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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like which of your favourite franchises/heroes have been ruined.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

It might be too early, but I can't help but look at the new incarnation of Dante and whinge. Which of your favourite heroes, or franchises, have been ruined by dodgy sequels or reboots?


    For me it's not a video game, but certainly fits the criteria. He-Man... absolutely loved the original series. Had every single toy ever released. But that remake years later! OMG!! Epic fail on all fronts. Really made me want to cry. Same goes fro the ninja turtles really.

      TMNT. I had so many of their toys and merch during the airing of the initial series, then a few years later... transforming Ninja Turtles, roller blading Ninja Turtles, ice hockey playing Ninja Turtles...

      The list goes on and it's a shameful one.

      I still read their graphic novels/comics, to this day they rate up high on my list of favorites.

    Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. ):

      +1 for Spyro. My wife and I loved the original games, but then it just became mush. :(

      Crash Bandicoot was my childhood. I still have the original crash in its chunky case =]

        Yeah poor Crash.
        He was the shit back in the day but now he just comes across as a brain damaged rodent with ADD.

      Agreed. I loved the original Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games on the ps1, but when insomniac and naughty dog gave away the rights to them, neither series could recover their brilliance.

    -Monkey Island, post Ron Gilbert & co.

      I agree... and then disagree :P

      Monkey Island 3 and 4 were bad, but the new series by Tell Tale is as good as the original IMO

    Not a gaming hero, but this one still stings.

    Deadpool in the Wolverine: Origins movie.

    He had such a promising start but then they just ruined it by removing him for the majority of the movie then bringing him back in the worst way possible. Without a mouth.

    Mario was ruined for me the first time I fired up SM64.

      Well Stinky, you know what?

      I disagree.

    I agree with Dante being ruined. If they just changed new dante's name to something else no-one would have a problem, but they took everything identifiable about dante and scrapped it. No white Hair, No sword, some crappy red jacket, and he just doesn't look like the cocky, arrogant and badass dante we know, he just looks so...


    Yeah, that sums up new Dante's Redesign: Generic.

    I hope they make DMC5 (on another platform, maybe. PSP?), or do a remake of DMC2, since that one was universally hated. Why ruin something just because reboots are the "in" thing nowadays?

    Avatar The last Airbender (series), the new movie just totally sucks.

      First thing that came to my mind when I read this post... So very terrible, a waste. Casting, the fighting, hell, even the pronunciation of character name's were all atrocious.

    *start of rant*
    i bought bioshock first for the ps3 and i found love, the atmosphere and the story, i wasn't too excited for the gameplay though but it didn't bother me. Either way , i loved it. then they announced bioshock 2, i was mildly pleased , while i enjoyed bioshock 1 and wanted to continue the tale of rapture, i thought bioshock 1 wrapped the story in a tight neat bow. then it came out. i bought it. i played it for a hour and a half then i quit. i was sad. sad for everything.
    then i played multiplayer and i was mad , mostly at 2k , how they turned a near perfect game and then they go and **** it all up.
    *end of rant *
    Dear Bioshock.
    I Miss You.Your twin sister is terrible she messes around with things like bad story telling and bad gameplay.
    please come back home. i promise i won't complain about your bad graphics.

      Damn you beat me to it. Completely agree with this statement...Bioshock 2 was a disappointment.

      I Fully agree, Bioshock 2 made me very sad :(

      But the Awesome news of Bioshock Infinite, made me let a little bit of wee out :)

        Agree totally with what they all said. Well apart from McTesty and the wee....

        Bioshock 2 was an absolute gut-wrenching letdown. Proof you should stop handing IPs over to other developers so you can churn out a new one every year. It makes me so angry, and sad. The games lose their souls.
        Cannot wait for the real Bioshock 2: Infinite.

      You took the words right out of my mouth (Oh, it must have been when you were kissin' me).

    Im hoping that they dont ruin Duke Nukem otherwise its going to be an epic fail all round i think

    The Punisher, not one but three movies that completely missed the mark with the character and pretty much poisoned him from appearing in any further movies.

    Anyone who's read the Garth Ennis Max series that ends with 'Valley Forge, Valley Forge' knows what I'm talking about.

    Well at least I've still got the Punisher game to torture wise guys with.

      I completely agree about The Punisher. That series NEVER gets the right attention is deserves.


      Sonic The Hedgehog (surprised its not already here) I liked everything up to and including Heroes minus the horrible voice acting.

      Crash Bandicoot (Anything after the PS1 games, 'nuff said)

      Pokemon (After the first 151 it got a bit ridiculous)

      Killzone *give me a second, its not completely ruined* The first one was an intense shooter. The Helghast also seemed more mysterious and interesting. The second was a macho shoot it up fest with your steroid'd squad mates. Also, I hate Rico.

      Syphon Filter. Its hey day was on the PS1. Omega Strain was GARBAGE and the PSP versions were generic and failed to capture the mood of the first 3.

      Medal Of Honor. Another one which has slowly lost it over time. I enjoyed them all up to and including Frontline. After that they became boring and buggy.

      Dude, screw the movies. Just watch Shoot 'em up, it's the Punisher that should've been. Just pretend Clive Owen is wearing a skull shirt and hey, presto! Awesome movie =]

      Also, I loved Valley Forge. Hell, all of Ennis' run on the Punisher was awesome, *especially* Welcome Back, Frank.

    Pokemon Black and White are going to wreck the Pokemon series.

