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This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

It won't be long before outlets start their tallies on the most successful games of this year. But what games do you think have been most underrated?


    so which is it? gaming birthday stories or underrated games? :0 Need to chek your cut/paste a little more carefully Jung ;)

    I'm assuming it's most underrated, but at the moment, nothing I've played springs to mind that's been terribly underrated. There's probably a butt load of games I haven't played that may very well be, but this year I just haven't played any of them that I can think of.

      Fixed ;)

        Ha! 2nd time that's happened, due to trying to copy the thumbnail. Next time I'm just gunna get a new pic :P

    Just Cause 2! - story line... shit, voice acting... shit. Everything else, plain and simple FUN!! Being able to use the grappling hook on pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in that game provided many LOLZ. Hooking a dude up to a jet plain, classic! Hooking a dude up to a car, getting in that car, then driving around like a mad man and side swiping the guy in tow to an oncoming car, classic! Hooking a car up to a plain about to take off, classic!

    The amount of different vehicles also provided a swag of entertainment. From the Thailand style Tuk Tuk's to beefed up monster cars, jets and helicopters for unleashing the fury from above.

    One of the best sandbox games out there for those people who like to ignore the game and just explore and have a few giggles along the way as well.

      At one point i wondered if they made the voice acting bad so people would avoid the story and spend more time bombing around.
      The hooking mechanic is incredible and, while i miss floating along behind a car, the way the driver reacts when you land on a car always makes me laugh.
      And shooting the soldier hanging out of the side of a chopper in the face with a sawn off shotgun before beating up the pilot and throwing him out, all in mid-air, is just cool.
      Have to try sticking a remote explosive to a vehicle next time i'm hanging off the side of one, too.

      I played the first one just for the reason. I couldn't tell you the main character's name, or what I was doing, but it was really fun parachuting from planes. I might pick up the second one for this reason

    I am going for the obvious one here (for me) and say Backbreaker.

    I know there is very little interest in gridiron in Australia so not expecting much support for this, but from now playing a significant amount of this game, from a technological perspective and an innovative perspective, this game has made significant progress when compared to its competition, in its first attempt.

    Not saying it is perfect, but with a couple of years hopefully to get the AI improved and just the overall logic, Natural motions ability to calculate unique physicas based outcomes for 22 active players at the same time should not be underestimated.

    Seriously, when you see this in slow motion, it is amazing that everything is simply being calculated on the fly!!!

    That gets my vote.

    Alpha protocol! The game may be slightly glitchy, the gameplay may be unbalanced, but for sheer choice over how you will play through the story, not much can match it. I hope that other developers take notes from how the game managed allying with the various factions. Shame their will be no sequel- a large number of the games flaws could have been addressed...


      Some really good innovations, especially the timed conversation mechanic which really made some negotiations tense. Some people panned it for it's poor shooting but it's an RPG. Upgrade your weapons and skill points before you take on a room full of hostiles. The animations were a bit poor though.

    Beyond good and evil and okami. :D

    Just to add my 2 cents...

    Demon's Souls. It's a real shame that lots of people must have been turned off by the cries about its difficulty. But most places neglect to mention that the design of the game is such that if you mess up, it's your fault. You either had the wrong tactic, or fluffed some crucial timing. It's that kind of difficulty that makes you want to get better at the game.

    Also, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands. As close to Sands of Time as it's been IMO.

      +1 to this.

      Demon's Souls is a brilliant gem with engaging boss fights and its only brought down by a non-existent plot.

      I also never understood the point of World Tendency and the online mechanics were amusing. I luckily never managed to get invaded by any Black Phantoms from the start of my game to when I finished it.

    I think Risk Factions was a fantastic little game that probably wasnt on many people's radars.

    Kane and Lynch series. The first one, I agree, wasn't made the best. But the story was worth it in my opinion. The second one is awesome and the only problem is shortness, but theres plenty of short games out there that get rated higher, so I don't see the problem.

    MAG. That game is surprisingly addicting. I have never played an online match which wasn't full of people and there is hardly ANY lag. I over looked all the little things such as not too great graphics and lack of music just to push those damn SVER's away from our outpost an unlock the gun I want!

    Dark Sector (Import version). I don't know what to say about it. It got slightly repetitive with the Glaive throwing and the story was "eh", but the gameplay itself wasn't broken. I enjoyed it.

    Frontlines: Fuels of War. Pretty great squad FPS. I think its was largely ignored. Using the remote drones to kill enemies is pretty fun. The guns sound AMAZING. Once again, not a broken game and completely enjoyable.

    Sonic Chronicles. This would be a "lite" RPG to regular players of the genre. Since I am not a regular RPG gamer, I found it very immersive and a great handheld game to pick up and play, like Pokemon. The way Sonic games are going today with "story telling" more than the game play style of its 2D hey day, the genre works rather well for the series. It was great progressing in the story while upping the stats of my characters and unlocking new skills. Very much worth the now cheap price of $20AU pretty much everywhere. I hope to hear more of the sequel.

