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    So Spring is coming up... as gamers, we spend time indoors doing what we do, but with some of the beautiful weather we had locally over the weekend, how do you justify spending time indoors when outside is just too good to not be out there?

      Actually - i'll be hitting the gym and getting out to exercise once spring hits... this will be the first time ever... this is due to putting on a bit of weight and being incredibly unhappy with my self-image, so i need to get proactive before it starts to get just plain depressing.. plus i want to be able to go to the beach/pools in summer... it's bad enough that i don't tan - the last thing i need is to be overweight AND white as a ghost...

      ...sadly this will mean even less gaming that i am already on... :(

        The gym is good, but when I went I found that the motivation dropped off once you get in to the routine. So try and find a training partner, or set some small goals that when you hit you can reward yourself in some way (new game, new clothes...). Little goals are important because they seem reachable. Also, the most overlooked thing when it comes to the gym and losing the weight is diet. Get the diet under control before you hit the gym. And smash out interval training on the cardio machines when you go to the gym... one minute hard, one minute rest, one minute hard etc etc.

        If you live anywhere near some hills, get a mountain bike. Thats what I get in to outside of gaming. I am sure that the skills from gaming come in to it... things like analysing the terrain quickly. I had a race on the weekend for 7 hours... body is a little sore today! The outdoors is awesome, i'm looking forward to the warmer weather.

          Haha - already ahead of you there mate - already eat well.. living with my partner means PLENTY of meals involving LOTS of vegies. Only think i need to cut down on a bit is carbs (rice and bread and the such).

          Also we both have bikes and have just been waiting for the weather to fair up.. and Geelong, if you haven't been, is VERY hilly - so plenty of area's and tracks to ride. :)

          As with the Gym - once again i'd be going with my partner and probably have a few PT sessions as well.. Also i'd be mixing up between weights and cardio.. weights on day, cardio the next... that sort of thing...

            Have you ever tried bootcamps? I did them last year before my wedding... and they got me ripped. 3 x a week before work for 3 months. They reminded me of my old rugby union training sessions of going hard for about an hour. Good work getting your partner involved... best motivation there.

        mmm pastey! Go for that really bad blothey fake tan you see on check out chicks at coles. Classy.

          haha, unfortunately i don't think i have the 'class' required to pull off the patchy supre-girl look... plus i look HORRIBLE with bleached white hair...

            Go for the Oompa Loompa look then.

              hahaha that reminds me of when i used to work at the chicken shop for a Greek Family.. His wife was REALLY short and fairly round.. one day she went for a spray tan then made a mistake of coming into the shop, and her hubby let FLY with the OOMPA LOOMPA jokes... then i couldn't contain it and inadvertently burst out laughing... boy did she get angry...

        Try hitting the gym with a fellow gamer.

        You'll both motivate each other, plus you can catch up on all the gaming news you might've missed.

        Worked for me; one of my best mates now comes around 2-3 times a week for weights. Plus it gives you incentive to do exercise if you don't allow yourself to play games on a set afternoon until you've done exercise... :)

      That's easy. I take my son to the park most mornings to wear him out so he'll sleep longer at naptime, giving me more time to game.
      If it wasn't for my son I would never go outside though. Stoopid burny sun.

        nuff said

          Also, this seems like a good idea too:

            or THIS!

              Running out of Penny Arcade comics!
              (Gosh, 10 years ago.)


                maybe it's more like this? :P

                  I go outside! Sometimes! Honest! Look!

                  (Although admittedly on the first panel is related, but you be quiet)

        You're a genius.

        And if you ever needed to punish him, just wait until it rains (like how in Sydney, its going to rain right now) and then make him walk outside.

        Little rain never killed anyone.

      I'm a red head.

      I don't need to justify it... I just point to my latest batch of 3rd degree burns.

      But, but, September!
      Tis the month of gaming!
      Things I am keen for: Valkyria Chronicles 2, Etrian Odyssey 3, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Front Mission Evolved, Phantasy Star Portable 2.
      Still waiting for: Mafia 2.
      Curious about: King Hearts Birth by Sleep, Dawn of Heroes.
      Platforms I don't have: Wii, 360.
      GAMES, GUYS!
      After the barely notable months of July and August, things like exercise and sunshine and vitamin D and sleeping and breathing are to be cast aside for games!

        Just claim hay fever, then you will get to spend time indoors all month.

          Man i WISH i could claim that... my partner got herself a long haired cat.. i'm allergic to cats... so i get MORE hayfever being inside now than i do out.. i think she did it on purpose to stop me playing too many games...

          There have litterally been many days already when i have had to shower and get out of the house ASAP because the cat was making me sneeze so much i felt ill...

            Get her a dog for Christmas... a big dog, that likes to eat cats. Gaming problem solved.

            Or get the cat hooked on catnip.

          Ho ho!
          I actually do have hayfever!
          I win!
          Also, asthma. At least I'm supposed to. Is it something you grow out of?
          So really, medically, short of being, say, a haemophiliac who's also allergic to sunlight, I fulfil all the reasonable excuses for not going outside and roasting slowly.

          Also also, I hate Spring. All those grubby flowers and plants trying to spread their seeds. I don't feel comfortable with the fact that I am breathing in their potential babies.

