Team Fortress 2: Everybody Dance Now

Last month, we showed you a brief glimpse of a little project James Benson was working on, bringing some smooth moves to the Team Fortress 2 universe. Well, he's done. And the end result is glorious.

Be sure to click the little "HD" button and watch it in full-screen. Then watch it 6 or 7 more times just to be sure you didn't miss anything.

James Benson: Dance Fortress 2 [Kritzcast]


    Go to the source link and its on a youtube video us aussies can see.

    unbelievable. Had to keep watching it over and over again so i could see what each person was doing.

    Love it!

    That was great, wish it was longer though.

    Check out who the spy is disguised as! LOL

    You have to burn the rope...classic.

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