Tell Us What You Really Think, Microsoft

Xbox Australia's David McLean addressing a mostly mainstream media crowd at an event in Sydney last week. Via AtomicPC.


    Ha, I'm 30 and am wearing a metallica shirt under my jacket today. I'm also an teacher and proud gamer.

      Hmmmm, Im right there with ya brother.

      I have to say Pottsy I thought of you when I read that title. I fit all the criteria except the metalica shirt. I sure am sweaty so that makes up for it and technically I'm not thirty until next week.

      Well... I'm wearing a Metallica shirt too... but that's nothing out of the ordinary I'm usually wearing one 90% of the time. But I'm only 25... so Hah! in your face David McLean you're only 50% correct...

      I play games, in my thirties, going to the Metallica concert next week (and plan on buying a T-Shirt while there) And WILL NEVER be getting sweaty playing Kinect!!!

        You're going next week... damn you... I still have to wait until November... sweating with anticipation... damn now David McLean is 75% correct...

        Where are they playing next week? I'm going to the gig in october at Brissy.

          Melbourne Wed 15th, Sydney Saturday 18th

    I'm wearing a pale blue regular cut shirt & dark blue tie combo and suspenders (bringing it back!) while I manage advertising revenue and am also a proud gamer.

    At least the age on the stereotype has been updated...?

    I can see that in another 10 years "hardcore" gamers will be in the minority, with 90% of games being released will be simple, and cater to soccer mums. Wait, no, that's happening right now. Pfft, silly me. If Microsoft's kinect thing falls over the "fat, sweaty metallica t-shirt wearing" players will be what they fall back on. You know, the same demographic that made their entry into the home console market a success.

      Oh yeah, 24, IT worker in a school, Wearing Jeans and a standard white button down shirt + tie combo, not fat (but admittedly not all that fit), and I'm still a gamer. Even the kid inside me is looking forward to the new PSP Kingdom Hearts game :D

    You don't say, David.

    If I was just a few years older and my Metallica shirt existed. . .

    Not 30 and wearing a NIN shirt... but it's close enough for me to be offended.

    I gotta say this pretty much sums up why I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with my 360. I may have been a 360 fanboy for this gen and last gen but by the time the next gen rolls around I'll be shopping around more.

    It'd be awesome if we could get some 360 exclusives that aren't sequels or Kinect gimmick crap.

      360 is still really the only way to go if your a ' hardcore' gamer... PS3 is currently getting the poop hacked out of it, and I am currently very disappointed with my new PS3, it has all the features of my 3 year old xbox, but with worse online, which is why I have changed back.

    Blue and white stripped business shirt today. I am 29 so it does seem the age thing is pretty good for the current demographic though.

    But yeah, I have never listened to Metalica. Hip hop til i die... No disrespect to anyone who likes metal, it's just not for me.

    But aren't all gamers under 18, which is why they need protecting from R18+ material??

      Oh yeah I forgot, no wonder we need Kinect. We can finally all play together as a family in the lounge.

    I'm not thirty, don't own a Metallica tshirt and I consider myself a gamer.

    Microsoft, you're really making it difficult for your fanbase to like you at the moment.

    To hell with it:

    Fire him!

    Off with his head, if the regional rep for Microsoft can't show some respect for the 1 million plus suscribers in his area of control then he's doing a poor job. Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Larry Herb, there's a guy over here in Australia and he's setting fire to the house that Halo built.

    Jung, can you please email me the address of Microsofts Australian HR manager... I'd like to file a formal complaint about this.

    Australian gamers have been trying for ages to adjust the government and public perception of games and the people who play them. Yet here we have one of the people who is supposed to be helping with that and he's making jokes at our expense. Great.

    Whats wrong with Metallica and/or wearing Metallica T-Shirts?

    holly crap they talkin' bout us! im 30 too but have ps3 and wouldnt dare wear a metallica shirt post Black Album, they went poofy after that

      *sweating because ive been off weed for 5 days*

      Death Magnetic was surprisingly awesome. St Anger and Load/Reload? Yeah, they sucked.

    Shameless repost from the article.

      lmao well done sir you win!

      *golf clap*

      Why is there a Rip Curl symbol on his Metallica shirt?

    Nothing wrong with being a 30 something metal head gamer, McClean would do well to remember who butters his bread.

      He's not just attacking hardcore gamers, he's attacking metalheads as well!

    I saw this guy at the Windows 7 launch for retail partners in Melbourne. He is such a douchbag!! wait... i must apologize to all douchebags out there now. Sorry!

    Microsoft should really replace this guy who obviously thinks he's cool (but really isn't) and can tell people what is cool and what is not. I mean when I saw him on stage he had this air of "Look at me! I'm from Microsoft and you should listen to me because I am cool..." - what a douchebag

    Metallica is that hot new RnB boy band right?

    my response to this is 'meh'...but if he said '22 year olds in Darkthrone shirts' it would be a different story lol.

    haha excellent. Wouldn't it be nice if we had more PERSONALITIES involved in the industry who knew how to speak to people instead of corporate shills regurgitating marketing-speak?

    i dont get why everyone's losin their poop over this... personally I agree with the statement. Its the fact that it has to be said at all that is sad. A lot of ppl still have the wrong idea of what a gamer is and this statement opposes that.

      the problem is these are all signs that they are going after the nintendollars at our expense. they are going casual.

      poop?! we're not allowed to swear anymore?

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