The 3DS' Hardware Design Is Now Final (Check Out Its Stylus)

At the Nintendo Conference 2010 in Tokyo, the company has shown off the final, retail design of the upcoming 3DS handheld.'s almost exactly the same (a colour change to the analogue nub notwithstanding)! Not really that big a surprise, since the model present at E3 not only looked "final", but also went down well with critics.

What is new, though, is our first look at the handheld's stylus, which as you can see is a pretty classy little thing, with its telescoping length and brushed chrome finish.



    I like the stylus, but I hope the 3DS comes in all Black.

    was really hoping they would increase the size of the bottom screen to match the top

    I'm really liking the look of that stylus, but I hope it's actually metal/steel and not plastic with a chrome coat =/

    the two different colours looks pretty horrible imo, why not all black or all blue :S

      i dont't see why they won't do an all black but i bet that they don't colour the top screen so that the 3d aspect is more effective, it probably needs a blank backdrop.

    Stylus design is OOOOOLD.
    Had that since I got my DS Lite NEW.

      Look closer ;D Unless I'm mistaken, it seems to be extendable. Either that, or the stylus gets thicker halfway for...better grip? No.

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