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  • I want to know what people think about the playstation move more, i think it is brilliant.

    I work at a game store and i want to know its good parts and its crap parts. I havent had a chance to play it yet!!!!

    What does everyone think?

    (btw new DMC sucks)

    • Hi, This post runs the risk of becoming a fanboy post so i will restrain myself.

      I have all 3 current gen consoles and tbh, of the move and kinect, Kinect is more interesting to me but i will get neither at launch as there are no games for me (hardcore gamers of sorts).

      This is my own opinion, I may be wrong, but here goes!

      So Good points
      It is a significant step forward from the wii technology, there is increased precision and I think this was needed. The playstation is a good system, has HD graphics etc and overall not a bad experience.

      I am yet to use the MOVE but it does not seem any harder to pick up than a wiimote. Overall I see it delivering a better experience than the wii, but failling to really innovate.

      The bad points
      In 4 years the wii has failed to deliver really engaging gameplay with the technology and while it has sold well, has had a very poor rate of continued play. As this seems to be a better looking and more precise version of the wii, I don’t see this going into new and exciting areas. The game quality will be better but that is all.

      I was talking to someone today about this and used theexample of wii bowling. How many of us watched a non gamer try to do bowling and they forget to let go of the trigger so the ball stayed in their hands or let it go too early and it rolled behind them.

      While the control still has a bunch of buttons, it will not be as easy to use as kinect. it is with this in mind that i see Kinect being more accessible.

      My lunch is going cold now… But that is my thoughts.

    • The potential is there, a bunch of the first games aren’t all that great though.

      Sports Champions is the pick of the bunch and I’m really enjoying Archery, Bocce & Disc Golf. The others aren’t bad, but these are my favourites.

      The PSN game Tumble is pretty cool as well…

      Still haven’t tried the Move with some of the existing games yet… got the RUSE Demo, haven’t downloaded the patches for High Velocity Bowling or Eyepet yet… and really looking forward to playing Resident Evil 5 again as well as Tiger Woods 11 (hopefully it will mean the end of scoring birdies/eagles on every hole! and it can be played with more challenge)

    • I’ve been playing around with a starter pack and all the demos since launch. Move is definitely accurate than the Wii, but is really set back by the lack of core games to play. You think Sony would have learnt this when the PS3 launched. There really isn’t anything interesting to play with the thing. I found Table Tennis in Sports Champions and Tumble to be the best, but they feel like hollow experiences. Personally I’m waiting for Time Crisis Razing Storm, though I simply HATED The Shoot. Theres no reticle to tell where your aiming and no matter how many times I re-calibrated, the shot was off. My arm hurt after 5 minutes of play. Kung Fu Rider is “okay” when it works. Over all its a pretty hollow experience. You’ll be happy with just the free demo, don’t bother buying it.

  • woo! had quite a productive weekend! Finished Star Craft 2 and Puzzle Quest 2! Awesome games! Taken a bit of a backwards step now and started working my way through Bionic Commando (the 3d one). Not too bad a game from what I’ve seen so far.
    Also discovered Game have a BOGOF sale! That’s buy one get one free! They have stickers on the games that are part of the special. Some decent games, some crap. Fairytale fight was one I think I might pickup. was $29.. anyone played it and know if it’s good? Looks nice and bloody!

    • Fairytale fights is awesome! You play as a made up fairytale character, thjen you try and make your own story, there is so much blood in it you can literally slide across the blood you leave on the ground from ripping things to peices.

      There isnt much direction to help you at the start, but once your fighting things who cares.

  • It’s pretty wicked.
    The demo disc is absolute rubbish. I remember watching a Sony video showing a whole swagger of demo’sm yet less that half are on the disc !!

    Been playing alot of Resident 5 GOLD, and I gotta say, the controls are quite good for it. Alot more responsive than say, RE4 for Wii.
    Only wish the reticle could force the screen to bank more right when aiming, rather than aiming within the border.
    I guess that’s what the Navigation Controller is for.

    Looking forward to the Heavy Rain update also.

  • Hey all, welcome to a new week.

    1. Do we know when the Dead rising 2 launch event winners will be announced. It is on Wednesday night and if I was lucky enough to make it in, I will need to arrange transport etc… Please update.

