The 3DS Has A Virtual Console For Game Boy Games

Ever wonder why there were no Game Boy games made available on the Wii's Virtual Console? Why, it's because Nintendo was saving that for the upcoming 3DS.

The company revealed at its 2010 press conference earlier today that the 3DS will have its own Virtual Console, from which you'll able to download both Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

No specifics like availability or price were made available, though two games shown were Super Mario Land and Link's Awakening.



    I'm officially buying a 3DS on launch day. Gosh darn I love you Ninty. <333

      Haha, whoops, sorry bout the expletive. Got a little excited there. ^_^;

    Hooray for another entire generation of rehashed titles! Oh Nintendo you innovative little gremlins!

      Indeed. Doesn't stop us from buying them though. Ninty will have my money come launch day.

    No Virtual Boy?

    That would have worked well, since we would have finally been able to play Virtual Boy games without going blind!

    I'll be picking up one of these bad boys come release day. I can't wait :)

    While I guess it's good news, does Nintendo really have ANY excuse for not putting these games on the DSi instead? My DSi owning friend was really pissed that it didn't come with the counterpart to the Wii's Virtual Console.

    Given how well Nintendo support the Virtual Console on thw Wii currently I really could care less about the Nintendo 3DS doing it. We'll get a few great games in the opening year maybe then a bunch of crap followed by nothing at all.

    I'll bust a nut if the surprisingly awesome Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is on there. Damn that game got addictive, too bad every game since has sucked. Finished it like 7-8 times.

    This is pretty fantastic. All the GBA games to replay, the Golden Suns.. Mario Kart, Advance Warses etc.

    I just hope it's going to be relatively cheap. We're still paying through the nose with Wii's VC at $17 a pop for 10 year old N64 games.

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