The Price Of Demon's Souls Drops

One of the prime contenders for Kotaku's 2009 Game of the Year Award, Atlus' Demon's Souls, joins the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits line today, with the new $US29.99 price tag sure to spark a resurgence of online play.

If you had told me a year ago that Atlus would have a game in the PS3 Greatest Hits line, I would have thought you were insane. Atlus doesn't make huge games for a broad audience. They release niche titles for a small but adoring group of fans. So the fact that Demon's Souls, a game pretty far outside of Atlus' comfort zone could sell the 500,000-plus copies required to become a Greatest Hit is pretty damn impressive.

"Very few games reach the esteemed PlayStation 3 system Greatest Hits status," commented Tim Pivnicny, vice president of sales and marketing at Atlus. "Those that do are among the very finest the platform has to offer, combining critical success, tremendous popularity and exceptional quality. Demon's Souls represents some of the biggest risks, loftiest goals and most daring innovations ever embarked upon by a developer."

Atlus urges players who'd like to snag a copy of the original game to do so now; the Greatest Hits version of Demon's Souls is heading to stores as we speak.


    Woohoo! Been waiting for this.

    God I loved that game. Was absolutely gutted when my PS3 died and I lost my save game just after starting New Game+ :(

    Really should start it again, but it's a bloody big mountain to climb twice.

    I have heard this is quite the experiance. Is it worth the buy? o.O

    I'll be picking this game up when it hits Australian store shelves. :)

      its been out here for a while (not the greatest hits version though and yeah definitely worth buying scott)

    AWWW M#)#%)*#%R!!!!! I just paid 69.95 for this!!!

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