The Last Guardian Looks So Pretty It Hurts

Team Ico's creative vision has never been in doubt, but I don't think even the developer's most zealous fans would have expected 2011 release The Last Guardian to look this gorgeous.


    Too bad that it's a PS3 exclusive - it'd be so nice on pc

    *implodes from cuteness*

    Wow, that... animal thing looks amazing! In fact every screenshot looks like an artwork!! Can't wait for this to finally get released :D


    wow... just wow... that looks stunning

    Good to see they've done more work on the kid. He looked pretty awkward and out of place in the reveal trailer.

    stills can't do the game justice... but these are the 2 best...

    Oh good lord that's beautiful.

    Damn you, Sony. Xmas 2011. God damn you. Please don't torment us with any more screens, trailers or info for at least another year, because looking at these knowing it's 15 months away is torture.

    Ahhhh, it's great to finally get news on this game! Visuals are amazing. Hopefully the gameplay can live up to the same level. I'm confident. Team ICO haven't disappointed yet.

    For those who haven't yet seen it, the TLG trailers are equally impressive.

    So beautiful, so detailed.

    I can't wait for the PS4 remake so it has a decent framerate.

    I fully understand the appeal of this game. But graphically doesn't Uncharted 2 look way better? Just saying is all. Not to take anything away from this game it really looks great and I'm sure it will play and feel great! But these standalone screen shots don't make my jaw drop graphically speaking.

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