The Stars Shine Bright In Fable III

Simon Pegg, Ben Kingsley, John Cleese and Michael Fassbender headline an all-star cast of men and women with British accents in this voice acting instalment of the Lionhead video diaries.

The voice cast for Fable II is one of the most talented gathering of voices ever assembled. Particularly impressive is Sir Ben Kingsley in his first video game voice acting role. The over-the-top personality that was so out of place in movies like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time lends itself well to a video game character.

It's lovely to hear the return old voices like Zoƫ Wannamaker as Theresa and Stephen Fry as Reaver, but I'm particularly pleased with the inclusion of Nicholas Hoult. Nicholas played Tony in the first and second series of British teen drama Skins, a show I was oddly addicted to earlier this year. He is portraying Elliot, the potential male love interest to the female Fable II main character.

No, I am not playing a female character for a chance to date Nicholas Hoult. I'm playing a female character because they are pretty.


    As long as Pegg doesn't do an awful Scottish accent again (see Star Trek XI), it'll be all good. But get Stephen Fry back. That man is so full of win.

    And get Sean Bean. He was awesome in Oblivion.
    And Patrick Stewart.
    And Sean Connery.

    And Liam Neeson.

    Hoult only available for female characters? Sad panda.

    Loving the return of Stephen Fry though.

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