The Mayor Of SimCity Is A Giant Tool

Put a face, a name and a voice to the job of "Mayor of SimCity", and suddenly it doesn't seem so fun anymore. It seems...creepy.

I mean, I wouldn't vote for this guy. Not that my cities have ever been about "democracy". I tend to let my bulldozers speak for themselves. Actually, now that I remember, and have watched this twice, you know what, it's not creepy at all. It's spot-on.

[via Go Nintendo]


    That's awesome.

    "Screw your homes and places of work, I'm just gonna build a highway through your house, just get out and move somewhere else."

    "I'm bored, let me cause an earthquake."

    Why wont they make a god damn sim city 5! argh!

    We want a proper sequal to Simcity 4 damn it!
    Cities XL just wasnt the same and Societies was too dumbed down for the general puplic

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