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    Went to the Adelaide show on the weekend... spotted this classy looking cake in the food section. Thankfully it won 1st place in the decorating category that it was a part of :)

      Holy crap.. what happened to mario's head.. it looks like something from an old Peter Jackson movie... and i'm talking Bad taste here people!

        True, but compared to the other warped creations that were there (among the zillion flowery wedding cakes, and 'pretty' things), it was a refreshing sight for the day

    Boy of boy.. didn't I feel like abit of a goose last night. Madly spend my arvo working away at getting my entry together for the Dead Rising 2 comp. I forgot about Fathers Day so I spent heaps of time hangin out with the parental units which I didn't expect. Panic stations!! Finally got it to a submittable state about 11:50pm, came to Kotaku to double check details on where to send etc, and then I see that it's not due til next Sunday :0 What a doofus! At least I can spend a bit more time this week implementing some of the things I had to leave out!

      haha that's ok mate.. i'm still yet to even start!

      I think i'm just disillusioned because i know i have no chance of winning the jacket... nor do i have the time to actually build anything..

      BUT, i REALLY want to win one of those pens... that' s all i want.. just a pen and possibly a poster and i'll be happy...

      But what to do...

        Easy... Buy the Zombex Edition, Keep Pen, return game... PROFIT!!!

        The reason why I say this is the pen comes separate... look at the pack shots on the EB website...

        360 -
        PS3 -

        The regular game cases finish before the box that holds the pen...

          Actually if you look at the box there is a space on the right hand side which will more than likely be holding the pen...

          Plus i've ordered the Outbreak Edition... so CBF pre-ordering another version and having to find the money for that too... even if i return the game...

            That's what I meant, the regular box finishes before the pen box... :p

            Anyway, getting the Outbreak version also, but I am looking at a friend to get the Zombex Edition (who doesn't care all that much for crap) and for us then to swap the game boxes...

            So I'll get the Steelcase, and they would get plain one that comes with the Outbreak! Best of Both Worlds!

            Although, I do wish publishers would stop messing around with multiple SKUs that split up all the good stuff.

    Well, Wildgoose is gone :(

    But the plus side is, you now can have double the chance to win the Dead Rising Pack:

      Nice find Notty-boy.. although not having any liquid latex, spirit gum or fake blood on hand, this makes it a bit out of reach for me too... none of the costume stores in geelong stock the stuff either.. bastards...

        A gelatin-water paste makes fine spirit gum.
        Corn Syrup plus red food colouring makes awesome blood.
        Now get zombieing!! :D

          You sir are a Gentleman and Zombie-Scholar.

          I may just have to do it now... will have to come up with a way to out-gore everyone else though :P

        You live in Geelong, Chuloopa? I thought I was the only one!

    ... and so the hunt begins in earnest for our new editor and chief community figure head.

    I don't understand why sportsbet don't have odds online for prospective candadetes. Surely this is as big as finding an AFL coach or which political party will lead our 'hung' nation.

    I don't envy your quest Seamus!

      It's tough work. Junglist is going to do some fill-in while we wrap up our hunt for Australia's Next Top Kotaku Editor.

        Will there be a swimsuit section?

          We can only hope.

          Is there any chance, by the way, that Junglist will become permanent EIC? I know it's only been about a week, but he's pretty good. Or you, Seamus. Both of you rock.

        Damn, it could get hot in here. We demand live streaming video of the pageant!

      Where can I watch? :)

    I hit up Uncharted 2's multiplayer for the first time on Sunday. I was surprised at how I wasn't slaughtered and how I managed to hold my own quite well in Deathmatch. It was a lot of fun, and I may hit it up again sometime in the next week. For those who've played it a lot, any gametypes you recommend (I've just hit deathmatch and plunder)?

      The only thing I can recommend is to pull people off ledges to their horrible deaths as much as possible.

      That tactic never gets old...

      I was surprised too and actually placed 3rd in my first deathmatch. But I really enjoy co-op games, they are quite fun. Enter co-op arena and just wait until a match comes along, I'm sure you'll have fun! I would offer to play, but I only really play on Wednesday and Friday mornings, seeing as my internet is rather terrible.

        Ah, co-op! If I manage to see you on, I might hit you up.

        Have you had good experiences with the matchmade teammates? I've always been a little bit sceptical about them..

