Team Ico Collection's Box Art Is A Damn Shame

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the most important video games ever made. Bundling the two together and remastering them should be cause for class and dignity, right? Wrong.

A Swedish retailer has posted up the box art for the now confirmed collection, and it's... exactly the same as that for the God of War Collection. For God of War, that kind of cover was fine. It's God of War; all it needed to do was say that and be done with it.

But Team Ico's games are a little more... snooty. A little more refined. They were crying out for a touch of Criterion Collection, something a little arty, a little abstract. Both game's original covers are memorable, particularly Ico's PAL version (which is pictured here), and to see them thrown together on something that looks like it should be $5 in a clearance bin at a post office is a crying shame.

Sony, we're happy you're going down this path of remastering and re-releasing old games, but in future, can you do it with a little more class? These kind of things are for collectors and fans, not mums and dad's shopping in Toys 'R' Us.


    Agree completely. Two bonafide classics that are crying out for some kind of arty collector's edition. Seems like a lack of respect for the source material.

    They can't be serious...

    And on the other hand, it's instantly recognizable to anyone who's played either of the originals. No-one judges classic games (or books so I'm told) by their covers, would this in any way effect your decision to buy the game?

    I don't mind it. It does look like a bargain bin wannabe but it is nice to see the original box art that came on each. Maybe it would have been a little nicer if they had one game on one side, and the other on the reverse side?

      Problem with that is that only one side is usually visible on store shelves, so to the uneducated shopper they'd just see Ico or SotC rather than both.

      While this isn't ideal, the important thing is the games are getting the re-release they so richly deserve. Nicer packaging would be nice, but getting both of these games in swanky high definition for what is a bargain basement price (compared to what you'd pay on eBay) is good enough, dodgy packaging or not.

      Perhaps they'll do some kind of collector's edition with nicer packaging for an extra $10, but I doubt it - the whole appeal of these reissues (from the publisher's point of view) is that they're cheap to produce.

    meh, I only see the spine anyway.

    A high-def screencap of the SotC's ending should be enough to cover both, rite guys? A bit of ICO, a bit of SotC.

    Well, at least they didn't use the US cover artwork for Ico ...

    I would've gotten the lead concept artist on the team to mock up an image with Ico, the princess, and Wander with Agro and of course the colossus looming symbolically in the background. Kinda like those Star Wars Posters.

    I think it looks fine, not great but fine.
    Then again it could have a bright fluro pink cover with the titles in comic sans and I'd still buy it.

    At least we get to play them in Hi Def with trophies! Can't freakin wait for this to drop!

    Well if Sony are intending to do this with more titles then its probably best to have a universal design. Much like when games go platnium i guess.

    Just be glad we didnt get the "reworked" NA box art...

    I'm gonna buy it no matter what it looks like. I never did played either game on PS2, but the way you guys rave on about the awesomeness of, at least Colossus, makes me wanna spend the money and take the dive. Props on continuing the great economic machine.

    The Ico cover looks rather Dali-like...

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