      +1 for Dark Sector import. Story was definitely crap, but I love the Glaive and all it's dismemberment. I'm hoping someone'll do a sequel, but know it's probably just a dream..... Still, I feel like playing that now, for I think the 9th or tenth time:-D

      +1 MAG.

      Finally, an online console FPS that managed to get people's attention and break away from CoD. Oh, and it's online component survived longer than a month. Kudos.

        Just read my own post. It's online component is it's ONLY component. *facepalm*

    Lost Planet,

    Innovative fun multiplayer experiance in the world of co-op shoorters that didnt get the credit it deserved. competitive multiplayer was pretty average but story mode always being occupied by 3 other humans was most excellent to play.


      Loved the game myself, it wasn't perfect, but it was great fun, the art style was also a big winner...

      It probably may have been my pick, had it not been released in late '09!


    The Sam and Max series. Seriously, I don't see enough love for these games when the writing is a million times better than any other game out there. Abraham Lincoln Must Die is a thousand times funnier than any cake reference some other games can come up with...

    Too Human.

    If Dyack had just kept his damn mouth shut, people would have had ordinary expectations for Too Human and been pleasantly surprised, rather than extraordinary expectations it was always going to fail to live up to.

    The control scheme was great. For me, it was really intuitive. I couldn't understand the people saying it controlled like a bitch and just assumed they didn't bother to read the instructions. :P

    One thing I didn't like though: the appearance of Baldur. He looked weak, not at all like someone I wanted to play as.

      Gah! Reading fail! "this year". Oops.
      Um...*hops back in time machine*

    Watch me get ragged for this:

    Toy Story 3: The Game

    It is truly one of the hidden treasures of 2010

    Okay people: open fire!

      would love to but like everyone else, havent played it so can't really comment

      You know what, I have actually heard somewhere that this game is alright. I think it was an IGN podcast. Might see if I can rent it somewhere.

      I bought this just yesterday and will give it a run with the girlfriend over the weekend...

      As I too have heard that it's not that bad even for adults...

    I agree about Kane and Lynch 2. I can't help but think there's a herd mentality with web review sites. It seems fashionable to bag this game. People like to say that the printed mags are paid off by publishers, but I get the impression that they're more honest.

    Ok, the length is short. No arguing there. But if it went for 20 hours, the story would have even less believability. How much military can two guys shoot through? Probably a few hours-worth less than what Kane and Lynch manage on their second outing.

    Reviewers who bag the graphics have no artistic sense. The same pricks will praise Gears of War 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, even though Gears couldn't be more derivative and MGS4 only looked good in its cutscenes. Look at the character animations in MGS4. The enemy animations did not blend and they behaved like robots. The textures were weak too. If it was all in first person, people would be underwhelmed. Don't get me started on MGS4's shitty AI. Exclamation marks to tell me that the AI has been alerted? Fuck me! If you think that makes for good AI then you're just filling out a checklist. But Kane and Lynch 2 has a distinct and artistic visual style that is consistent and it really does feel like a Michael Mann film. It's not a simple filter, it takes serious artistry to achieve that.

    What about gameplay? What does Gears have over Kane and Lynch 2? It has dick. Maybe grenades. Oh and that retarded chainsaw device. Gears was more bloody repetitive if anything. Kane and Lynch 2 has guns that actually feel like guns.

    What about the story? Everyone bags Kane and Lynch's story. So what. It's a fairly mundane crime-caper story. I don't feel as embarrassed playing it as I do playing Gears or MGS4. Gears is full of regurgitated and inaccurate military movie cliches and has the plot of a kids cartoon. The MGS series has always had a crappy story. Convoluted story does not equal genius. Any idiot can write a ridiculous story, then write a sequel and insert new details in to try and facilitate the latest implausible plot device. It's like a director constantly pausing the movie to explain everything that he was too dumb to weave into the movie proper. I hear they keep hiring a military advisor for the MGS games. What the hell do they use him for? Sure, Snake wanders about in cutscenes like he's so vigilant and paranoid. He checks a rifle sitting on a floor for booby traps (even though he picks up thousands without giving a shit). He acts too cool for school and knows heaps of useless facts. But then he stops and carries out a conversation with some boss in the middle of a supposed battlefield for 15 minutes before deciding to fight them. He also chats on the radio for hours like a schoolgirl. Realism, my freckle. And why does Snake always blurt out "Metal Gear" every time another character mentions it?

    Believe it or not, I actually do like Gears and MGS4, but I think Kane and Lynch 2 really is underrated.

    Valkyrie Profile.
    One of the best JRPGs I've played and yet it never gets mentioned in "Best Of..."s
    And I've played a LOT of JRPGs.

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