    2. I made it to 157th in the global leaderboard for Trials HD… Just saying is all!

  • Is it just me or does Halo Reach have more reticule magnetism than Halo3? I wish you could disable it, it’s particularly infuriating when trying to longshot skirmishers.

    Other than that, this game is fantastic.

    • I’m finding less reticule magnetism than there was in halo 3, but it seems to be more inconsistent, as it occasionally sticks to guys I’m not quite aiming at, rather odd in that respect.

      But yeah, the game is way better then I was expecting (Had high hopes but low expectations).

  • For the first time last night I had trouble connecting to matchmaking games of Reach. BTB and Invasion gametypes. The lobby would populate but then announce it was restarting the search for a game. It went around like this in a cycle. I gave up after about three times. Anyone else suffer this?

    • Yeah sometimes, only when in an open party with dudes from another game. Get the same thing with Halo3 sometimes, just back out and start again if it happens once.

  • I wonder when we would be able to pre order Duke Nukem Forever here in australia, pre orders have been avalible in America for about a week now at Gamestop and Amazon, i asked my local EB and Game and it wasnt on their systems yet so i hope Gearbox try to get it released here and not have the shitstorm of those XBLA games we had recently.

    • For anyone who cares EB games has DNF for pre order, $108 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and $98 for PC. Im holding off til DNF is classified to see if we get a cut and censored version.

  • Hey guys – work isn’t letting me access kotaku anymore, so sorry for not really being around – it’s driving me nuts!

    A quick shout out to q-bo… i haven’t seen him around much recently, and i know he was saying a little while ago he’s gotten pretty sick again with his cyst returning – so i hope you’re chugging along ok pal… Everyone else take a couple of seconds to send the guy a shout out too, if you can 🙂

    Ok now for the happy stuff… Check out what came in the mail today…
    All for $52 delivered in perfect condition… minus the cards, unfortunately and a small bit of wear on the top left corner.
    So glad to have it in my collection… it was also a bit of a gift from the lovely missus for taking care of her while she has been recovering 🙂

    Also FINALLY picked up Overlord on 360 for a wacky $7 from cash converters dandenong and got Dark Void today for $10 from 😀

    • Not a bad score… though you might have been better off waiting for a better version, with all the people who might look at selling them off before the PS3 versions hit next year…

      *hugs original day one copy* 😀

    • HELLO LADS!!! You have all made me feel warm and fuzzy and gooey inside 😀 Indeed, I am unwell at the moment. I have a mate here typing this up for me today as I’m suffering from whole body spasms and shakes. No gaming! Its hell! I have tried to keep up reading some kotaku goodness, and try my best to keep up with all your comments, so keep them coming.
      Although, the post count for Talk Amongst Yourselves is very LOW lately! Surely I’m not responsible for the usual 200 odd comments count??

      Anyways, I hope you are all well, (nice work FS on 157th) and I’m seeing a surgeon in a weeks time to see what options I have, hopefully I’ll be back amongst you, e-cuddling my loopy buddy.

  • Here’s that article i wrote like 3 weeks ago… lol Basically i sent it to Goose but with all the stuff happening it never got put up… anyway.. i hope you all enjoy my longwindedness – i’d like to hear your feedback too 🙂 cheers guys

    Oh also the formatting is going to be screwed as i just copied and pasted it from word and i realy can’t be bothered fixing it at the mo… lol
    Gaming On a Budget
    By Troy ‘Chuloopa’ Cleary