            Asthma is something you can grow out of at a very very young age (under 4 or so) but it's a lot rarer to grow out of it in adulthood.

            My brother had some major attacks when he was about 1 or 2 - hospitalisation and some really scary shit. But he grew out of it and is fine now. On the flipside, I didn't get my asthma (and hayfever) til I was about 7 or 8, and the bastard keeps rearing it's ugly head every spring or when we visit somewhere dusty (like my folks' place..).

            I love spring, fantastic time of year. But man do my lungs hate it. :(

      I get horrible hay fever, so I absolutely despise spring. If I can avoid going outside for the entire 3 months, I consider it a victory. Mad dashes from my car to my work ensue.

      All this talk of excercise in a gaming community and not a single mention of wii fit! FOR SHAME!!! ;)

    I have decided, in all my wisdom, that is a single male could grow both a Chuck Norris style beard AND a Burt Reynolds style mustache at the same time, he would become the undisputed ruler of all men for all time.

    Just a thought...

      I have the Norris beard, but I have an programming error in my moe production. For some reason, I get a no grow zone down the centre, followed by no grow zones at the sides. This leaves me with a pattern of growth, not unlike Hitlers. Ladies. ;)

        BUT I would add, that if you could grow a beard of chicken drumsticks, you would be your own god.

          Yeah, unfortunately i sit out on this one too.. i can grow a great dirty-sanchez mustache... and a mean soul patch/strip... but i have bald patches on either side of my lower jaw, meaning i would never be able to grow a beard. :(

            Go the Van Dyke.

            It needs to make a comeback.

              yeah.. but i'm not European enough.. and it would look silly with my short hair and gamer tee's...

      I've got the fairly epic full face beard, but the mo never quite gets to Magnum PI standards. Definitely takes a special man to be able to grow one of those things!

        See - this is what i'm talking about - we can all grow one thing, but not the other.. we need epic on both scales.. then THAT man would be crowned king


    What'd you get over the weekend? Here's my haul from the local markets here yesterday:

    And yes, that's Superman 64.

      OMG NO WAY!!! The star wars Tazo ships!! my god i completely forgot about them - they were AWESOME!!!

      Is that the Mast System II with the built in Alex Kidd as well?? Also $10 - NICE!

      Also dont worry... if superman 64 is even half as bad as everyone says it is, it'll soon be a collectors item and you'll be RICH!

      Also props on the Super Star Wars - one of my favorite SNES series of games.

        Yup, that's the SMS with Alex Kidd built in. Just have to find my Megadrive PSU & AV cable so I can hook it up.

        I also need to find where all of my Star Wars Tazos are, as I know they're in one of my boxes of stuff but not sure which one. Currently though it's all looking something like this after the move: (imagine several of boxes like this, all full of my Star Wars collection)

        In looking though though, I found some interesting bits & pieces. First up was one of my favourite Chewie figures - Crosseyed Confusion Chewie!

        Also found some of my vintage figures too:

        One thing I forgot to post from my haul yesterday was the new vinyl sticker for my case. For the Republic! For the Jedi!

          Man that toy is awesome..

          Yuo even keep all your figures in their boxes? props... all of mine are out - i can't seem to keep anything in packaging - i need to take it out.. i have a rather large tub of star wars stuff too...

          Even have the vintage Medical Assitant droid (Not 21b), Palpatine, 4-lom, Chief Chirpa and IG 88.

          I've always wanted to get the B-Wing and Y-wing (my 2 favorite wings) but can't seem to find them anymore... at least i got the A-Wing :P

            Oh - and that cross-eyed chewie is THE BOMB! haha.. that's so brilliant!

            That box and another one have all of my boxed figures. The rest are opened. I've got the entire first 2 waves of Phantom Menace figures still in the original box they were shipped in. Also have a Clone Wars Turbo Tank & Anakin's Pod Racer still boxed. Largely haven't bothered getting them out because I don't have any room to display them, so there's no point to opening.

            And nice spotting the Outrider, twas one of my favourite ships from that era too - Just wish they had've made it a bit bigger.

            So the vintage 4-LOM, is it actually him or Zuckuss?

              You question my bounty hunter knowledge? I should go all Bossk on your ass, son!


              Yeh, it's definately 4-Lom

                Was referring to the whole Kenner mis-labeling 4-LOM & Zuckuss when the figures first came out. They did a two-pack for Celebration V featuring the classic ESB boxes with the names swapped around the wrong way in homage to the original release.

                Speaking of Bounty Hunters, I take it you've seen the 3-parter Season 2 finale of Clone Wars?

                  Ahh that's news to me... i got my 4-lom already OOP from a collectibles store...

                  And no, i haven't watched a single episode of the clone wars series - only because i am so staunchly opposed to the bastard child that is the "Prequil Trilogy"...

                  ...that's right... i'm one of THOSE Star Wars fans :P

          Does the master system have alex kidd in miracle world built in?

            Nevermind, just saw the post. Have fun with it, man. :D
            I've got mine in a box under the bed.
            Unfortunately, I have to set up our 34cm black tv after our big 60 cm one that was around before I was born got sent to the tip. :`(

              That's the one! Hoping to get it running tonight with the Megadrive 1 psu/cables I've got at home - From memory they're cross compatible.

