The Last Guardian Finally Coming Holiday 2011

Sony has put a date on Team ICO's highly anticipated third game, The Last Guardian. The PlayStation 3 game will be released at some point during the "holiday 2011" window.

Yes, that is a very long wait for a game we've been lusting after for more than a year now. At least we have the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection to help the time pass.

Team ICO's Fumito Ueda will be showing a demo of the developer's current projects later today.


    Holiday 2011 as in..... 2010-2011 summer? :D

    Oh well. It's coming out next year, and so is ICO/SOTC, so I am very very very happy :)

    I hope when they say "holiday" that they're talking about the Australia Day holiday. Because if they mean xmas I'll be unhappy :(

    Any release date for the Ico/SotC bundle?

    Holiday 2011 will most likely mean America's Summer holidays being June 2011. 9 months wait is better than 15.

      Pretty sure they mean Christmas holidays, as in Q4 2011. And that is probably the Japanese release date too, it'll be a lucky thing if it doesn't take months to localise.

      "Holiday" as a marketing/release window almost always means Christmas.

    Yes, Christmas 2011.
    New trailer:

    Please let it be the Golden Week holiday! Cause that means we'd get it before mid-year! :D

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