The Most Absurd Sticky Grenade Toss I've Ever Seen

Halo: Reach's Forge World is a much more robust tool for creating videos, gameplay ideas and, well, insanity than I first realised.

Take for instance this video created by Ben Buja. Ignore, if you must, the insane body-juggling and oversized golf balls, and check out that amazing grenade toss about one minute and 20 seconds in.


    Hahaha! That is so cool...

    Oh dear, I'm just imagining the heat from the junior halo fanclub commenting on videos with better grenade throws. Its not going to be pretty.

      Erm, okay, junior halo fanclub here (?), there have been many crazier Rube Goldberg grenade type machines in halo 3.

    Forge world looks like a pretty decent feature. Nothing PC players haven't done in Gmod a million times though.

    Forge is great.

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