      It's a bit early to say, considering it only came out in Japan yesterday...

      I for one commend them with what they are doing in Black and White. They are actually, actively trying to create a new game, instead of the standard remake we've been getting for 12 years. The art direction, story, and location is in a completely new direction. I personally think it will pay off, the Pokemon formula was starting to get a bit stale with Diamond and Pearl, and this could be just what it needs.

    Just about every sonic game beyond Sonic Adventure on dreamcast has ruined sonic for me, and I'm sure plenty of other people feel the same. Despite that though, every time I see a new sonic release, a tiny part of me remains hopeful that maybe this time, they'll get it right. It feels a lot like being in a bad relationship; like my hopeless optimism is being knowingly abused.

    also yeah, i was pretty disappointed when i saw this new Dante. I sorta thought the last one kicked a lot of arse as was. This kid looks like he's just angsty because his mum confronted him about hiding pornography behind his desk, not like he's the eternal bastard son of man and demon god.

    My guess is they've taken a look at the franchise after it not selling terrifically and decided to purposely model the main character directly on their target demographic. Next we'll have games that include our own likeness as the protagonists to drive our interest. Preposterous. It'll never fly. *shoots a glance at most Wii titles*

    Not a character or a series, but a developer! IO Interactive! They made the hitman series, which was beyond stellar, but ever since Square Enix bought them, they keep making these mediocre Kane and Lynch games. Make a new Hitman game dammit!

      Goddamn yes, after two extremely rubbish games, the sequel actually having more problems than the original, please abandon K&L and go back to Agent 47.

      We need another Hitman game.

    Max Pain the movie made me so angry. I don't understand how they could bastardise a game so ripe for cinema.

      +1. The script was already there, the drug levels ripe for cinematography and the twists and love interest. Instead they change the green to blue, throw out 90% of the noir and running themes, and create a horrid, stupefying mismash! How could they got it so wrong??
      Okay, I'm done.

        You think it wouldn't be hard to make a movie of a pill popping brooding widower shooting up gangsters on a snowy night with drug dream sequences and a corrupt politician.

        They didn't emphasise the gunplay at all in that movie. The most was done in the ending credits!

    Kyle Katarn.

    He went from a spec-ops armour wearing grizzled combat veteran in Dark Forces, to a farmer in DF2.
    And I think the lightsaber combat was poorly done... I don't believe they got it right until Jedi Outcast.
    But mainly... it's the farmer thing that bothered me.

    Silent Hill... gradually getting worse from 3 onwards :(

      Oh oh and FF... loved everything up until X. X was... alright. But X-2? And then XII? and then XIII!? Losing faith big time...

        People hate on FF XIII, but I thought it was an awesome game. The mechanics ramped up right along with the difficulty, so it forces you to learn for 80% of the game. Much better than a forced tutorial intro, and keeps you engaged.

        Story was much better than XII, but even that was a decent game. X-2 on the other hand...

    Shame on Team Ninja for giving Samus Aran daddy issues.

      THIS. Ok, i'm all for hearing our favourite silent protagonists speak..... except for when they speak in monotone (why didn't they use Jennifer Hale?) and rabbit on about every little bloody emotion!
      And what about the fact she takes orders from a bunch of idiots who can't get past the first freakin' door? Or that cutscene where she freezes up? GAAAAHHHH!!!

    I Loved all the side scrolling Metroid games, and Super Metroid is one of my all time favorite games ever...
    But the FPS metroids and Other M, just don't have the same awesome feel that the old side scrollers had :(

      Other M.... Just Other M....

      Also, Windwaker temporarily killed Zelda... until I grew on it. Then the pixelated mess of Phantom Hourglass made me hate the toon-style again... still like Windwaker... do it again on the 3DS but without all the water/vehicles please...

      F-Zero Wii... For NOT EXISTING.... *fingers crossed for a F-Zero 3DS... fingers crossed REALLY HARD*

    Who the hell thought turning Dante into an emo was a good idea? Nobody likes emos, not even other emos.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Went and seen the movie adaptation, if you could call it that, of the series last night.

    Terrible film. Its like the took everything awesome from the cartoon series and decided not to include it in the film.

    Appa has no character and looks creepy, they only mention Momo by name once, Zuko's scar is hardly noticeable, Sokkas hair is too long and he was not funny at all, huge plot-centric sections glossed over or missing entirely and many more things that made the series great.

    My biggest gripe though was the pronunciation, they didn't pronounce avatar, Iroh, Aang, Sokka etc how they were spoken in the cartoon. Yes it may be the correct pronunciation but it sounds like shit.


    viewtiful joe - consigned to fighting games. a sad end for my favourite cube character.

    Tekken. I loved Tekken 2 & 3, with all its counters and parries. Now its all cheap juggles. Gay

      I hope you haven't seen the Tekken movie.

      Worst. Adaptation. Ever.

      And thats saying something.

      Plus the cheapest bosses of all time.

      Screw you Jinpachi! Screw you right in your silly beard face!

    Red shirt guy from Farcry 1.
    Farcry2 was such a bitter disappointment.

    Side scrolling arcade genius, bent over and given the 'Joan Collins Special'

    The picture says it all. Other M ruined Samus for me. Hell, it ruined Metroid for me. They somehow managed to, with almost scientific precision, remove everything I loved about Metroid from it.

    And yeah, Dante's new design is pathetic.

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