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    So i was hell cut when fallout3 new vegas ps3 preorders ran out, no shiny collectables for me!

    But then my mate who's a pc gamer wanted the game, and not the extra stuff!

    so i struck him a deal, buying the collectors edition, selling him just the game, and then buying the ps3 game for myself!

    works out to be 10 bucks more expensive (game has the PC version for 78 bucks) than if i preordered just ps3, but meh. shiny stuff ftw!

    ANd he also did me a favour, cause he normally gets the digital version :D

      The idea that they can "run out of" digital content never ceases to amuse me.

    How was peoples weekend?

    Sad one for me, I think I had the last day on the slopes for 2010. Next time I get on the snowboard I will be tasting what Japan has to offer in February 2011.

    Here is a little video I made of the day. Thats me in the blue.

      Snow froze my brainz.

        My weekend was due to be filled with animating my rube goldberg machine, but then flash decided to wreck my scene to the point where it couldn't be animated :( So I spent most of my weekend playing Puzzle Quest 2 as a sorcerer. Also watched the new karate kid film. Was better than I expected it to be :)

        That vid you posted looks awesome! Makes me so jealous! I love the cold, and I've only been skiing once at an indoor place in China. Really wanna experience a full on mountain one day!

          I have always wanted to go to one of those indoor places! How was the snow?

            I thought the snow was pretty decent. Having not experienced an outdoor place, I've nothing to really compare it to, but it wasn't like solid ice or anything. I was a bit dissapointed I couldn't snowboard though. Dunno why I couldn't but for some reason I had to go on skis. Was still hell fun though! My wife and I had never been skiing before, and she was was surprised to see my go right to the top of the hill for my first run ;) I didn't fall over once!

    I've just been watching some dvds over the weekend, special editions of batman begins, star trek(jj abrams version) and the lion king. They are all really good movies but the thing i liked was the behind the scenes features, audio commentary, trailers from different countries blah blah blah

    Anyway is was wondering why don't more games have these features? It would be really nice to know more about the games, how they were pitched e.t.c what do you guys think?

      Why give it to you for free when they can charge you $10 more for it and call it a "Collectors Edition".

      I don't know about "more" games, the only one I've found with directors commentary is the orange box games, where Portal, TF2 and HL2 had optional directors commentary bubbles you could listen to. Interesting stuff.

      But maybe part of the reason is a lot of the development information is published online to raise awareness of the game, or inserting the extra info would cost more money than would be made to justify it.

      There's a good article on this very issue in this months Game Informer.

    So the wife pulled a nice surprise on me for my birthday last weekend. She's been bugging me for a month or so, asking me what I'd like. I've been telling her there's nothing that I want apart from Reach, which I had already pre-ordered. And then, a week and a half ago she said she's got me something and I'll adore it. I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was.

    Friday night, I get home from work and there's two boxes wrapped in T2 paper. I open them slowly to find she's got me both a NES and a SNES, the SNES very nicely refurbished. What's more, she's now encouraging me to start a retro console collection. I'm aaaabsolutely ecstatic (I was a deprived child gamer, I only ever played the piano) and I'm stoked that she wants to encourage my little hobby.

    She's an absolute peach. Earnt herself a shit-tonne of brownie points this weekend. :D

      You'll probably find yourself wasting a lot of time on those! My childhood was spent playing many many hours of SNES and other consoles. Personally I think some of those old games are still more fun than some recent ones. I went back and played Super Metroid a few months back, and it was just superb! Always good to sit with the wife and play a bit of Super Mario World too :)
      Props to your wife though! That's a damn fine present!

      That's pretty damn awesome there tommy-boy!

      My lovely lady usually finds me a game i've been wanting for my birthdays/xmas's but i don't think the poor thing would even know where to start when it comes to getting me a retro console..
      The closest i've come is when my dad game me a N64 with a bunch of games that he got from ebay 2 christmas's ago.. that was pretty damn awesome though.. lol

      You've done well mate - go crazy and buy up all the awesome SNES games out there... and if yuo want a game that ISN'T a jrpg, get Plok... man i flipping loved Plok...

        OH! and happy belated birthday, mate :)

        Cheers Loops! Don't worry, it wasn't belated, Tuesday was my birthday.

        I think they've been timed really well, as there aren't a lot of upcoming titles I'm looking at plonking my cash down on, so I can spend it hunting around in places like Gametraders at highpoint which seem like one of the rare places that still sell old systems and games.

        If you know of any other places that are good for some older carts, I'd love to know!

          Gametraders are pretty pricey for the most part (I think my usual description of them is "money grubbing scalpers"). Cash Converters online, eBay and PalGN's Games Exchange boards are a good spot to pick up stuff.

