10 Minutes Of BioShock Infinite Gameplay

Previously shown only to press behind closed doors, 2K has let slip nearly 10 minutes of mind-blowing, vertigo-inducing gameplay footage from BioShock Infinite. You might want to have an air sickness bag at the ready.

This extended gameplay trailer is currently available on Xbox.com and through Xbox Live on your Xbox 360, but as reader Andrew points out, it's already all over YouTube and ready for mass consumption.

The game's hero, Booker DeWitt, seems to possess a great deal more character than the protagonists from previous BioShock titles, which should come in handy when dealing with the incredibly powerful (not to mention adorable) Elizabeth.

I'm just worried my fear of heights will keep me from making it through the game. Those rollercoaster hook travel segments nearly had my lunch painted across my computer monitors.


    This looks colourfully badass. I like the idea of the telekinisis - taking the gun from the dude and shooting him point blank. Awesome!

    Is that Liam Neeson doing voicework? Awsome!

      it sounded like him at first, but I don't think it is actually...

      Actually it sounds a lot like the guy who voiced Garret from the Thief series.

    This looks absolutely amazing. But there is no way that is gameplay footage in the sense that it represents a controller in the hand guided tour. That has to be "rendered" gameplay footage made to look like the experience complete with crosshairs and on screen damage indication.

    Either way, i'm still buying it. Amazing art design. And when he caught the rocket fired from the tank.... Whoa.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained... funny enough i was playing halo wars the other day and heard that exact same line

    alot of lines in this are from movies and games =S anyone else notice that

      "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is a very very old proverb.

    Looks amazing! Bear in mind this is an incredibly scripted demo. If anyone listens the XBOX World 360 podcast then you'd know they spoke about this demo and how the person playing rehearsed and it was all very set up, yet there was still someone playing. So far looks like another must buy!

    Wow wow wow. I love how the developers portray Broken Utopias. Scenes like the lady sweeping in front of a burning building and in the original the lady with the pram. Wow.

    Scripted or not, it showed some amazing technology, great eye candy and ideas.

    Looking forward to this.

    ...just wow. 2K looks as though they have really upped the ante with this one. Scripting aside, the game looks unbelievable. It will be a nice change - to be out in the open with lots of colour as opposed to the bottom of the sea in rapture, where everything had muted tones (even though that in itself was awesome for the story's atmosphere). I have been meaning to go back and play BIOSHOCK 1 and 2 again, and after watching this I think I will.

    Holy shit does that look awesome, That video turned me from a skeptic to a believer, This is a game on my must have list.

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