Survey Says 17% Of Facebook Gamers Call Themselves 'Addicted'

A marketing research firm found that 17 per cent of social gamers - FarmVille, Mafia Wars and the like - consider themselves "addicted", though it's not clear if they say that regretfully or as a light-hearted self-description.

Anyway, when the likes of Lightspeed Research (a global firm) delves into the latest it-topic in social media and gaming, it's usually doing so to point out the boatloads of money to be made from it - especially with their expert analysis. So don't take this as the findings of a medical journal. The survey said that two-thirds of respondents play one to two social games five days a week, about a third of all respondents do so daily, and the 55-64 age range plays more frequently than 18-34 year olds. Draw your own conclusions as to why.

Most notably, 14 per cent of all surveyed said they've spent money on social games, either by purchasing in-game currency, items or whatever. That sounds small - except it's a direct revenue conversion rate of 14 per cent for what is basically a big clickable ad, which is tantalising. And 33 per cent said they've done things like clicked on ads or signed up for offers to get free in-game rewards, which is pretty healthy from an advertising perspective.

It's Game On for Social Networkers [Lightspeed Research]


    The worst part about this survey isn't that they are addicted, or that it's facebook games. The worst part is that these 'people' call themselves gamers...

    ...and the other 83% are liars. ;)

    i see an oxymoron here a facebook gamer?

    Seeing as most Facebook 'gamers' are casual, I'm sure their definition of 'addicted' is very different from say, a hardcore WoW raider's meaning of the term.

    Take this with a massive grain of salt.

    Well by the look of things, this study was quantitative rather qualitative so the results are always going to be of individually questionable value. I'd be interested to see the questions that contributed to the 'addiction' statistic, the tenor of the question can make all the difference between "yeah I play mafia wars every day, totally addicted, lol!" and "I don't CARE if you haven't eaten for a week son, I'm planting crops here!"

    I suspect that the 18-35 year old demographic has a slump because we grew up playing REAL games

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