    Gaming, there’s no denying it, is an expensive hobby to maintain. No matter what your vice, costs can be astronomical. Being a PC gamer means cheaper games (including digital distro), but having to upgrade regularly to stay up to date. More still if you’re a MMORPG fan and pay a monthly subscription, or buy virtual currency for various other games. Playing console games means you don’t have to upgrade hardware, but you have higher cost games with a smaller pool of options for bargain hunting unless you look into importing, but even that can sometimes be restrictive with region locking – although this is admittedly much less of a problem than it has been in the past. Consoles can also tend to cost bundles in peripherals that you only use for one or two games. Extra controllers alone can be quite costly, especially if you like to play with groups.
    With the ever increasing cost of gaming, it’s important for a lot of gamers, at one point or another, to take a step back and try to take in just how much they are spending. Of course, not all of us have to worry about our spending, but a lot of us do – or should. Uni students, parents and low income earners especially don’t have the pool of resources to spend the RRP of $120 for a game every week or so. Sure a lot of you scream “I would never pay the full Recommended Rip-off Price” – But what about the games you REALLY can’t wait for. What happens when there are 3-4 ‘can’t miss’ games in a matter of weeks?
    I have been budgeting my gaming for a while, constantly keeping my eye out for more ways to keep my costs down and collection up. I, personally, game off $20 a week – which is still a fairly decent amount when you think about it and an affordable starting point for almost anyone. What I’m going to do now is share my experiences and methods with all of you, the Kotaku community, in regards to saving money and gaming on a budget. Some of this may already be well known to all, but some may not and every bit we help each other the happier we can be in our hobby with more money left aside for the girl/boyfriend, the family, the car, holidays or even for the weekend bender!
    1. Set your budget and be responsible for it.
    This is the most obvious but probably the most difficult part of saving for anyone. It’s easy enough to say “yeah sure, I’ll use X amount per month to fund my gaming”, but that won’t necessarily mean you’ll stick to it. Let me say this first – it’s ok to go over your budget every now and then, but you have to give yourself conditions to go along with your budget break. For example, on my budget, as mentioned I allow myself $20 a week, but if I see a title I have been DYING to get which is at a ridiculous price of say $40 down from $80, I’ll pick it up but not allow myself $20 the following week to keep things even. Of course you don’t want to do this sort of thing all the time as you may as well not even be on a budget at all as you’ll quickly lose track. It’s all about keeping it even. Set a budget you can work with that isn’t above your means but also that doesn’t count you out of the things you love.

    2. Patience is a virtue
    How much do you NEED the newest release? How much do you NEED that game, even at $60? How many games sit unplayed on your shelf that you NEEDED at the time, payed 60, 70, 80 odd dollars for, and then forgot about whilst playing something else? In my case, plenty! Most games drop in price rapidly these days, even the most popular. Not to mentions sales are almost a constant in today’s economy meaning more savings for you if you just hold out! “But Chuloopa” I hear you cry, “if I wait too long everyone will be too far ahead of me in multiplayer games and there will be less people”. True you will be behind and there will be less people to play against, but does being further behind mean it will take you longer to gain your ranks, and will it be harder for you finding a game? In my experience, no, it won’t be the end of your gaming world. It won’t make the game less enjoyable. There, of course, is an exception with some games where the user base will drop massively quickly and become deserted, but if that’s the case, then is it worth buying week 1 of week 2 at full retail price just to have the game quickly become useless? I’d like to think not. If you are patient, you WILL pay less.

    3. Be persistent and mark your sources
    Know where to stay informed. Staying informed is the best way to finding the cheapest prices and not missing out. Kotaku has a regular “Bargain Hunter” section which sources some of the best bargains going around spotted by either the Editorial team or watchful contributors. Other good sites to stay informed are and All three of these sites have dedicated users who are always out and about or surfing the interwebs then contributing their finds for everyone else to benefit. Don’t forget, if you’ve come across something you’ve seen, contribute to these sites yourself and share the love. As gamers, we have to help each other out to keep our costs down. Other than that always check out your local shops as marked down games won’t last long. Just because there wasn’t anything of interest a week ago doesn’t mean there won’t be today. Remember, it’s first in best dressed so if you’re in the area drop in and check out the wares. There’s also the off chance that the staff may get to know you and vice versa. What this means is they would be more willing to hold items for you that they are otherwise not meant to hold for customers, or even give you good tips on when you might want to pick something up.

