The PSP Lives On In Japan With More Monster Hunter, White Knight Chronicles

The PSP, healthier as a platform in Japan than anywhere else, is still the portable of choice for many in its native land. The new issue of Famitsu magazine unveils new details on two of the PSP's big forthcoming games.

The Japanese games mag puts a date on Capcom's next, pre-destined beast slaying hit, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, now due for release in Japan on December 1. The previous game, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, eventually moved more than four million copies overseas.

We expect to see the game playable by Monster Hunter fans at this year's Tokyo Game Show, an event a little over two weeks out.

Famitsu also names the recently announced portable spin-off of Level-5's role-playing game series White Knight Chronicles. Now known as White Knight Chronicles: Episode Portable - Dogma Wars, expect it to tell a prequel story to fans of the series sometime in 2011.

The most recent entry in the White Knight Chronicles series hit Japan this last season.


    I just can't get into Monster Hunter.. it just has WAY too much grinding...

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. *twitch*
    Should hit Unite and get some more done =O

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