TGS Gets Struck By A Smooth Criminal, Ow

Michael Jackson has always been big in Japan, and Ubisoft's Michael Jackson The Experience is no exception, hitting TGS hard with three newly revealed tracks and a new trailer, complete with creepy MJ stand-in.

Will you be too mesmerised by the creepiness of the blurry-faced Michael Jackson dancer to care that "Smooth Criminal", "Black or White" and "They Don't Care About Us" are debuting exclusively at the Tokyo Game Show this week? It was tremendously creepy in Germany, and it's eerily reminiscent of creatures from Japanese horror movies, so yes, there's a chance those three new tracks will be missed.

Thank goodness for this post then, right?

Michael Jackson The Experience will be available for Wii, DS and PSP on November 23, with Move and Kinect versions coming in early 2011.


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