          They've all been awesome, except for one tosspot. He was a level 17, so he was higher than me, and kept off and running to do his own thing, kept on dying/getting choked and so me and the other guy would have to go and rescue him. A LOT. And we died a lot because of this. In the end, we just let him die and played by the two of us.

          Point is, don't let that distract you. All my co op partners bar one have been great, and it is good fun!

    Happy Monday people!

    How did people fare over the weekend? The weather was CRAZY! The race that I was meant to ride in was cancelled due to the weather. Check out this from Youtube:

      My band is playing everynight at the Adelaide Show.
      We've been soaked through everynight so far... but stil, there's only six nights to go.

      Meanwhile, the oval we play on is like walking through a swamp.

        Oh nice mate, whats your band?

          I'll bet it's not what you're thinking.

            holy crap...


        Ugg, I used to play in the school band, we once did a outdoor concert. It rained. and rained.. and My drums were like hitting puddles, splashing up into my face on the beat... I sure as heck dont miss that!

        Good luck though for the next 6 gigs!

          We had a kid playing with us during the Sydney Tattoo, and when ever we were at attention he'd turn his head and move his hand, or wipe the rain from his eyes and generally fidget. It rained something shocking in Sydney and I ended up giving him such a bollocking about it.

          I cought him out the corner of my eye last night and I could see the rain pouring off him, he didn't move once... good kid.

          Part of me's glad the message got across, but part of me feels bad about taking him to task about it. Ah well, I'll get over it.

      Aha...I thought I'd seen your username on a mtn biking forum before! Yes, I too was involved in the Angry Doctor. Damn shame. Still, a falling tree on me would not have been ideal. Sure, the organisers were wanting to give us 'something' for our $140 entry fee, but that 11 km loop was an absolute disgrace!

        Oh hey MTBer! Where you from?

        Yeah it was a shame about the race being canned. It was a really stupid idea to send anyone out in those conditions for that loop. Still deciding if I am unhappy enough to not do the race next year in protest.


    I don't even know how to begin.

    It's fast, frantic, and that knee sliding thing is damn enjoyable (far more so than any "roadie run").

    It wasn't on my radar, but hearing positives from E3 I looked at the demo... and now I'm thinking about buying. The story looks a bit naf, but the gameplay...

      but the gameplay... was slick and tight!

      I too had immense fun with the demo once I got to play it on the weekend. For the type of game it is, a "B Grade" story suits it more. The fact the game has a scoring element for each level is enough to warrant multiple re-tries going for a high score.

      Playing it on normal, I certainly got thumped a few times getting used to the controls and can't wait to have a go on the hardest difficulty, as I get the feeling that it would be really intense...

        The green in the tute was a bit larey, but once I got into the game actual... ohhh mama!

        Yeah, I was quite impressed. The voice acting and story looks like it'll be terrible, but the gameplay is just so damn fun!

    I remember someone asking last week about Halo Reach pricing, and just found this:

    If you're after the **Standard** edition, and don't mind waiting for delivery, Big W have an online preorder system selling the game for AU$84. Significantly less than the AU$118 at EB Games, etc.

    Link here:

    Says that the games leave the Sydney warehouse on Monday the 13th, so delivery may be not long at all.

    Not sure whether this will be the in-store price, or if it's online only, but I suppose we'll find out when they put out their new catalogues.

      Aye, that was me. I assume it would be instore pricing too.

      I think though I might have to preorder just to reserve a copy. Not sure if this shit will go starcraft on me and sell out EVERYWHERE

      Okay, so Halo Reach is $78 at Big W in-store as well, but only on Tuesday 14th (release day) and Wednesday 15th September.

      Get it while it's hot, folks.

        I just checked the Big W catalog available online, and its $84 instore on 14th-15th, same as the online price. I think thats what you meant though cracks :-)

      For those after a standard edition of Reach, you guys should REALLY check out Dungeon Crawl. They've got it listed as $58.50!

      It seems like that's their online price and even though they send via registered post, it's still under $70!

    Did anyone go to the Halo event at the UTS last Wednesday?

    No Lunch Time Waster...

    No "Remember This?"...

    *sniff* oh the aching void in my heart...

