The One Thing Grand Theft Auto IV Was Missing Was A Gravity Gun

What Is This, Half-Life 2? Nope, too many bright lights, too many sex workers. Instead, this is Grand Theft Auto IV's version of Times Square. Only now it has a gravity gun.

This mod, for the PC version of the game, is obviously a little shaky, particularly given how wonky it is when selecting targets. Still. When it works, it's got to be the most enjoyable way to silence those mouthy cab drivers.

[via PC Gamer]


    Is it a gravity gun or a modified weapon that spawns and shoots cars? Either way that looks like a lot of fun haha

    The 'one' thing GTA 4 was missing? What about the burglaries, jetpacks, hydraulics, arms training, strength & fitness training, bicycles, the income producing assets, turf wars, half the weapons, skydiving, gambling and everything else that made San Andreas a better game.

    Although a car-shooting gun is awesome...

      There's PLENTY in GTA IV to warrant purchase, including a great plot.

      Let Rockstar tweak a great HD engine to look amazing, THEN add mindless mini-games!

      Not the time or place to rant about a game 2 years old.

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