Super Street Fighter IV On PC? Not Likely

As someone who actually owns Street Fighter IV on PC, this makes me a little sad: it doesn't look like Super Street Fighter IV will be gracing the platform.

Seems that while the original game sold quite well, it was also "number one in piracy". While this left producer Yoshinori Ono happy that so many people were enjoying his work, it also left him with the impression that, to maintain a sense of worth about the Street Fighter brand, they couldn't in the future be giving the game away for free.

Meaning a PC release seems unlikely, especially given the fact Ono says Capcom wouldn't release the game as a Steam-only download, since that'd be unfair to PC owners without Steam.

Did nobody at Capcom tell him pretty much everyone has Steam?

Don't rule out all hope, though, PC gamers; he concludes saying that should an adequate copy-protection method be found, the arcade version is practically already running on PC code, so a port would be a piece of cake.

[TGS 2010] 小野P,なんでユン・ヤンを選んだんですか?――PVも解禁の「スーパーストリートファイターIV アーケードエディション」,プロデューサーに直撃インタビュー [4Gamer, via AndriaSang]


    They seriously need a new excuse for not porting to PC besides the bogeyman excuse of Piracy.
    What about Xbox360 piracy and now with the Sony PS3 Jailbreak? so what's Capcom going to end up publishing games on when every system can be pirated? And they refuse to use steam as well.... backwards thinking from a progressively backwards industry.

      both Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 are on steam, so I dunno where you got this 'refuse to use steam' point from.

      The real reason behind this is that fighting games don't really sell well on the PC. They are the kind of games that are meant to be played on your couch with your mates, after all.

    Bloody hell... Ive been waiting for a port of SSF4 for freaking ages. My 3rd 360 has been set alight after its damn red ring again and I traded in all my games. All I have is my damn PC left ~ And I love my SF4 on my PC!

    Hurry the hell up capcom and think of something..

    What an idiot, the only thing that matters is hiw many you sell.

    That is the thing that has an effect on the bottom line, not how many did not buy it!

      Yeah, because all that matters is the bottom line. Maintaining the value of the brand for future instalments doesn't mean anything at all, does it?

        Yes, "maintaining the value of the brand" doesnt mean anything at all. Just marketing jargon BS.

    It's just a fighting game - kind of bottom of the barrel if you ask me. They're just not 'must own' material. I bought Street Fighter IV for the PS3 and I never really played it that much.

      more like cream of the crop

      You have exceptionally poor taste, in my opinion.

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