    4. Importing
    Importing can be risky business, but can also be quite beneficial to your pocket.
    When ordering online, no matter where the item is situated, there is always the risk it may go “missing”, or may even be confiscated by customs (in the case of games like LFD2). Also goods can be received horribly damaged and due to the consumer being in a separate country “customer support” may be less than helpful to say the least.
    When it comes to the wait, it’s not unheard of that some people may be left waiting for weeks or even months for their items to arrive – if they arrive at all.
    But it’s not all doom and gloom and those examples are the extreme. I, personally, am still yet to have a bad experience. Games, more often than not, can be found for anything up to half (if not more) their RRP here in Australia. Not only that, but shipping from the places even as far away as the UK can take as little as a week. Sites like hold what seem to be constant sales, with the biggest savings to be had EVERY Monday on a large variety of popular games.
    As with anything online, the key to success is research. Don’t order from somewhere before you suss it out. Read what other people have said about it. Once again have a fairly comprehensive write up with ratings in relation to most of the more popular sites to import from, but an extra Google search or question posted on the appropriate message boards never goes astray.
    Also, on a side note, I personally only order offshore sparingly. If everyone starts buying from overseas then that won’t help prices or jobs here. If you’re like me and conscious of others then just take a moment to think of Autralian developers, publishers, distributors and retailers. But that’s just me…

    5. Digital Distribution
    I’m a fairly recent adaptor of digital distribution, being an old fashioned box and manual lover – but I must admit, it’s growing on me. Services like Steam, (good old games), direct to drive, Playstation Network and Xbox Live just to name a few, make games available 24 hours a day at often very competitive prices. These services also have very regular specials where you can pick up some absolutely fantastic games at dirt cheap prices. As an added bonus some sites may even offer their digital offering DRM free which means you can enjoy your games anywhere you want, any time you want.
    When gaming on a budget you’d be doing yourself a great disservice by ignoring digital distribution as a source of your gaming needs.

    6. Pawn shops are a goldmine
    I know A LOT of people that will not set foot into a second hand store because they find it embarrassing and believe that only scabs check those places out. Truth be told that your local independent or chain pawn/second hand shops are an absolute gold mine for games – even for people not on a budget. The sheer amount of pure gaming joy at dirt cheap prices you will find in these places is staggering. The benefit you have here is that these shops generally don’t have a clue that what they are selling is valuable and sell most items at one price point with prices rarely going over $40. Best of all, most shops tend to have massive piles of games to peruse at your leisure and are more than happy to lay-buy if you tend to go a little over board with your selections – which brings me to my next point…

    7. Pre-ordering and Lay-buys
    What to do when you want something expensive? Like stupidly expensive? Well to the gamer on a budget, Pre-ordering and Lay-buys are a god send. A bunch of bargain games at once is always easier to deal with when you pay it off… if you have the patience. If you want the games but it’s not too urgent to have them then and there, chuck ‘em on lay-buy and secure your new babies before someone else gets them or they go up in price. Most places these days offer lay-buy including stores like EB games. If you’re not sure whether or not a shop does to lay-buy – Ask. There is no embarrassment in asking the question and the shop assistant won’t think you’re a tight ass – they get asked the question more often then you think.
    Pre-orders are for when you can’t follow step 1. If you are so desperate for a game that you must get it before it comes out, then it’s always wise to pre-order well in advance. Once again, do your research and choose which pre-order benefits you the most. This may be either who offers it the cheapest or who offers the best bonuses. Once you have worked out where you’ll be pre-ordering from, make your pre-order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This will give you more time to pay off your more pricey purchase.

    8. Game for Free
    No – not piracy. No gamer should EVER have to resort to piracy. If you can say “well I deserve it for free, as the big companies always treat me like shit and over charge me” – you sir, are an asshole and an idiot. One of the reasons games are so expensive is because of the seemingly endless issue of people taking what is not lawfully theirs to take. You know, STEALING.
    Then how do you game for free – Legitimately?
    Well, if you ever find yourself short of a few bob and in need of something new and interesting to play there are plenty of options deeper than simple flash games (although they, in themselves, can be damn entertaining).
    ‘Free to play’ games exist in abundance, with the only catch being that in some games you may have to pay if you want access to extra abilities and items. Granted, you’re not getting the full package with some ‘free to play’ games, but it’s a great way to try before you buy, and most of the time you don’t even need to pay anything to enjoy the game. Great examples of games like these are Quake Online, Battlefield Heroes and more recently, Dungeons and Dragons Online.
    Because I’m such a nice person, there’s an extensive list of such games at with plenty of choices from multiple genres to keep anyone satisfied.
    Another great way to game for free is Abandonware (games no longer supported/available for legal purchase). All you need to do is run a quick google search on the subject and there will be more than enough options to keep you busy for quite a while! Just be advised that to run some Abandonware games, you may need a copy of DOSBOX.
    Remember, free games don’t mean low quality, with games such as Mech Warrior 4, Mech Commander 2, Hidden and Dangerous, Wolfenstein 3D, Starseige: Tribes, Hidden and Dangerous, Postal 2, Trackmania Nations, Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2 and even some entries in the Elder Scrolls and Command and Conquer Series.

