The First 10 Pages Of Rift's Telara Chronicles

Blond men do battle in the first issue of Wildstorm's comic book tie-in for Trion's Rift: Planes of Telara. It's in comic book stores today, so check out the first 10 pages here to see if it's worth the trip.

It's hard to tell if this is going to be a worthwhile four-issue series from these first 10 pages. Writer Ricardo Sanchez doesn't give us much dialogue to work with, so we've pretty much got to go off Pop Mhan's art.

I'm normally a big fan of Mhan's work. I loved what he did in the World of Warcraft comics from Wildstorm. This stuff seems a bit rough to me though. It's sketchier and more uneven than I'm used to. Perhaps it's just the proof pages, but I'm not feeling compelled to rush out to the comic store for this. I'll just wait for Rift to come out next year and make my own adventures.


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