The Next Way To Play Pac-Man Is Without Touching Anything

Remember Pac-Man? Remember the recent popularity of Nintendo DS game Brain Age that supposedly made you smarter. Combine the two. Put them on an Xbox 360 next spring, and make it run on Kinect - no controller required.

You're looking at a video I shot last night of a Namco representative using Body and Brain Connection, a Kinect game that is supposed to sharpen cognitive ability and quicken reflexes. It's branded with the same Professor Kawashima who was in Brain Age, but this title is on Kinect, the November-scheduled controller-free sensor system that lets you stand and gesticulate to control software displayed on your TV.

I didn't shoot video of the maths problems I solved by kicking imaginary soccer balls. I didn't shoot video of the whack-a-mole-style reflex tests.

But when I heard there was a coordination drill based on Pac-Man, I had to get Tim from Namco on video. Here it is... a 2011 way to control Pac-Man, sorta.


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