          There any games in particular you're chasing?

      Happy B'day!

      Welcome to the retro collecting club. It's a dangerous hobby, but lots of fun to get into!

      I'd suggest a couple of things to get the most out of it though:

      1) Go invest in a cheap toothbrush and some contact cleaner. This way when you buy SNES/NES games from eBay/whereever, you an clean the contacts off and ensure the years of built-up crap doesn't end up being transferred to your nicely refurbished console. Especially for the NES.

      2) When you hit up pawn brokers/markets looking for games, the eBay app available for most phones is a very handy tool for checking prices when you see something that may/may not look like a bargain.

      3) If you're looking to make a bit of a collection of it and expand into other systems, one of those TV to Monitor adapter boxes are really handy to ensure you're not hogging prime Master Chef time playing Axelay or Master Blaster. This way you can use an old CRT (or LCD if you've one spare) to play stuff and stay in the good books.. They're also useful for playing old consoles on new TVs as well, given the differences in refresh rates.

      Otherwise enjoy!

        Big ups for the tips Aaron! Cleaning is definitely something I'm going to need to get in the habit of doing. No doubt the inner OCD will come out and it'll take over my life like a swarming hoard of cleanliness.

        The missus and I have already talked about getting a small CRT to play them on. While they play just fine on the LCD, they do deserve an older set to have some of the mood. Also, the light gun games won't work on the LCD so I'm pretty much settled that I need to get one. Main issue - space. :(

        The eBay app has been a blessing and a curse. I found Chrono Trigger (with something else, I can't recall what it was) on Saturday, but stupid me didn't watch it so I missed out. Hard one to track down!

    WTB Diablo III PST ><

    Come on new Man Furismo Jive information from TGS!! :D

    *fingers crossed for weather, car customization, inclusion of the s15 Silvia*

    I got my Komm Serv award today! Yay!! The God of War box is totally sweet! Has cards and posters and other stuff inside! Big thanks to whoever was responsible for mailing it out ;)

      Nice. Hopefully that means that mine will arrive shortly also. Yay!

        Got my community service award about 10 minutes ago. Yay!

        Thanks again to all involved.

    Bahahahaha... Hahaha...

    So, I just realised I forgot to put the kotaku logo in my Dead Rising 2 entry... *facepalm*.
    I even put in effort and everything (effort is a relative word). Oh well, such is life.

    On that note, anyone else done anything stupid lately, and not realised until it was too late to fix?

      I forgot to put a kotaku logo in mine too, but I checked the comp post and saw no mention of it, so I emailed to find out so I could re-submit with the logo, but noone answered me :(

        Oh my god, you're right, I see no mention either (I'm refusing to read the terms and conditions on the off chance that it's there), I guess since people could design/make/whatever in differing physical formats it would be difficult to force the kotaku logo on everyone.

        Still, on the downside, now I know that if there's no mention of it it's because it's terrible, and not my stupidity :P.

          It's ok guys - i didn't put it on mine either... the post didn't ask for it, nor is it in the terms and conditions.

          We should be fine - don't panic guys :P

          There's no mention of it in the terms and conditions either, you should be clear (I didn't put a logo in my entry either)

      Same here... I realised it about 3 days after I submitted mine. Then I panicked and went online to check it out and found that it wasn't mentioned.

      Any ideas of when we will start hearing about winners for the comp? I know that I didn't win that lovely jacket but the anticipation (and the desire to see what everyone came up with) is killing me.

      Care to put us out of our misery Jung?

        I've been going through these all day and I'm not penalising for not having a K logo. The minor winners will be announced today, and the rest tomorrow.

    Yay, finally got me an iPods. Any suggestions for (game) apps? I got Monster Dash, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, Doodle Jump, Epic Citadel, Angry Birds and also this gem called Helsing's Fire. Anything else I should look into?

      - Frenzic
      - Bookworm
      - Plants v Zombies, if you haven't already played it

      I still don't have one - but apparently Zombie Farm is fantastically addictive...

      Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is on sale for $1.19 currently - well worth grabbing!

        I picked it up, the voice acting is fantastic, so crystal clear. Doubt I'll ever spend $1.19 better.

      You may also like GTA: Chinatown Wars if you haven't played it already. $13 is a bit pricey (iPad version is the same price!), but it is certainly not watered down- it is one of the best games on the iPhone/iTouch (if you have the time).

    Been quite 'cause work is keeping me busy and uni takes up the rest of my time at home.

    But sorta related and kinda geeky cool...

    I have a uni revision weekend scheduled next month.

    It is at 10am on the 10th of october... thats right...

