The Duke Nukem Forever PAX Demo: Not-For-Kids Photo Gallery

We were encouraged to take as many pictures as we could of Duke Nukem Forever here at Penny Arcade Expo 2010 today. So I did.

Excuse the shaky framing; I was trying to play while snapping pics. These shots show the two-level DNF demo, scenes photographed in chronological order. Oh, and one bottle of Duke Nukem brand steroids.


    looks well good

    Hm... not April...

    Wether this game is good or great I'm getting it, and I reckon it's going to be hard to make it crap and not worth the purchase, Woot DUKE!

    Who wants to bet this game will be banned in Australia? Looking at the screenshots, I bet it's the use of steroids that does it too.

    Press left to beer.

    I.... Don't believe it. It's actually happening. Wow.

    all out of bubblegum?

    Wow that looks effin mad! Cant wait to see how this turns out!

    Truly the portents don't lie.

    It is the end of times.

    So is this exclusive to the 360 or is being released all on all platforms?

    PC is the home of the Duke. Why s he on a console?

    Sooo did hell just freeze over while I wasn't looking?

    One of the twin birds is s*cking Duke off?

    "Why s he on a console?" I understand it is PC, but can use a xbox controller hooked into the PC.

    Damn cool! I have been waiting years to piss off my wife with new Duke quotes.

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