The Ataris That Never Were

Time for some concept art! Not for upcoming games, though. Not for old games, either. These are for old systems.

These are all concept sketches for Atari systems! You never played them, of course, but now you can imagine that if you ever lived through a parallel 1983 that was a little more stylish than the actual 1983, you may have gamed on systems like these.

Some look horribly dated, as you'd expect, but others look like they came from the pen of Syd Mead himself. Or if you're too young to know Syd Mead, they look like something you'd see lying around in Mass Effect.

Atari [ISO50, via Retroist]


    wow, 3rd one down looks veeerrrryy ps3-like...

    I predict that in 15 years consoles will be so large and so powerful that only the 5 richest kings of Europe will be able to afford them.

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