              I use one of those devices that lets you use a monitor as a TV to play all my old consoles. Best $30 I ever spent!

      Toy Story!

      I had that game on Sega Megadrive II. I know most movie based games suck nowadays but Toy Story was absolutely brilliant.

      I can remember the look on my mother's face as she forked out $80 for this game in the late 90's as a birthday present.

    So who's picked up a copy of Minecraft? A few of my friends are playing it and having a lot of fun.

    Once the multiplayer is working 100% I think I'll grab a copy and join them.

    Any thoughts?

      I got a copy, played it for more then 15 hours and was really enjoying it. . . Then my computer got hacked along with all the websites I go to on it so I reformatted my hardrive after backing everything importnat up (this took the good part of a weekend) then once that was all set I tried downloading it again however the website said my login details didn't exist. It was fun while it lasted but I slightly peeved off about it.

    Went to see Avatar extended version in 3D on the weekend, couldn't spot the 'extended' scenes. Movie was good nevertheless. Although I surely hope 3D movie / games don't become mainstream. 3 hrs of 3D gave me a horrid headache for the whole weekend.

    In other news, Herald Sun Supercoach has ended this past weekend... This was my first year participating, and with the 2 leagues i was competing in, i've come away with 2 minor premierships, which is absolutely awesome, as far as i'm concerned... especially seeing as i finished the home and away season 13th on both ladders.

    It's actually quite fun picking your team and competing against other people... so this begs a question, in my mind.

    How about next season we start up a Kotaku league and pit our teams against each other, it would be absolutely perfect for people who have and haven't played before, plus it would give us all something fun to talk about amongst each other every week, with the obligatory smack-talk and trade tips...

    Sure it's a while away, but best to get the idea in early - it would be great to play against a bunch of you guys here!

      Definitely in if you do dreamteam...

      ...with AFL of course :)

      ...none of this eastern-states 'rugby' sillines... ;)

        as far as i'm concerned, rugby doesn't exist... lol

      I'd definitely be in as well, but I'm with Gobbo - we should make it a DreamTeam run league. I'm much more comfortable with it and I think their scoring system makes more sense than SuperCoach. Maybe it's just the inner Herald Sun cynic within me, but I just don't trust it. >_>

    When Street Fighter 4 came out, I mained Akuma. No real reason other than the fact that I liked how many tools he had available (air fireballs and teleport in particular were fun for shenaningans). I never managed to get very good with him though.

    Then SSFIV came out and I switched to Juri, again it was because I thought she had some fun tools to work with, particularly storing fireballs. Again, I never managed to get good with her.

    Then about a fortnight ago, I switched to Ryu. It wasa really as simple as just using him once in a VS match and realising "holy crap, he's like using Akuma but so much simpler!" Somehow it all clicked and I went from getting dominated by my friend to actually being able to match him.

    The weird thing is that I still have some really bad patches. On Saturday, I was playing my friend and we were going pretty evenly, I might have even been ahead for a while. Then, shortly after he switched from Ryu to Ken, I just started to suck. There wasn't a noticeable difference in his skill level (matter of fact, for the first few matches we were still fairly even), I just kept making the wrong choices, dropping combos, even at one point managing to turn c.MK > Hadouken into c.MK > Super without meaning to.

    I have never been so pissed off after losing in SF. Before when I lost I knew it was because I needed to improve, but on Saturday afternoon it felt like I had lost years of progress.

    So, the point I'm meandering towards is, has anyone else reached that point where they finally feel like they've made a massive leap forward only to have it all crash down around you? Please, share your tales of frustration so that I can feel a little better by knowing that it isn't just me.

      Congratulations, you've just discovered the reason why every other damn player I fight against online is either Ryu or Ken.

      I must say that I did start off playing Street Fighter 4 using Sagat back in the original version as he was easy to use and I was still getting used to the qcb/qcfs to pull off his moves.

      I then switched to Vega who is consistently rated as one of the worst characters in the game due to his low health, lack of combos, zero priority and useless ultra (at the time). I mained him because I wanted a challenge and I loved the satisfaction of overcoming Shotokans with their endless hadoken and shoryuken variations. When I started playing him though, the result was usually me getting kicked in the face for the entire round and not having the chance to recover as Vega's Okizeme (wake up game) is utterly non-existent.

      If you think you have problems with Ryu, don't ever touch Vega. I lost count of the amount of obscenities I screamed when Ryu/Ken noobs kept feeding me dragon punches and fireballs. As obvious as it sounds, my performance with Vega depends on who I'm fighting against. Those players who know how to kill my ex FBAs/FBAs with FAs or anti-airs automatically shut down half of my game.

      It's actually gotten to the point now where I left my copy of SSFIV at my gf's house so that I could stop playing it. I feel my Vega is quite skilled but I almost, always lose when up against an equally skilled Bison, Balrog, Ryu or Ken. I do admit that I'm pretty skilled with Bloody High Claw as many players don't realise that it's been changed to hit you on the way up (as a guarantee that the Ultra will hit), turning it into one of the best ultras in the game. So long as you pull it off correctly due to its tricky input and timing required.

