The Insanely Complex, Kinda Addictive Air Traffic Control Game

Having been a fan of Firemint's Flight Control for sometime, I was intrigued when I caught a glimpse of indie title Air Traffic Control.

Instead of trying to simplify the art of managing, taxing, handing off and landing a sky full of planes, ATC mimics the complexity of the task. In the game you have to pay attention to airport codes, altitudes, speeds, hand-off points and runway directions.

The $2.49 iPad and iPhone game sounds daunting, but surprisingly, it's also kinda fun.


    Install BSD Games package and play ATC. Many hours of otherwise productive university education were poured into this addictive Air traffic control game on my terminal.

    All other ATC games pale in comparison.

    Can you provide a link to this game on iTunes?

    Is this by chance US only? I can't find it in the Australian iTunes store...

    I actually can't find it either. I looked for ATC and looked out for the icon that is displayed in the video. Couldn't find it.

      It's iPad only too. Can't wait for the iPad 2nd gen. to come out as I'm itching to play some iPad games.

    iPad only

    I used to play Kennedy Approach on the c64, pretty addictive stuff. ATC is also good on Unix.

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