    10am, 10/10/10!!!!!

    I didn't realise there was a cool kinda date coming up. I will be at the Medina Grand in CBD listening to a Finance lecture. Hope your 10/10/10/10 is better for you!

      10:10am on the 10/10/10?

      and then...

      10:10pm on the 10/10/10

      Oh. My. Gawd.

    Does anyone know if the co-op part of portal 2 will be pc thing?? or are we looking at a console only fature?

      So many people buy Valve's games on their PC's that I cant see Valve leaving out the co-op for the PC version. All it would do is annoy their fans, what the point?

        Yeah, I doubt they'd exclude online co-op. But does anyone know if they'd have split screen co-op (for the console version, obviously)?

    Guys and gals - i need your help!!!

    I remembered an old SNES game and i really want to pick it up... but i can't remember the damn name!!

    See i played it AGES ago on an emulator on one of my much older PC's... and it was BRILLIANT! So what i need is for you lovely lads and ladettes to help me out with the name..

    So basically it's a turn based strategy game VERY similar to Final Fantasy tactics, except it has mechs instead.. i'm pretty sure you can customise them too... The maps you fight on are pretty similar too in the vein that they are multi-tiered and not just flat hexes...


    Love you all xoxo
    Loop Loops :)

      Front Mission, obviously.
      (Oh man, at least I hope it iss Front Mission, or else this comment is going to be super awkward)

        THAT'S THE ONE!!!

        GAH! Now i feel like such a tit lol... it's just been such a long time.. man i need to find that on ebay now.. :)

        man, seriously though, it should have been obvious :P

          Oh man, good luck with that.
          I don't even know if it was even released here (on SNES, I emulated it too), and eBay only has the Japanese version.
          But if you have a DS, they released a port of it (I imported it; I don't know if it was actually released here) so you can relive the awesomeness of tactical giant robot pew-pew action.

          Speaking of Front Mission, Front Mission Evolved, anyone? Thoughts?
          I was going to read some reviews n'stuff when it came out, but Zavvi had it on special over the weekend for ~$34 AUD delivered, and I couldn't resist (which, you know, is always good when you're slowly approaching being broke). I mean, it's giant robot pew-pew action.
          Pew-pew, guys.

            Yeah.. i just realised that.. gosh darn it.. lol

            Also, let me just say this... Robot pew-pew action is ALWAYS good...

            ...unless it's Assault Suits Valkan on PS2... they somehow managed to make robots smacking the crap out of each other terrible... they probably did it on purpose, because i can't think of a way that you could do that accidentally...

    lechuck's revenge for iphone is on sale for 1.19!

    woo! my tight-ass waiting has finally paid off!

    So Halo Reach is here and MS still hasn't given us our improved xbox live. Axing the original service was the price we paid for improved 360 service, such as increased friends cap etc. I'm a little mad.

    i don't know about you guys... but i feel MUCH safer living next to a cemetary now :D

      Dude, that article was awesome. I love ridiculous things like that. Thanks!

    Time for another weekend haul update! Very quiet weekend for me this time around, largely due to my having 2 trips to Brisbane next month. However, I still managed to get myself some new goodies during a trip to the local Markets:

    -A complete boxed "Death Star Assault" board game from 1995. Not that vintage, but for $10 I wasn't saying no. for an idea of what it is..

    -The Death of Superman trade paperback. No explanation needed really, also picked up a couple of random single Star Wars comics for 50c!

    Also picked up VVVVV on Steam and grabbed a lanyard from Celebration V off eBay, because well.. Why not?

    What'd you all pick up over the weekend?

      Speaking of star wars boardgames - did you pick up the limited edition numbered monopoly when it came out? I think it was around the time when the original trilogy was remastered...
      i sure as hell did!

      Apparently it's worth a bit now... more so if it's actually still wrapped... unlike mine.. haha

        Yup! I had it all nicely looked after at home (although it was opened..), right until we moved house and my parents helped pack stuff. end result was the bottom of the box got caved in and torn a bit :(

        Everything is still intact though, but I've never actually taken the money apart or played it. I have however played the PC version of Star Wars monopoly and still have a boxed copy of it at home, right alongside my copy of Star Wars Chess!

          Very nice indeed... but do you have the official star wars blueprints???

          Because i do :) haha

            I've got the 1st revision of the "Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels", although some of the info in there is a bit out-dated (the size of the Executor for one). The Blueprints you refer to is the recent book from DK press, yeah?

              woops... i was meant to reply to you but for some reason posted it a couple of posts down.. lol

    I got VVVVVV on Steam for 10% off. Totally looking forward to playing it, except I CAN'T DL THE GAME!?!? ARRGH!!

