The Video Game Ad Too Violent For Print?

As mentioned in our recent History of Headshots article, the 2000 video game Soldier of Fortune was a pioneer - a bloody pioneer - in the technological art of connecting a gamer's virtual gun with various enemy body parts.

This ad, which I'm told by a tipster was scuttled by Soldier of Fortune publisher Activision because it was too graphic, highlighted the game's location-specific damage. But, we've heard from Kotaku readers that the ad did make the rounds after all.

Did you see it back in the day?

I can see why the publisher would have hesitated to run it.


    I'm finding that guy's gynecomastia more offensive than the screenshots... :/

    Thanks for making me google gynecomastia Justin :(

    I, for one, am glad I can have a cool uncommon word to use when I want to say man-boobs.

    Hahaha, you're welcome fellas ;)

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