Technically, Billy Mitchell Never Set The Donkey Kong Jr Record

Technically, Billy Mitchell Never Set The Donkey Kong Jr Record

The notorious arcade champion Billy Mitchell was certified as the new world record holder in Donkey Kong Jr at his induction to the International Video Game Hall of Fame last month. But Mark Kiehl had already beaten his score.

Kiehl (pictured), from whom Mitchell took the record, posted a score of 1,307,500 on July 19, which was just certified today by Twin Galaxies, the international high score sanctioning authority. Mitchell, best known for his villainous depiction in “The King of Kong”, posted a score of 1,270,900 on July 31, the same day he also beat the world record in Donkey Kong. Both scores were certified on August 7 at Mitchell’s hall of fame enshrinement.

Kiehl, of Enid, Oklahoma, told that he was fine with Mitchell holding the record, even though he’d already beaten Mitchell’s mark.

“I had mixed feelings about submitting my score, because I didn’t at the time and still don’t now wish to take anything away from Billy’s absolutely phenomenal feat,” Kiehl said. “But as far as I know, no one has ever claimed a score of over 1.3 million, even going back to the ’80s on Donkey Kong Junior. So I wanted to be the first to officially eclipse that benchmark score.”

Kiehl said he won’t try to set another high score on Donkey Kong Jr unless his record is beaten again. “I don’t believe that this score by any means represents the top-end score for this title,” he told

Mitchell still is the world-record holder in Donkey Kong.

Mark Kiehl Claims Donkey Kong Junior World Record For A Third Time, Conquering Billy Mitchell [ Image by Mark Kiehl, via]


  • That Mitchell guy is such a fkn douche. He whinged about being depicted as a bad guy in King of Kong, but look at this!!

    You are the fckin bad guy Billy Mitchell.

    • How is he a bad guy here? Because he beat someone’s records, and that someone chose not to, at the time, submit a higher score he had achieved?

      Billy Mitchell has done nothing wrong here. Whatever game is your choice for online multiplayer, you probably meet much worse people than him on a daily basis in it.

      I understand why he had complaints about his portrayal in King of Kong, because it has created people like you, who call him names based on it, with no consideration for his actions outside of it.

      He deserves alot more respect than he gets, he is an amazing gamer who is constantly pushing the limits of what can be done on these machines.

      • no matter how good someone is, once they have been labelled dishonest, it sticks. personally i think he is hilarious and brings a bit of villainy to this whole thing, almost comic book like. he was what made King of Kong such a blast.

        nobody should really care that much, they are just retro video games.

      • Amazing gamer, but King of Kong was not ALL clever editing. Billy Mitchell seems like a real a$$hole, and this was magnified in the ‘doco’, but never concocted.

        Plus no-one photoshopped that hair or those shirt/tie combos.

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