    So , I click 'Install Game' and it just ends up with an error "Steam Servers are currently busy or unavailable". No matter what I try, I can't get past this :(

    Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried literally everything on the support site, and it's only a 48mb file!

      Do you have Steam watch or one of those other programs designed to stop Steam logging onto overseas servers to download data, thus chewing up bandwidth?

      If so, turn them off and try again as occasionally the .AU mirrors don't have every single game available.

        I do use Frey's Steam Filter. I have tried downloading with and without the filter active.

        Oh, I should also mention that all my other games are updating fine... So, I can still write to my Steam folder, etc.

        Quick update if any one can help :)

        I tried downloading the game on my mother's PC, which worked fine. I then created a backup, transfered to my PC and attempted to restore the backup. THE SAME FLIPPING ERROR!!! GAH!!

        I have sent an email via the Steam ticket system, but no-one has responded. It has been about 20hrs so far...

          That makes me wonder if it is indeed Frey's filter causing a problem, as I've had to disable the service that runs in the background of those things then uninstall it to get Steam playing friendly.

          Otherwise don't use the backup feature in Steam, just copy the game files (or Steamapps folder) over directly and try again.

            It's definitely not Frey's...

            Yeah, I'll try copying files tonight... Steam have suggested a few basic troubleshooting things. Despite the fact I said that I tried them *sigh*


    talking about these:

    sorry ebay was the on;y place i could find multiple pics :P lol

    In staying on the Star Wars theme, Steam and Lucasarts are doing a big sale this week! So far we've had Force Unleashed: Sith Edition for $us7.50 and the "Star Wars pack" for $us49.99 (with all of their SW games currently on Steam included!) is an all-week special.

    For today? We've got the amazing Knights of the Old Republic ( for a whopping $us2.50. If you haven't played this by now, what's wrong with you? For this price there's no excuse to not grab it and lose yourself in the Star Wars universe a few thousand years before a Farmboy decided to blow up a space station!


      I already have most of those Star Wars games, so it's of no particular interest to me, but I would strongly recommend taking advantage of these deals if you haven't played these games yet.

      Today's Steam Star Wars game is Empire at War: Gold Edition. It'll set you back $5 for some decent RTS gaming that isn't quite on par with Total War, but still fun if you're a Star Wars fan. for the game's page if you're interested.

      Star Wars Battlefront 2 for $us5? Sign me up! Oh wait, except I already own it. Still, well worth getting at this price if you haven't already - Where else can you take part in some of the biggest battles of the Star Wars universe?

      Game's Steam site is here:

    Has anyone else noticed that the limited edition of Need For Speed: Hot pursuit is the same price as the normal version?

    For all hardcore gamers: (haha)
    Is it worth connecting my Ds Lite [yes DS Lite:( ] up to the internet lately? Does anyone even play it online? And if so what games do they play?

    Any recomendations?

      Actual online multiplayer is pretty limited.
      Having Pokemon HG/SS nets you a free bonus Pokewalker course/legendary every now and then, and there still might be randoms up for a battle (maybe even on Platinum?), but that's about it for unorganised multiplayer.
      If you manage to find some friends and arrange a time with them, AW: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict is always good, and I think the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series allows for online action-RPGness.
      I haven't tried DQ9's online though.

      Apart from those (limited) options there's nothing else I can really think of that would make for good online DS fun.

        Sounds like mine won't be going online :) Thanks

    On Tuesday morning I turned on my PS3 and noted under the TV section that plus7 had appeared, I checked it out and started watching Covert Affairs from the night before.

    I turned on my PS3 last night and plus7 was gone!

    What gives?

      The same thing happened to me, except I have 2 users on my ps3 and one of them has Plus 7 and the other doesn't

      Its wierd

    Anyone want to join a ps3/pc clan?, If you do go to and sign up with a SP33D_Username. We have just started the clan and don't have many members yet so if anyone wants to join you can...

    Please reply to this message if you want to join.

    Does anyone at Kotaku actually check the [email protected] email?

      I hve senta few things there and they were always responded to (or made it on the site..). That was of course when goose was around. Not sure about now mate.

        hehe my mail was replied to yesterday.. reason i asked though was i tipped off several things during the reign of goose, and never heard anything back :0

    Anyone been having trouble with League Of Legends lately?

    I usually get some issues with their shitty Adobe Air launcher, but this week has been the worst. Constantly being disconnected from chat, unable to host games, unable to invite friends, laggy champion selection ect.

    When the game actually loads everything runs smooth, it's just while in adobe air. I dunno why those guys still use it...

    PS: If anyone is interested in playing, registering via my referral link will net you big hugs:

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