The Swordplay, Combat Rolls And Glowing Grenades Of Vanquish

Every time I see a trailer for Vanquish it looks better than the last.

In this latest glimpse of of the Sega title, unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show, we see a bit more of the story and a lot more gameplay.

Also: San Francisco is gone now!!!


    Its starting to look, groin grabbingly good!

    I really hate how the main guy and the bearded fellow both talk like Batman from the new batman movies, like they need a throat lozenge.

    Doesn't pull it off well and ends up sounding fake.

    There's ten mins of Vanquish gameplay on youtube:

    they play so badly it'll drive you insane, but it's still cool to see more of it. Gave me PTSD flashbacks from the first time I played the demo, haha

    Guy sounds like Snake rip-off.

    Sega, remove the tack, then we'll talk. Characters are cliche as crap. If they're not as cliche as the trailer alludes to, then they're just bad at making trailers - I can live with that. The gameplay looks interesting, though. Really interesting. I wonder if the "storyline" is going to be ignorable at the least?

    liking the gameplay...but i see they've stuck with a very generic hero character.

    His suit is boring gray,
    his face is just some white dude,
    and his name is "Sam"...

    simply not iconic enough I say.

    getting some ZOE vibes

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