      So yeah, its not just you being frustrated. But then again, that's the joy of Street Fighter.

        Haven't moved onto Super yet due to funds going towards other games but I gave up trying to play Vega for the same reasons. The guys I fought usually played Ken, Bison (Dictator), Balrog (Fist) and Zangief. Suffice to say it was generally an uphill battle with very few wins. Zangief matches were just embaressing. A 7 hit combo would do to him what he coudl do to me with 1-2 hits :(

        I switched to Chun-Li and fared much better but by that time, my ego was too crushed to keep playing. Haven't touched the game in a while... shame :(

          I can stand up to Ryus and Kens by baiting them and simply punishing them whenever applicable.

          I'm ok dealing with Zangiefs. c. mp is a great poke and I like walk right up to him and then back flip to throw him off.

          Bisons destroy me though.

          I tried playing Adon but he's too weak and easily whiffs half the time.

      Your getting old. I suggest a blankey and coacoa :)

      Much like when you've been playing dota since 5.84c.

      And all dota was before was farm farm farm, push, if fail farm more, if not push to win.

      But now it's all ganking and warding, and the strategy is just all different from before. Although I would have to agree that it is more dynamic now.

      Sometimes it just feels like i'm getting old. LOL.

      I have always been a fan of ken/ryu.. simple, effective moves etc. I'm not opposed to trying others though. Come SF4 however, my ryu/ken skills seem to have slipped. I can quite easily get my ass whooped by anyone. However, I now find myself being damn near invulnerable using Zangeif :0

    Just picked up the HTC Desire android phone. I highly recommend this to anyone in the emulator scene... Absolutely loving this phones features!

      Yeah, that phone is pretty aptly named. I've heard so many great things about it.

        Indeed it is. In all honesty I was planning on getting an iPhone 4 but became increasingly frustrated with lack of stock in most stores. Also, I felt like such a tool waiting in line at the apple store for an hour only to find they work offering them on plans that day.

        So I did some serious research and came across this beauty. It does everything the iPhone does and more. Browsing sites with flash? Easy... In fact it is without a doubt the best internet capable phone I've seen.

        Although I do admit, I have become a bit of a phone wanker...

      Very awesome phone. The only downside I found was the Telscum bloatware that came with the Telstra branded Desire. Thankfully you can easily root it then flash a custom ROM to get rid of the crud!

      They're damned nice phones, just a shame it's a Telstra exclusive and a double-shame that I'm a Blackberry boy, so I won't get one. The BB Torch though.. Quite possibly the best Blackberry released in a long, long time.

    Just throwing it out there - but i am going to call the cops as i have just worked out Qumulys is trying to kill me...

    That's right, the one closest to me wants me six feet under!

    At the time, i though this was rather sweet, ol' Q-Bo gifted me with Trials 2 through steam... "Awesome" i thought, "this is going to be great!"

    ...but now i see... plain as day.. he is trying to make it look like he wasn't connected.. he wants my suicide!!!

    I can't even get past the tutorial sections, no matter how hard i try, nor how many time.. This stupid jump thing... where you hold back then forward... or forward then back..or something... ahh!!!

    I haven't been THAT angry with a game in the longest time! i wanted to smash my computer, and format my girlfriend!... wait.. is that right?... yeah i'll stick with that... either way i became the BIGGEST sulk around!

    then, to add to my anguish, lil miss Bee said "it's just a game you big baby" and laughed...

    Just a game?... JUST A GAME?!!? Darts is just a game, Too Human is just a game, World War II was just a game... but this... this is LIFE BABY!!!

    Life that i now see Both Q-bo and Shady are conspiring to end with their talks about how great it is and they are at it... trying to hold a brother down! Well the jib is up boys!

    I'm going to play that damn thing - and i'm going to beat it!!! I'll beat it like Tony Abbott beats his wife when she gives him that accusing look for being "a little to close to his daughters"

    I'll show you guys! You'll see... it isn't that easy to plot my downfall! :P

      Oh god, I'm such a horrible person. I read this:
      "I’ll beat it like Tony Abbott beats his wife when she gives him that accusing look for being “a little to close to his daughters” "
      and burst out laughing.
      Then I remembered those horrible "Violence against women: Australia says NO" ads and continued to laugh at that.

      Apparently falcon punching women in the face is hilarious to me. =|

      I should gift the 360 version and you will surely be F$%Ked.

      As good as I am at trials HD (360), I struggle sooo much with the PC version that I have never played it. Good luck, but I wont complete with you.

      Get the 360 version and it's on though!

      Too Human isn't a game.

      It's a metaphore for life.

      hahahaha sometimes I think my wife thinks I'm trying to kill her with games. Since I gave her Bejewlled Blitz, she's driven herself to the edge of sanity! One day she might just pop and go pshyco on my ass!

      MWAHAhahahahAHHAahahaha! Yeah, I thought, what stupid controls it had when I started out. But I stuck at it, and it really becomes an art. Your fingers will be groaning in pain, trying to make a large casm, eventually you shall call on me for my services. I shall be there. *cue beam of light.

