The Pokémon Movie For Grown-Ups

That short, blurry, fan-made trailer for a live-action Pokémon movie didn't do the thing justice. So let's watch the thing, in full, in its original form.

While the blurry shots from the first trailer helped hide the cracks in the special effects, it also robbed this fan project - called Pokémon Apokélypse - of much of its hammy charm. And before you rain down internet criticism, hammy charm is the order of the day here, the entire thing a sly nod and wink in response to the more serious fan trailers we've seen this year.


    If that was made into a proper movie, I would pay money to go see it.

      Uh...we all said that about the DBZ film...look how that horror turned out.

        Whats wrong with the DBZ movie?...
        haha i kidd i kidd.
        But seriously i agree with jo i would pay good money to see this pokemon movie

        Shhhh, even talking about it might entice a second one.

        Hey, DBZ could make an awesome live action movie, if they kept the story elements, didn't try and fit it into our world, kept the story the same, and hired actually competent actors appropriate for the parts.

    i would be surprised if nintendo didnt out a stop to this. its pretty perverse.

      Perverse is a strong word that I don't feel applies in any way to this context. Why do you feel its perverse?

      Its mature and 'gritty' although I'd say thats part of what makes is funny/awesome. But not sure how its perverse...

    *put a stop

    Even if it is a fan film. They make a DVD, I'll buy it

    fracking epic

    Love some of the references, but highlight was definitely Meowth with a-tommy gun.

    My argument stands. The pokemon are way too cartoony to look realistic.

    That Pikachu is just ridiculous.

    Pokemon looked terrible. But for a short trailer I spose it could stand.

    I personally would not see this. As "serious" as it looks, it still looks like a cheap knock-off movie.

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