The MoveMen, Heroes Of The PlayStation Move

Will a pair of glowing, bobble-headed heroes make you a fan of the PlayStation Move? The MoveMen, stars of a new PlayStation Move ad push, are here to try to sell you one, stylishly.

The campaign, directed by FilmFaktisk's Lars Åndheim, may be limited only to Norway, sadly—just as Microsoft's similarly orb-headed Sanrokumaru mascot is strictly for Japan—but it's a solidly European counterpart to our own Kevin Butler.

Photos from the shoot at Flickr.

MoveMen [Flickr via GameFreaks/GameSetWatch]


    lol. Im not sure what to say about that beyond lol.

    Kevin Butler - VP of kicking Lars Åndheim's arse.

    I could not stop laughing, probably had to do with the combination of techno beats, lens zooming and strange subjects on screen.

    Dang I was expecting daft punk :(

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