    I was looking at spending my tax return on a iPad, however both the Apple Store and JB HiFi have been saying it will be back in stock next week, for six weeks now.

    Does anyone know the real story? Where have all the iPads gone?

      Calculator Heaven?

      It's where all the calculators go.

        I just scared my kid by spitting a mouthful of cola at him when I burst out laughing at that.
        I must remember not to drink while reading Kotaku comments.

          I look forward to David Attenborough's new documentary series about the new species of human females who have evolved to have a special 'cola-sac' in the side of their cheeks, ready to spit at hostile creatures as a defensive manoeuvre.

            I only just noticed this. You just made my day.
            Thankfully I was not drinking at the time.

        I prefer the Red Dwarf version, Silicon Heaven xD

        "No Silicon heaven? Preposterous!Then where do all the calculators go?" lol

          Damn it... that's the quote.

          I thought I had that one right.

    Did i miss the last mafia haiku winner? or has it not been posted?

    Also, when will the Kayne & Lynch winners be announced?

    Yeah, this is talk amongst David rather than yourselves but whatever!

    aya! just home from work.. my first day as a baby sitter of a work experience kid! OMG! My boss just told me this morning he was there.. didn't ask me if I minded someone tagging along with me all day asking stupid questions! BLARG! Thank god he's a gamer at least. Found a bit in common to talk about in that respect, but jeez... not the sort of thing you want sprung on you first thing monday morning before you even get to work :\

    Oh, and Chuloopa, did you see FatShady's artistic efforts on the weekend ;) hahahaha

      Oh no! I hate it when that happens.

      What line of work are you in?

        For this, which is my day job, I'm a computer/network technician/consultant. Drive around to client sites all day and advise on way to improve etc.. Also do break/fix stuff on and off site.

          Ah cool, wouldn't it be a given that the kid would be a gamer then?

            Not necessarily.

            The IT guys here have never heard of Crysis.

              heheh funnily enough, this kid had never heard of Crysis until he asked me what game he could try to really push his system! I thought everyone knew about that game!

      Well day 2 of work experience kid is over. Possibly the worst work day I've ever had. Started off fine, but by 10am I had a cracker headache, and then by lunchtime I was upchucking like a broken water main :\ Feeling better now having come home and rested for a bit, but damn!!
      Think Chuloopa must be ignoring me too :( Did I hurt your feelings or something? ;)

        Oh shiz!!!
        sorry dude - i totally forgot to reply to your comment!!

        You talking about the picture you posted of him, then his of you.. yeah i saw that and thought it was brilliant... but i have different images in my head i might have to find time to do...

        Sorry to hear you had such a bollocks day as well - might i suggest an erotic massage?

          Heheheh it's all good ;) And yer I was talking about the one he posted of me! Cracked me up!
          As for the massage.. sounds pretty good.. are you volunteering? If so, I might have to take a rain check on the erotic part ;)

            Was scrolling down the page (reasonably quickly) when I spotted the word "erotic", and then I scrolled back up the page to read this comment.

            Good news everybody, apparently I'm a pervert; mind carefully honed to pick out naughty-related words on a page and demand further inquiry into the matter.

    Where's a good place to get decent looking gaming related art? I need to nerd up the place, but most of the sites I've found that sell the kind of things I'm looking for only sell Mario ones. Not a fan of mario :@

      Why don't you just use deviant art?

      There are TONNES of independent artists there that have some amazing stuff which you can easily buy prints of.

      Or if you live in melbourne, head on over to the Silver K gallery when they have a gaming/comic exhibition - you can find all sorts of awesome there :)

    What's some good PSP and DS games?

    I'm going on a one month European holiday and there's gonna be some really long trips hence I'm bringing my PSP and wife's DS.

      Disgaea can go on forever (1 on DS and PSP, 2 on PSP).
      Dragon Quest series (4, 5, 9 on DS)
      Etrian Odyssey series (DS)
      Shin Megami Tensei series is a favourite of mine (Devil Survivor on DS, though I eventually found Strange Journey on DS and Persona on PSP to be a bit of a chore. But If you haven't played Persona 3, P3 Portable on PSP is a winner)

      'Never-ending' games are also an option here:
      With the rubbish Harvest Moon instalments on DS, Rune Factory is a saviour here, though I haven't tried any on the PSP.
      Plus, I find myself going back to Picross whenever there's a down season for gaming.
      Oh, Tetris DS, certainly.

      That should last you... a while.

        Hmm I might give Disgaea a try. It's a popular series but it just never interested me.

        Can't play the DQ series as I never finished DQII on the GBC (and no I'm not gonna bring my GBC with me :-P ) I know they're not really related but I like to see how the series as evolved during each sequel.

        Etrian Odyssey - Don't like dungeon crawlers. Also scores weren't that great.

        Shin Megami Tensei series - Heard great stuff about the series but I don't want to get involved as I have so many other old RPGs to play. Might try them some day...

        Yeah harvest moon were fun in the good old days. Might give Rune Factory a try as my bro said it was quite fun.

        Speaking of RPGs I might try and get FFVII for the PSP but I need to finish FFVI first.

        Also thinking of GTA Chinatown but now sure if I should get it for the DS or PSP.

