The Nintendo 3DS Has A Release Date - For Japan

After months of speculation, Nintendo has today revealed the launch date for the new 3DS handheld at a press conference in Tokyo.

And that date is February 26, 2011. The 3DS will retail in Japan for ¥25,000 (USD$300)

Release dates for the European and North American markets were not quite as specific, Nintendo saying that the handheld would be out in the West in March 2011. No pricing details for these regions were not disclosed.



    I'm excited by the news but also slightly disappointed. Getting released later than I though and if thats the Yen conversion, its going to be more in the US also meaning more in... -gulp- dare I guess the price in Australia? $400 AUD?

    US$300 !!


    $400 is pushing it for a handheld.
    Not when I can get a PS3 @ around the same price O_O
    **Hopes it is less, or the 'release day hike' drops fast and hard! Say well before April, so I can make it my b-day pressie**

    Could well be leaving the door open for the PSP2 if Sony can manage to get that out there for a sensible price. Although if the PSPGo is any indication, they probably can't.

    Ahh... I don't think I can afford that for a handheld! The wii was 25000 yen on release, $400 here, and i chose the ds over psp because the psp was $400. Too much for me nintendo.

    I'll stick with my $125 brand new 360 for now, and I'd rather buy the ps3 for that price in the future.

    why can't nintendo understand the idea behind a world wide release

    The Nintendo 3DS will retail for Two Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars
    Two Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars
    Two Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars
    Two Hundred and Ninety Nine*bang*

    Yeah, what.

    Shame. I was considering getting this at launch, but $USD300 is too much. Maybe Christmas 2011, there'll be plenty of sales and I can get it then.

    Is that all? I was ancipating paying up to double that.

    And how come everyone thinks a hand held should be cheaper? Compare price vs performance ratio for netbooks vs laptops vs desktop computers for instance. I have always thought you are paying a premium for "all-in-one" / compactness / portability.

      But when you pay $1500 for a laptop, you're getting what you'd expect in a $1000 desktop computer. I want a handheld to be cheaper becuase it hardly compares to the hardware in the 360 or PS3.

      If I was paying more for a laptop/handheld, for the same amount of power as the desktop/console equivalent, I wouldn't mind.

    If you base it on exchange rates of the Yen to Aussie dollar than its just slightly more than $AU 300. So perspective would be that our retail would be more inline with Japan rather than the double convert with the US.

    It better not be A$400.00 with the Aus$ @ US.97

    Nintendo Australia better have a good think about how to explain that one!

      That's partly due to weakness in the US dollar, though. The yen is also very strong at the moment, so although the Aussie dollar has gone through the roof in recent months vs the US dollar, it hasn't done nearly as well against the yen.

        Ok, regardless of weak USD.
        The Japan / AuD conversion at the moment on 25000Yen is AUD 310.
        And as they will probably produce them in China / Malaysia. Freight is pretty much irrelavent as well.

    $400...... Jesus. That's more expensive (arguably) than most SDKs of the consoles.

    well both price conversions are around 300 to 310 dollars so have we been ripped off with the older versions??

    it is ment to sale for around 300-400 AUD and you can pre order it from EB games for $348 AUD

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