkok, shopping centre's there have entire floors dedicated to pirated movies & games.

      "You should see SOUTH EAST/EAST ASIA, shopping centre’s there have entire floors dedicated to pirated movies & games."

      Fixed =P

    I miss the old Shareware guy who was at every market and shopping centre.

    Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny was the first game I got off him I think.

    First saw Doom running on his little set-up also.

    You have to admire his tenacity, it would have been much easier just to sell ripped DVDs than to try and get around all the copy protection of videogames (for a scant $10 sale).

    I've seen shops in Sydney shopping centres selling pirated games and movies. I haven't been to Sydney in a while, but there also use to be many little asian shops which just sold pirated vhs and later dvds. I'm also pretty certain a local music store is selling pirated dvds right now where i live, and they probably don't even realise it.

    Why is the stock image of an Australian department store?

      DJ's in on the game too. Ask the brown man on the ground floor for the "new releases".

    "Vancouver is a regular venue for anti-piracy sweeps, apparently."

    Makes sense, with the city being a creative industry hub, you've got plenty of developers running around and they will speak quite loudly when they see piracy right in front of their eyes.

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