          Heh, to be fair, I think games like Disgaea and certainly EO are more niche games. Just threw out RPGs in general because of (usually) the amount of hours you can sink into it.

          As for GTA, they're pretty much the same game. Plays the same, touchscreen capability traded for better graphical quality. So whatever's cheapest, I guess? Or if you're going to be on the train alot (or wherever with a powerpoint), maybe the DS just for the extended battery life.

          Also, Planet Puzzle League and Peggle Dual Shot and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and and I could go on, but should probably stop.

      Puzzle Quest 2 and Picross 3d for DS will provide hours and hours of fun!

        Hated Puzzle Quest so I have no intention for its sequel.
        Might look into Picross 3d though

      For the PSP I'd suggest looking at God of War: Chains of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Little Big Planet or if you like turn-based RPG combat titles, one of the 2 Disgaea games. If you like your platforming I'd also suggest Prinny: Can I really be the Hero?, but not if you get frustrated easily :P

      On the DS side both Zelda games, Final Fantasy III & IV, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Chrono Trigger and for something a bit different - one of the Pokemon titles.

      In all honesty, I'd suggest hitting up and looking at the sections for each platform to see what's rated well, then see what appeals to you.

        Finished GoW, great game and recently got LBP for both PS3 and PSP.

        Might play the Zelda and Mario games as I know my wife has a copy.
        Finish FFIII & IV as well as Chrono Trigger. CT was an overhyped game.

      The first ape academy is good fun for short bursts.
      Ridge Racer
      Wipeout Pure
      Midnight club (although load time are horrible)
      Holy Invasion of privacy badman
      Tekken: Dark Resurrection
      Any GTA game
      Daxter (awesome platforming fun)
      Dead Head Fred is good for a laugh
      Old Final Fantasy Ports
      God of War: Chains of Olympus
      Lumines (great puzzle game)

      So many great games i can't think of them all right now.. i'll post them as they come to mind :P

        Yep, Chuloopa's list and also Peace Walker, Portable Ops, LBP, Patapon, N+, Vice City Stories (is my favourite of the PSP GTA's), Ratchet and Clank Size Matters, Resistance Retribution and... That's all I can think of. Also, Age of Zombies which is a mini is just awesome.

          Tekken 5 was a great game. Hmm might get Tekken 6 even though I already have it for the X360.

          Loved GTA:VCS! Heaps better than LCS and even better than the original VC game.

          Might get Age of Zombies as Dave recommended it. Just got Fieldrunner. OK Defence Tower game.

      Can't help you with DS sorry but on PSP I've enjoyed:

      Luminus and Puzzle Quest.

      If you want to leave your PSP in a pile of unrecognisable twisted molten plastic and metal from unrelating gamer rage you could also try 'Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?'

        C'mon... Prinny isn't *that* bad, I mean they give you 1000 lives for a reason! If you want to be really frustrated, import the sequel and try not to destroy your PSP.

        I nearly did, on several occasions.

    Guys, my Xbox RROD'd for the second time over the weekend. It's now out of warranty as of Feb. 2009. It'll cost close to $200 for a repair and that apparently takes 2-3 weeks. Even so, it strikes me that once fixed (like the first time it was 'fixed'), there's no guarantee that it won't RROD again. So...the most logical thing to do would be to buy a new 'slim' 360, right. How have these new systems been performing? I love my box, but I'm half-tempted to just continue to roll with my PS3.

      Actually, the most logical thing to do would be to invest in a much cheaper 360 elite, which red rings much less and you can still get in some good package deals..

      A slim would still be a good choice, but only if you have the extra money to splash around.

        Agree, buit another alternative is to try a repair yourself. I fixed my old 2006 box 2 years ago and it is still going strong. I also have a 360S and they are awesome... your call.

          ahhh very true.. DIY kits are easy enough to come by, and if it's already out of warranty, there's really nothing to loose if you try to patch it up yourself...

      I'm currently experiencing a deep, meaningful, unhealthy and not entirely sanitary love for my 360s.

      But, as has been said... it's nothing you can't get in the current elite, and for less money too.

      Very helpful guys. Thanks. :-)

      1. I notice on the EB site pre-owned Elites are $266. Do you have any recommendations of where the best deal is for a new one? I basically just want the console.
      2. Regarding repairing it myself - I'm not particularly tech-savvy, but am willing. Where does one begin to diagnosis the issue, is there a website that's more helpful for the layman?

        Try Harvey Norman, or maybe JB. More than $250 for an elite is way too much these days.

        As for the repair...

        This is the site I used. It has tutorials adn video

    Mass Effect...

    Fucking Rachni!!
    Man are they annoying!!!

    I enjoy shooting geth in the Battle-droid-esque poop-faces!
    Even the Juggernauts aren't too bad, even though they kill me once for ever 3 of them i kill...

    But the damn rachni??? They don't even kill me all that much and i flipping hate them!!!

    For some reason skittery bug aliens in games tend to just piss me off.. they just annoy me... it's a case of "Shit, another one?!?! give me a break!!!" Now i can't even be bothered going into the hot labs...

    So i have 2 choices... Head down to the hot labs and just have to put up with those dead-shit rachni, or go back to the maintainace passage to have my ass handed to me again my the matriarch and her goons...