    I've taken the liberty of doing today's "Remember this"

    See if you can guess this old game and the system it was on:

      Some of our favourite regulars / columns will no doubt return. Some probably even irregularly while Junglist is on fill-in duty. But we're truly in a bit of a 'transition' phase so a few things will fade out, others fade in, and others that faded out will fade back in. And out. Or sideways. But always twirling, TWIRLING, TWIRLING... oh wait, I forget what I was saying...

        That't possibly the best speech ever.. simspsons if i'm not mistaken...

        I know they will make a return - but i just want to pitch in :)

        i likes to help... :)

        Not upwards, but forwards!

          Wasn't it 'frontwards?'

          And it was from one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, segment entitled 'Citizen Kang.' One of the better ToH episodes :3

      Starcraft... on the iPhone?

        No - but i'll give you a hint - it's not Jazz Jackrabbit...

          awwwwwww, but mumm!

            I can see the iPhone frame... so it's obviously a photo of something on the iPhone.

      No idea what it is myself, but it looks like Rambo!

    Douke Nuekem forevah... seriously is anyone as excited about it as i am?

      I'm not.

      I get the impressions it's kind of like War for Cybertron. That games holds value for every snot nosed kid who watched G1 (of which I am one), so when a decent Transformers game is released, the nostalgia value multiplies a fairly average game (I'm sorry, but it was) into total awesomeness. Expecially the whole Michael Bay thing which will be stripped from the history of IMDB and ripped from our collective memories so that we can pretend that it never existed.

      Duke Nukem, for me, was kind of an "eh" thing. The platformers were pretty good, and 3D certainly had the novelty boobie factor, but it never cemented a place in my memories. I feel it's like as David Hollingworth said on the Byteside episode on FPS: "the game is more popular now as a non-game than it ever possibly could be as a real game".
      Also, "imagine the hype of Duke Nukem coming out and being bad."

        To be honest, I've always thought the Duke games weren't the best around, but they were mindless fun.

        This is what I want from a Duke game, it doesn't have to be the best controlling, the story doesn't need to be there, it's just a game to sit back and shoot some pigcops.

        Yes, the media will drive the hype machine up before the game is released and then everyone will come on and cry how shitty the game is, even though it's been in the pipeline for over 10 years.

        Sure it might be old tech it's running on, it won't be the prettiest, it won't control the best, the multiplayer won't make a dent into the MW2 or Halo player base, but if they capture the old style of humour, then they have succeeded!

        Though I still believe this will easily be in the Top 10 selling games of 2011, no doubt about it.

          I don't know if it will break sales records, but it has definitely taken the record for oldest game to emerge from the vapour.
          Every other game that has been obscured for this long has either been cancelled or vanished.
          But with Gearbox in the driving seat, it will be a fun game, and that's the whole point of Duke games.

            I guess you guys have got a point with the "fun is fun" thing, and hey, I certainly can't argue against it. If it's a good game, great, and if it's a fun game, also great, but these don't really make me excited for it. I'm not exactly pumped up for its release like I was with Mafia 2 (because Mafia 1 was so great) or currently with Etrian Odyssey 3 (it gets my haRdPG sense tingling).

            Just thought I would clarify, I didn't say it will be Number 1... but it will easily be in the Top 10...

        One of my friends was working on Duke Forever at 3DRealms for the past few years. I have been psyched for it ever since I found that out cos he's an awesome level designer. Since the demise of 3DR, he's got together with a few other 3DR blokes who couldn't let the project die and they're continuing work on it (I assume alongside gearbox) but working out of a garage studio type deal. Sounds like they're all having a blast and doing some great work. Everyone of them is an old skool duke fan, so with any luck they'll be doing it heaps of justice.

    i am :D

    so, can anyone else already see Kotaku au slow down to a creep with Senior Goose around?

      We've been spoiled by Gooseman's hourly posts! I'm sure once they get a new full time editor things will pick up again. Perhaps the lack of posts is a good sign they're busy interviewing/grilling candidates to see if they're awesome enough to fill his shoes ;)

      Could also be because of PAX and it being a long weekend in the U.S. of A.

      Hey Seamus, considering Monday is typically a slow news day on this side of the globe... could maybe monday see the posting of some editorials or local pieces? Or maybe a retrospective, this week in history kind of thing?

    Happy Monday all!