    Of course there are plenty more ways to help your wallet feel a little healthier, but this should be more than enough to help get you started. With a little grit and determination you’re new cost-effective gaming lifestyle won’t be as difficult or intrusive as it may have seemed at first.

  • My Driving Force EX just died ten minutes ago, which means, this weekend, I’ll be hunting for a Driving Force GT.
    Does anyone know where I can find one in either Geelong or Melbourne?

  • For some reason I’ve had a gut-load of all the blood and guts of all my other 360 games.
    Just bought Banjo-Kazooie on live. Want some more Rare platform action. Do not like Kameo (sorry if you do, I’m not tryin’ ta start someting here).

    How does Conker: Live and reloaded play on a 360?
    Can anyone sell me a copy?
    Will Rare ever make a sequel?

    I played it back in the day on N64, just a hire didn’t get so far would like to revisit.

    • Conkers plays excellently on the 360. LIVE support is disabled, so no online multi, though. The graphics got some minor improvements, there was a slight change to the tutorial section (re: baseball bat instead of fry pan), and much of the swearing is bleeped.

      Still, the game runs very smoothly. I can’t remember any major problems (or minor ones for that matter) when I played it ~6 months ago.

    • heard about MC months ago and never looked into it. It was free to play over the last weekend adn last night I finally downloaded it. Tells me that I need to update drivers and that my accelerated openGl thingy is not good. (I know nothing about PC graphics etc)

      Does this game take up much memory, graphics requirements etc… It looks basic so i assumed that i could play it. I dont have a gaming PC… does it require much PC power?

      And yeah, Im happy to get in on this with some Aussies!!!

      • It’s hands down the most addictive thing I have ever played.

        It’s not overly resource hungry but that openGL problem is one I’ve seen mentioned on a couple of forums, it appears to be the result of running the game on a machine with integrated video and not supporting openGL 1.4.

        Are you running it on a notebook / laptop?

  • Zomg… Reach… Fantastic well put together campaign and solid solid multiplayer… But, reticle bloom! ARGH!!! why would bungie included that. Why inject chance into a game of skill. Urgh. Anyone elses thoughts?

    • Chance really doesn’t have much to do with it at all, at least not any more than it did in Halo 3.

      I assume that you’re specifically referring to the DMR? Well, 4 shots to a Spartan’s body will deplete their shield, which is when you go for the one-hit kill headshot. I sure you’re already aware of this, so please don’t think I’m trying to talk down to you or anything like that.

      Now the trick to this is that a shot ANYWHERE on a Spartan’s body will deplete their shield. Because of this, you don’t need to be as accurate with your shots and let the bloom die down completely, depending on distance (remember that the DMR is generally for close to medium distance combat, not long distance like the sniper rifle). Just as long as the reticule isn’t larger than their body, you’ll hit with every shot. When you see the flash of their armour (signalling that their shields are gone), that’s when line up their head and take the shot as soon as the bloom is gone, or go for the melee attack if you’re in very close proximity and it is feasible.

      Being able to judge the timing for your shots with the DMR better than your opponent can is one of the major reasons why people prefer the DMR over weapons such as the Battle Rifle for its spray-and-pray style – it really can be as versatile as you need it to be.

    • I wouldn’t say they’re injecting chance, as I feel the DMR is a more reliable weapon than the BR which also had random bullet spread. At least with the DMR you have a visual guide as to how wide the spread may be, which in my mind is a great addition.

      I’m finding the DMR a much better weapon for headshots, not only from the recticle/one shot instead of three change, but also because bungie essentially taking bullet delay out of the picture too. That bullet delay, combined with distance, BR spread and lag, sometimes made my SWAT game suffer horribly. So far in Reach, I have felt much more connected to the kills and it comes down more to my accuracy than the combined factors from H3.

      Neil also makes some great points on shield dropping. It’s something that I’m trying to change in my gameplay as I have a habit of aiming for the head (and subsequently missing shots).