    And while we're on the topic of pains in my ass, who the heck does she thinks she is?! "oooo i'm a matriarch and i have hot-shit commandos - you're all pieces of lint on my flawless robe"-.... Blah blah flipping blah - just die in a hole already you skank!!!

    *breathes deeply*

    Sorry... man Mass effect if kind of addictive, but at the same time there is so much crap that annoys the hell outta me... but you know what worse??? What i hate more than ANYTHING.... Security lockers...

    I am so sick of seeing a locker and thinking "ooo yay!, loot!"... only to see "security skill too low".... God damn it.. i have a shot gun, how's that for go damned security clearance? I have a 8 foot tall angry as shit Krogan, who apart from being melancholy half the time, can't take the time to do anything useful.. damn it Wrex - hit it with your head or something!!!!

    Don't even start me on that xenophobic tool Ashley either... The only reason i like her is that she's the namesake of the greatest movie hero of all time... give me Ash Williams in my team and shit may actually get done!

      I can only say that you're gonna love some of the choices presented to you later on in the game...

      I just can't say anymore or I'll spoil it for you however..

        ... if Ash Williams doesn't join my party and start spouting one liners, i'm going to be very, very upset... and you know what, i'll blame you :P


          She'll do more than that if you get your conversational skills right.

          I actually prefer Tali more. Maybe it's how I amused I am that she gets sicker than a little kid with asthma everytime she opens up her suit.

            She actually opens up her suit?

            haha i pulled the old "what if a commanding officer ordered you to kiss him" line a while back.. which was so amusingly corny... lol

              Not her suit. More her visor thing.

              If you get your words right.

              Oh, but that's not until ME2.

        Indeed. When the time comes, you'll know what to do. And you'll be glad for it, too.

        Heh heh, "seXBOX", amirite guys?

        (Man, I bet the person who thought of that totally though it was genius, and didn't make them sound like a twit at all)

          ... that's what i call mine... :(

    Anyone seen any retailer where I can preorder reach that isn't selling it for $120. I'm talking standard edition here.
    Its ridiculous. I can't price match either cause they are all approximately 120 buxs.


      after a quick look, if you pre-order from game's website you can get it for $99... but that;s web only...

      If you're after standard, it may pay off to wait til launch day. Since it's a big launch if you can get to stores sometime during the day you definitely won't miss out, and you can keep an eye on the competing prices - especially other stores like Kmart who might try and undersell dudes like JB Hifi.

        Yeah.. furthermore, stores like Big W and Kmart will usually even offer the game at around $88 about a week after the game has launched just to move even more copies...

        If you after the regular edition i see no reason why you just wouldn't wait the extra week...

      If you aren't fussed about the preorder incentives (in-game armour, etc), EB Games *will* price match for your preordered copy, but they won't give you the preorder bonus. But, it would pay to double-check that at your local store.

      Yeah I'm gonna have to buy it on the wednesday 15th anyway, got uni all day tuesday and work after that. so fingers crossed Biw W have it for 88.

      I hate being blatantly ripped off, which is all too frequent in the videogame industry.

      I love Valve.

    Dead Rising: Case Zero

    I am at work and all I am thinking about is how to combine my laptop with a pencil sharpener to create a razor blade that fires out of the disc drive and kills all zombies around me...

    I got it last night about midnight wans was up til 1.30am on a school (work) night playing. It was really fun and I can't want for the full release.

    More than worth the 400 ms points. Anyone else got it, liked it.

    And, did anyone see the webisodes. I only watched the first one but seemed interesting...

      just been playing it this morning, once again, time constraints get the better of me. I cannot for the life of me finish the story, not because of skill or anything, solely due to being side tracked. But even without being sidetracked you are still pushed for time.

      I gave up at 9.30pm when it still wasn't live and went and made some desert and settled in the play Puzzle Kingdoms with the lady...

      Good to know it's up now, though - I'll definately be hitting it up tonight! Can't wait :D

        It wasn't up on the Aussie marketplace even when I got it. i followed a link from major nelson's site to the xbox/com site where you can queue it up. I then DL'd it and was off and running. 800mb or so.

        Not sure if it is up now, otherwise, check out...

          You, sir, are a bloody champ.. if it's not there tonight then this will come in quite handy.

          Thanks mate :)

          Big fan of dead rising myself, so will definitly be looking in to this one. No doubt it will just drive me crazy for more though! Thankfully I still have a few other things to play atm, otherwise I might just lose it!

      Finished Case Zero twice last night. Finish A and F??? I want to know how man endings there are but I dont want spoilers. Anyone know or can find out for me... I hear there is 4 but why have ending 'F' then????

      kayak paddle + chainsaw = double ended paddlesaw.
      Traffic cone + spray paint = airhorn..

      I am going for the 1000 zombie acheivement tonight. Just fun!

    Full Metal Jacket anyone?

    YES! I just got Blur on Xbox360 for $17.50 from the Cash Converters webshop!

    That website is a goldmine for severely undervalued video game prices sometimes.

    Anyone else gotten any awesome bargains off them before?