    No markets for me this weekend, but still didn't stop me picking up some goodies while I was out & about. First up on my weekend haul is this little pile o'stuff: (not pictured is the Star Wars miniatures battle game starter box & booster pack I grabbed. They were 50% off, so couldn't help myself!)

    I also finally managed to track down a copy of Steve Sansweet's "1000 Collectibles: Memorabilia & Stories from a Galaxy far, far away":

    It's an absolutely fantastic book that is well worth picking up if you're a Star Wars fan or especially if you're into the collecting side of things. Apart from his position within Lucasfilm as Director of Fan Relations, Steve owns the largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia in the world - of which this book is but a tiny, tiny cross section of.

    Lastly (and most importantly) was my Daughter's fathers day present for me:

    I have the best kids.

      Awesome. That book looks like it would be a great afternoon's browsing.

      And Artoo was cute :P

      Haha, this should become a regular thang! What Aaron bought on the weekend.

      That felt R2-D2 is the sweetest.

        Ahh don't tempt me. My wife would probably kill me if I made it a regular thing (even though it is!).

          Who said she needs to know *wink*

      Oops. I did it again:

      Just grabbed off eBay.

        The force is kinda dodgy with this one....

        (Mate just got that sent here. The Force FX Sabers are all kinds of awesome)

    What gaming/other podcasts do people subscribe to? I travelled a bit on the weekend and found podcasts made the trip go faster. Would be good to get a few more on my radar.

      I'm kind of boring and only listen to a small handful of podcasts these days, largely because I'm not spending 2hrs a day on public transport.

      The ones I do listen to however are:

      Retronauts -'s retro-gaming podcast. Generally quite interesting, especially when they focus on one developer or topic. Some of the free-form shows can be entertaining as well (like when they covered off the history of 3D in gaming).

      A Life Well Wasted - "An Internet radio show about video games and the people who enjoy them". There's only 5 or 6 episodes, however they're all quite well produced and very entertaining. The first episode - "the death of EGM" - is probably still my favourite of the lot.

      The Forcecast - &'s weekly podcast. Hosted by 2 incredibly enthusiastic Star Wars fans, they have a whole host of special guests, coverage of fan events and more.. Something about "leaving no fan behind". Well worth a listen if you're a fan!

      There is no going past The Drunk Tank which is by the Roosterteeth guys. Hilarious. They are up to their 75th podcast so there is a good back catalog for you to listen to. Another more gaming orientated podcast is Gamers Rapport.

      Anyone listen to Sarcastic Gamer Podcast? They actually gave Kotaku a bit of a blast on one of their podcasts the other week.

    *sad* The end of a Goosetastic era.

    Thankfully I can still count on you guys for my daily dose of warm fuzzy man-love, now with the added wonder of everything being read in the dulcet tones of Junglist. How delightfully distracting. *happy*

    Completely unrelated to gaming, I saw that a movie about Temple Grandin (played by Clare Daines) won a bunch of awards (Emmys)so thought i'd check it out. It is about a woman who was diagnosed with Autism as a child in the 60's... Back then Doctors suggested that autism was caused by the mother failing to provide affection at a crucial stage of a childs development!

    It seemed interesting and trust me, it is a really entertaining/moving movie. I don't know anyone personally who lives with autism or knows anyone who does but it is a really interesting and just thought i'd jump on here and share that.

    Check it out if you can get your hands on it.

      A best mate of mine has a cousin who is autistic. It was uncanny in that had memorized victoria's melways! You could give him any page and co-ordinates, and he would ramble off all the roads there, then give directions via backstreets if you liked. Basically, he is a full on WORKING gps unit!

        Can he do different voices?

    Did anyone else *squee* when they saw HK-47 in the most recent video of The Old Republic?

      Yes, yes I did.


      There I go again.

    Does anyone else have trouble with the stigma that is attached to video games?

    Video games are my hobbie, my major interest outside of family, friends and work. I don't play them so much that they majorly detriment another important aspect of my life. Which I think balance is important

    BUT I still cop flak from family, ie my mrs sisters and mother about how much I play them. Do you think that if this interest was in movies, or music, or even a kayaking (mind you I do play a sport 3 times a week) that i would cop as much criticism if any?

    My best mate and I talk about this regularly, I thought I would share it with you.

