The Art Of God Of War III

Ballistic Publishing, the team behind the excellent Uncharted 2 art book, are back with another tome for a Sony franchise, only this time it's God of War.

And just like Uncharted, there'll be multiple editions going on sale, catering to fans of varying dedication/income. A standard one, a fancy one, and an even fancier "Folio Edition", which will include a leather cover and a hand-carved Blade of Exile stuck on the front.

You can pre-order the books from Ballistic's site at the link below, where you can also check out a small preview of the thing.

The standard edition will cost USD$65, the special edition (which has a leather cover) will be USD$129 and the Folio Edition - the one with the blade - will be USD$300.

The Art of God of War III [Ballistic Publishing]


    Damn, you don't know how much I want the Folio Edition of this as well as the Uncharted 2 one.

    A chance to see the all the artwork without having to spend hours putting up with mr grumpy pants being a jerk to everyone? Sold.

    I hope these become regular. Some others I'd like to see (assuming that they have some sort of relationship with Sony, given the first two):

    Heavy Rain
    Ratchet and Clank
    Final Fantasy 13
    Heavenly Sword
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    The Last Guardian (when it comes out)

    Personally i'd like a gaming artbook compilation.. containing hundreds of pages from some of the greatest games of all time, spanning all forms of art... now THAT would be an impressive tome to occupy my shelf...

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