Temporary Protocols Activated

We are still on the hunt for a new Editor for Kotaku Australia. In the interim, we have enacted a few caretaker provisions to ensure there is a minimum of rioting, looting, and general mayhem. Though all such activities will continue as normal on your consoles and PCs.

Junglist is stepping in to keep things flowing as close to 'normal' as one can expect around here for the next few weeks.

In general, be kind to your temp editor and we'll work hard to see if we can announce a new Editor before the rural independents have finished deciding who will be our new government. Unless that somehow happens today. But I doubt it.


    Wow, Australia has a caretaker government and Kotaku AU has a caretaker editor. Talk about art imitating life.

      Let us hope that the loser of the election doesn't get the Kotaku editor job as a consolation prize.

        The thought of Tony Abbott as editor makes my blood run cold.

          *The thought of Tony Abbott makes my blood run cold.

          "Top 10 games Jesus would love!"


            I'm guessing they've all got fast respawn times.
            Anything less than 3 days is an improvement.

    Hi Jung... we will be nice i promise... or at least I will.

    The others around here are a little unpredictable! Did you get warned about Chuloopa?

      Dude, i'm not that bad...

      *goes back to gnawing on a freshly severed leg*

        "In related news the legless corpse of a former Kotaku editor has washed up in what's believed to be a ..... "

        Somehow you've garnered a fallacy of being an odity??? Your the only normal one left now that the Goose is gone.

        Did you try plum sauce on that leg? I'd think a fruity flavour would go nice with flesh, as I'm an evolved zombie with Iron Chef taste buds.

    Haha. Aus will probably have a new AU editior well before we have a new government.

    Well Bob Katter is supposed to be announcing today, he had a self-imposed deadline on himself...

    So perhaps if he does the rest will follow not long after...

    Now back to the Rioting! :D

    aww, I was looking forward to the general mayhem.

    Seems we will be in safe hands for now.

    but, but ... one of the very fine reasons for visiting this virtual institute of electronic literature is for the phat loots.

    Let the looting continue, damn it ... letz up lootz!!1!

    Just finished the morning office hazing. There was a bit more tar & feathers than I expected, and the gimp mask took me by surprise...

    What doesn't kill me, makes me *sniff* stronger...

      Just be thankful Bruce Willis didn't see you in that mask...

      It's alright Junglist, at least we'll make you feel welcomed.
      Quick everyone, point and laugh at the new guy!!

        POW HA HA!

    Should start taking bets; i think kotaku is still favoured to get an editor before australia gets a government. LOL

    Did David remember to mention all the free consoles he wanted the new editor to give away as His final gift to us?

      Yes, they're just here next to all those copies of Duke Nukem Forev-- crap, now I'm going to have to find another game to use when I want to suggest something won't ever exist. What's the next best vapour title you can think of?

        Starcraft: Ghost (?)

        Why can't you be the editor, Seamus?

          I'm officially "Publisher" of Kotaku Australia now, along with the Aussie versions of Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Sometimes I also wear the badge "Managing Editor". So while I do enjoy sticking my nose in, and will occasionally write a few stories here and there, I'm too busy working across all these sites as the main behind-the-scenes guy striving to make these sites the Best Damn Sites In The Country (TM).

          So that'll be consoles AND brand new games being given away, Seamus? David would be proud.

          Unless we're now counting Black Mesa as vaporware(?), I think Ghost is the rightful successor to DNF's mantle (...just as soon as DNF actually comes out. Let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

        Half Life 2 Ep3, I'll have one of those plx.

    Perhaps Kotaku AU should hire an intern to help out... Someone who posts a lot in the comments, submits a lot of reader reviews... :P

    It's also kind of sad that all the vapour ware is finally getting released. Two of the really big ones, Sam and Max: Hit the Road and Team Fortress 2 finally saw release a couple years ago. I also find it kind of ironic that their main characters are now starring in a game together (poker night at the inventory)

    Heck, even Black Mesa Source is pretty much near completion.

    Half Life 2: Ep 3/HL3 aren't quite vaporware, they're just being developed on Valve time. They'll come out eventually, that's for sure.

    Ghost doesn't really count, as unlike DNF it has been put on 'indefinite hold', meaning they aren't actively working on it (thought i would hardly describe the work made on DNF in the last 12 years as 'active')

    So what do we have left? I'd go with Penny-Arcade: Adventures, episode 3. Not quite as high profile as the others, but episode 1 and 2 came out in fairly quick succession, and were fairly decent games!

      We're going to need a formula for Valve time, since there's been no announcement of Ep 3 yet.


          Love that website :D

      Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 has been officially cancelled, so that counts even less than Ghost (which I agree doesn't really count). The story will be completed in some sort of non-game format.

    Let's hope he doesn't get replaced by a young hottie I guess?

    I joke jung, all the best

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