      I'm exactly in your position. I always plan when I'll play video games, and it's normally at night or I wake up earlier than normal to play. Yet as soon as my brother, mum or dad see me playing, comments such as "Stop Playing", "Grow Up, games are for kids" and "All I see you do is play games (You see me playing games, because you work all day, and I do homework at uni, or when I'm in my room.)" are always thrown at me. I gave up rebutting their arguments, seeing as they normally dismiss anything I have to say on the matter. Btw, I also do walk my dogs fairly regularly, go out with friends once or twice a week (on top of the Melbourne Victory games I go to), so my life isn't just games and uni.

      It gets really annoying, and I know for a fact that if it was anything else, they wouldn't care: By brother quite passionate about flying: you see him all the time playing flight simulator, taking flying lessons, and reading about flying in general. And i'm happy for him, because he finally got into a piloting cadetship. But when this translates to me and my passion for video games, somehow I'm just a child, that should grow up. It gets frustrating and annoying, but more or less now, I simply ignore any comments saying gaming is stupid. That's your opinion, but it's not mine.

        Part of growing up is learning to take that flak with a pinch of salt ;)

        Also, given the increasing focus on 'casual' gamers, with things such as iPhone/iPad gaming, the Wii, where it's becoming not only more accessible to your average ma and pa, but also more socially acceptable, I think this problem will soon become a thing of the past.

          Yeah my sisters both have iPhones and now just sometimes talk to each other about... Angry Birds, I think it's called. One's previously played stuff like Pokemon and Doom, the other one's history of video games is pretty much just The Sims. Slowly but surely, the population is converting.

          My parents took a while to break down though. Probably not the best advice, but I kind of ignored them. My dad's accepted it though, I play games (alot), but never did my uni grades suffer, and I still keep fit by regularly walking the dog, so he's okay with it. My mum's somewhat traditional and conservative (these new fangled electronics gadgets, pshaw), but nowadays she just resigned herself to complaining that my eyesight is going to get shot, even though I'm the only one in the family who doesn't need glasses and has near-perfect vision, last time I checked with the optometrist.

      I never really had any problems, partly because I'm awkward and anti-social to begin with, so people nod to themselves and go "Oh, so THAT's why." I think they have it the wrong way around though: I game because I'm socially awkward, I'm not socially awkward because I game.

      I do find it extremely difficult to relate to the other mothers at my kids' school though. They'll ask what I do with my spare time, I'll tell them. and they'll back away slowly.... :-P

        Oh yeah, and I didn't worry about my parents misunderstanding, I just converted them. All it took was Abe's Oddysee for my mum, and Baldur's Gate for my dad.
        Instant champions for the cause.

          Aye, I would say its probably even harder for people to accept gaming as your major interest as you are a mother.

          I guess in the end if people alienate gamers for, well gaming, we all have the gaming community.

      I blame my parents for encouraging to play video games in the first place. When I was young, it was one of the only things I could do without having to annoy my mother about going out. She even used to take me during weekends to Video Ezy so that I could rent Sega Megadrive games and eventually PSOne titles.

      My father hated it when I was young as he used to hide my consoles or certain cords so that I couldn't play. But then again, he'd buy the consoles in the first place?

      Nowadays, video games are a major part of my life thanks to my larger disposable income and I probably spend more time trying to win or write about games than I do playing them. My girlfriend has accepted my obsession and it's great to have someone who can keep me balanced as I tend to get too absorbed in one particular activity.

      I also live alone so there's no one to piss me off about playing for long periods of time.

    Man Furismo Jive. Oooooh yeeeeeah.

      lol, love that Kevin Butler Modnation Ad...

        I love all the KB ads. As soon as I read this, I youtubed most of them.

    Can someone recommend me some PSN games?

      Flower. Get it now.

      Bionic Commando Rearmed is good for multiplayer.

      SSFII Turbo HD Remix if you're so inclined.

      Other worthy mentions: Braid/Echochrome/Lumines Supernova/Super Stardust HD.

      Plus any old PSX games that tickle your fancy.

        "Flower. Get it now."


        Also, Scott Pilgrim. And Joe Danger. These three games are all trial and unlock as well, so no excuses to at least try them out. Also, Shank. I've downloaded the demo, I kinda want to get it, and I kinda don't.