    • BR had no bloom or hidden bloom whatsoever. DMR is broken and it hurts. Hurts so bad. I was into playing ranked slayer in H3 but now I just want to cry. I shoot at a patient rate to make all my shots land but then the other cry just shoots much faster and i die. Then when i try shooter at a faster rate… none of the shots land. I’ve never been so frustrated at a game before. I’m really getting turned off by reach the more I play it. Which is a pity.

      • Tristan, both Tom and myself have given you plenty of information as to how to use the DMR effectively. Our advice is definitely sound, as both of us seem to be able to use the DMR reasonably well. Don’t take this as a shot at your ability, but maybe you need to modify your play style a bit for Reach?

        Otherwise, if you don’t wish to play Reach because you have issues with the DMR, Halo 3 multiplayer is still being supported, and you can use the BR there to your heart’s content.

  • I’ve got meetings all morning tommorow… so if I don’t make it in time for the Ask Junglist post can someone enquire how does a publisher support the multiplayer framework of a console game when they’re run p2p?

    I’m not sure if that’s the best way to word it, but it came to my mind when I saw some comments on second hand games and the publishers saying that multiplayer is an unsubsidised ongoing cost.
    I’m not a TechHead, but I thought those things were run off of one persons network in games like CoD… which is why a game drops when the host leaves.

  • I was doing some research (i was extremely bored) and was on the wikipedia page about the new medal of honor game and the all ratings boards rated it as 17 and 18+ and here comes our old rating system and we had given it a wholesome MA15+. its funny we let 15 year olds play adult games but adults cant.

    • Wasn’t that the whole argument for an R18+ rating for videogames in the first place?
      The whole issue sounds like it’s on life support.
      Hopefully it’ll be revived come November.

    • I was there. On my iPod. Now so post will be short. I actually wrote a huge write up full of spoilers but either browser crashed or kotaku never got it. Sorry.

      In short move resident evil had good effects but no story. I have no idea about res ev so that’s my issue. There were just too many times the story was not believeable.

      As for the game. Had a good time with it. I did get caught in the malls basement and couldn’t even find a zombie for a while but it was a laugh. I dressed daisy duke style and rode a tricycle down escalator.

      I am concerned the gameplay will be repetitive from a story fetch quest perspective but was smiling all the way Unfortunately the case zero load times remain.

      That is all. Happy to answer any questions.

      Ps I sat next to David and Margaret from movie review show and my mate won a ps3. Also met bukake Kane!

        • About 10 people turned out. We all went to the cinema before the game and watched the movie. Pretty standard cinema etc, but there were a decent aboutof people dressed up (30-40). When we all took our seats the asked us to reach under the chair and some people won things like my mate got a ps3 and there were some games and dvd packs also.

          When we got to the bar which was just downstairs, there was an open bar (spirits, beer wine) and some finger food. There was about 10 ps3’s set up around the bar with the game playing. During the night, there were a few other prizes like I walted away with a couple of action figurines from resident evil and another mate of mine won DR2 on 360. They also seemed to have hired a few models to give away prizes (6+ ft tall blondes) but then dressed them in skimpy clothing but with faces painted up like zombies…

          Everyone seemed to get a fair amount of game time which was good and there was a bunch of funny things to watch so you were always looking over at other screens even as you were playing.

          I actually was chatting to the head editor of IGN at one point and there was apparently a fair few game mags present also….That about covers it.I headed out about 10.15pm as I had a decent drive home. Anything else, just ask me.

  • Got dead rising 2. Load times are significantly improved when on hdd. Any questions just ask. I am enjoying it. Also the motorbike handling is awesomE

    • One DR2 comment.

      I thought we had moved past games with manual save points. I played for almost 2 hours, forgot to save it. Died during a boss battle and lost everything!… Warning… make sure you use the bathroom as often as you can.

      • Same thing happened with me, only with Case 0.
        There a few points in the game where at key points it asks if you’d like to save your progress.
        But when it came to fighting Jed I wasn’t presented with a save…had to go back and work through that all over again.

        If it wasn’t for how fun it is to kill and maim zombies I’d have been alot more Pissed !

        How many hours have you gotten in, for Dead Rising FatShady? Are your worries of repetition becoming more evident ?

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