      YOU BASTARD!! haha

      Man i haven't checked there for ages.. last thing i remember looking at was a copy of Psychonaughts on PS2 for $10....

      But yeah, cashies have some AWESOME prices...

        Cash Converters is good although I'd always prefer actually visiting their stores instead.

        It's just a shame that my nearest one has barely any stock and all their good stores are out in Western Sydney.

        Although a UK search for games through eBay AU is an even easier way to get some fairly priced goods.

          i always just keep checking to see if one of them has a copy of Shadow of the Colossus or Ico and are too dumb to price it correctly :P lol

          ... wishful thinking

            I found a complete copy of SOTC at EB Games once for $35.

            Needless to say, I purchased it immediately.

              .... *drops to knees*

     are the bargain messiah!


              That's awesome!

                I found my copy of MGS3: Subsistence on the webshop as well for about $23.

                It was complete but one of the manual holders was broken and the manual itself had pages loose for some reason?

                  I found a MGS3 Subsistence for $13 at EB, the manual was missing however. It(Disc1) was badly scratched, but I managed to play the entire game once. Then I tried to play it again, and now I can't get past the virtuous mission, keeps on crashing.

    Hey can anyone help me?
    I was wondering ‘if I brought a ps3 game from Hong Kong would I be able to play it on my ps3 in australia in english. Also are games cheaper in Hong kong than they are here.
    the games im looking at getting are God of war 3 and battlefield bad company 2 , and maybe littlebig planet
    Also would the multiplayer and trophies work properly

      PS3 games are region free so you can buy PS3 games from the US or Asia and it will work with your console.

      Games in HK are usually cheaper at release than Australia but it's better if you buy your games from the UK online as they have very attractive prices.

      Not only this but there are less compatibility issues with some games in regard to DLC.

      Trophies should work regardless of the game's region and there would probably be differences with multiplayer depending on the game's servers or connection setting.

        "Not only this but there are less compatibility issues with some games in regard to DLC."

        Yeah this. A mate of mine bought BC2 and then bought the DLC, only to find it didn't work. Was he maaaad. I'm thinking it's probably better to get games which you can go online with from the UK i.e. zavvi or ozgameshop or Trophies should be fine (not that I've ever bought a game from HK)

    I am starting to panic guys.


    I have just realised I have, over the years, traded in many, many games I loved. Absolute modern gems.

    Then I realised, how am I going to buy them again. There is no complete back catalog anywhere. Urgh, I need to find them all and buy them again, probably preowned.

    Do any of you trade in games frequently? I never buy preowned but I do trade in.

    Am I a bad person?

      Of course not?

      Use wikipedia or gamefaqs to get a complete list of games for any of the consoles you're interested in. Wiki is better as the lists all mostly distinguish between NTSC/PAL/JAP releases.

      And get used to buying preowned depending on which console games you're after. ebay is your best friend here (especially international searches in the UK through eBay AU) or you could go down to your local pawn shops and just browse around.

    Arg, hanging out to see who won the Worst Setup comp...

    Now this might be a strange question.

    Like a lot of people, I play my fair share of FPS type games. I recently picked up a new TV. A 56" bad boy, and from going from a 32" screen I have noticed that I have started to suck quite a bit.

    Over the last few days I have been gaming on the older 32" instead of the 56" and am getting my mojo back.

    I would have thought that the bigger the screen, the better it would be. But I am now thinking that there may be a thing as too big.

    Sure I can still game on the 56" screen but my accuracy is all over the shop.

    Anyone else here have the same experience?

      Don't worry, your not alone. Me and my mate lan on console at my house frequently, he goes from 32 inch at his to 42 inch at mine and he noticeably gets worse. He cant explain it, he doesn't know if its the sensitivity, the higher degree of movement or what.

      My suggestion would be adjust your look sensitivity as I sure that would change with the bigger screen. You might need to make it higher.

        You see, thats interesting... there must be some sort of science behind it. So if there is a screen that is too big... then there must be a screen that is too small.
        If you have a big screen you are going to want to sit further away from the screen, and the smaller the screen you will want to sit as close as possible.

        I could go on and write a lot more, but my brain will hurt and I simply don't have the smarts.

          Yeah well thinking about it, is your tv in the same position as the last one and your couch in the same position? Because it the only thing that has changed is the size of your tv then you may actually be "too close" to the tv. Making it harder to play and adjust. Since I moved into my own place, it took a while to get comfortable gaming again, i guess its all an adjustment thing. Especially for competitive FPS. Any slight off put and f&%k you up.

            Just to add to the scientific discussion... Trials HD is a game that requires crazy reflexes and twitch movements and rewards high degrees of accuracy and timing. I have just moved from a 42" plasma and a couch combo to a 22" LCD at a computer desk. I have noticed an improvement as youfeel closer and more connected to the action.

            I can do both, but I do fel it easier to concentrate when closer to the aciton.

            C'mon, any psych students in here that want to have a crack at it?>??

            Yeah that could be it.

            I was pretty much in front of the older TV, while this time that same position was way too close... I am now a little to the side of the TV, but i make good use of the swivel base to turn it around so I am again dead on.

            I wonder if there is a formula out there for those professional gamers over in the states.

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