          Woops, forgot to add to that and ask if anyone has Shank? I'm tempted to buy the full version, but the demo showed me a game that I can see becoming very repetitive, with a bad storyline and voice acting.

            I bought it but I've only played through 3 or so levels. I like the art style (especially when it goes silhouetted) but I got irritated with a boss on a train so I put it down again. I've had no urge to hit it up again, but it was fun until that stage.

            Review was on GG last night - looked pretty nice.

            Episode should be up on iview if ya missed it.

    Anyones thoughts on Vanquish? Played the demo and it looks.... Ah-mah-zing. Even the gameplay.

    Anyone else been following it?

      Look Up.

      Damn Kotaku/Firefox/Uni Computers keeps swallowing up my comments!

        My bad.

        Yeah I'm using my unis Internet and rmit network sucks bad. Not to mention I'm using an iPod touch too

    Election speak : Independents look set to make a decision this afternoon. We might finally get to find out if we're going back to the polling booth or not.

    Though they all seem quite adamant that we will not be voting again this election.

      I hate the fact that going back to the polls is actually an option; what makes them think that people will vote any differently the second time around??

        There was a poll doing the rounds last week (I don't know how reputable the polling company was) where they claimed one in ten Australians would change their vote. If you think about that, that's over 1 million votes..

        Personally, if we headed back to the polls I know my vote wouldn't change, but I can see some of the post election night revelations (Tony's budget hole, all this faffing about with the independents and both sides just throwing promises at them) may sway some of the swinging voters.

        I'm torn over what outcome I'd desire. I think a cooperative government, with the independents, will force whichever major party gets in to not just push through party political policies - they'll have to be more thorough and compassionate policies that hopefully will be better off for us. However, there's always the big case of the independents trying to push their rural agendas to the forefront and outshadowing other important issues, and for that sake I'd like to go back to the polls. I think if that did happen, we may get some more honest electioneering (focusing on policies, initiatives) instead of the blatant shitfest that was the five week campaign.

          Let's say we go back to the polls and 1 million people do change their vote... they're not all going to be voting for the same party, I imagine we'll get the same result.

          As a South Australian, I'm moderatly unhappy with the rural independants having a lot of power because they're at the wrong end of the Murry River. But even if there weren't independants, we're going to get screwed over that because the votes are on the wrong side of the country.

          Other than that, it's all much of a muchness.
          Id rather have independants who want an NBN with a close opposition who'll block an internet filter than the other way around.

            *sigh* Gillard :(

    Anyone around here have a Shadow 6 controller? I've had mine for about a month (it's taken a bit of a backseat to the regular DS3 which I warmed to quicker than I thought) and haven't really used it for the last couple of weeks. However I hit a big snag last night.

    The missus wanted to play some Wipeout with me so I tried firing it up, only to hit a snag with the dongle. For some reason it won't turn on (the little red light), and won't connect the controller to the PS3. I've tried both USB ports, turned everything off and on numerous times, scoured the interwebs for any type of similar issue to no avail. I'm pretty dismayed as I've only had it for a month and it's pretty awful if it's done that.

    Anyone had any similar issues? I've also heard reports of DreamGear's customer service being pretty shocking although I know I won't get much help out of them since I bought it off eBay..

    And so the ALP is returned to government.
    Let's hope they don't cock up this opportunity to show themselves and the Australian people a better government, and a better Parliament, in the interests of the nation.

    Also, NBN yay!

      Returned to government after the longest half-hour media conference EVER.
      Remember guys, it was a "juicy and sexy decision" - Rob Oakeshott, 3:18 PM, 7/9/2010.

      Do you really think they're not going to cock up massively? I'm predicting that this term will, essentially, be just one giant throbber. The NBN is good, and at least they've gotten rid of the citizens assembly idea stuff, but if they net-filter, then bleeeurghhh, and Labors medical stuff? Bllleeeuuurrrrgggghhh. Then again, I guess since the Libs are just a giant Blarp (no I'm not sure what that means, I think I just made it up), the result we got was probably the best we could hope for.

      On a similar note, anyone else surprised by Katter backing the coalition? I wasn't expecting it given his obvious hate of Barnaby Joyce, and other stuff that was said during the past few weeks.

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Throbber.... :-D

      All it takes is one person to die or be caught looking for porn and we're back to election, so I don't know how long this'll last.

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