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This week is all about Halo vs Move. MS vs Sony. Master Chief vs the wannabe waggler. Which one will you be lining up for?

Halo: Reach

What is it? A couple of games ago, Bungie promised they'd "finish the fight" - which left plenty of room for prequels. Should you care? It's a Halo game. Console king of polished yet samey FPS gameplay.

Playstation Move

What is it? Sony's new motion controller. Accelerometers, light sensing, the whole shebang. Should you care? It all depends on the games. Some of the games launching with Move are listed below, while others such as Tiger Woods and R.U.S.E. have launched with Move compatibility.

Start the Party What is it? Assortment of mini-games designed for family fun using the Move controller. Should you care? Ever played Warioware? There aren't as many games here, but it's the same type of fun.

Sports Champions What is it? Playstation Move's answer to Wii Sports. Should you care? It's arguably the most solid offering out of the Move launch titles. Archery, Frolf, lawn bowls, sword & shield action, beach volleyball and table tennis, each with a broad difficulty curve.

Kung Fu Rider What is it? Ride an office chair (or something similar) down a hill, avoiding obstacles and kung-fu kicking mafia types along the way. Should you care? It's very silly. Definitely funny for the first five minutes. Will it be enjoyable after that? Probably not.



      +1. Who cares. Well, ok, lots of people. But not me! :D

      More aliens, shooting, men in combat suits...
      More wiggle and waggle...
      Excitement... none.

    I'll line up for my samey FPS thank-you very much.

      Hell yes. Got my Legendary edition waiting for me to pick up at 8am tomorrow :P

      I agree, but it seems like a scary glimpse into the future of games.

    Yeah.... i'll be giving all of that a pretty wide berth...

    Halo Reach for me, though ordered from the UK. Will give me time to finish off Red Dead Redemption I suppose!

    Going to have to go with the Neither comment.

    I will get move... not this week though.

    So is that all that is released this week?

    I'm already camped outside ebgames waitting to start the fight so I know how they got to finish the fight

    Lining up for Reach tonight. So pumped.

    I'll take some shootin', some nadin', some meleein' and some jetpackin' thanks. :D

    i've always had an inkling that jung hates halo but this confirms it :)

    My experience of the beta was anything but samey.

      I just see it as Johnny Everyman's FPS. Every genre needs the super accessible game. But if Reach can prove me wrong, I'm open to it! :)

        I dunno, just cause it's popular doesn't make it generic or overly accessible. The generic everyman FPS to me is any of the dozens of war shooters out there.

          Now, now, come on kids, no need to argue.

          Soldiers or space marines - they're BOTH bland and generic. Everybody's right!

        Call of Duty is tonnes more generic and samey than Halo.

        Halo set the curve for modern FPS games when it released back on xbox... it just hasn't done much since then.

        I think Junglist is pointing out that Halo not only has very arcadey controls, but a game that requires nothing more than a spray and pray mentality to play and more importantly, survive.

        Games like Call Of Duty require an adept trigger finger and is also a game that requires some amount of tactical prowess in order to win, unless you're playing in a lobby full of noobs.

        You might've also noticed you don't survive very long between kills which would make it arguably less accessible.

          You can't have played Halo, especially Reach... you'll die just as much as you would in CoD with spraying and praying.

    I'll give both a go :)

    Well I'm going to "Move" it. I'm a fan of GOOD GRAPHICS and balls on sticks =P

    Halo lol... I'd rather play Hello Kitty.

      Halo Kitty... might work, if you're the Covenant.

    PS Move?... Maybe later when there's more games that can utilise it.

    I have seen Spiderman Shatterd Dimensions reviews online over the weekend. Must have been released overseas. Any news on when it will come out in AUS? More to the point, when is it gracing PC? Reach will be a massive title, I have had people calling all friggin day. IT DOSENT COME OUT TIL TOMMOROW!

      I've got the local console release of Shattered Dimensions as the 29th Sep. Not sure about PC though - my guess is later.

        Thanks dude. Looks like a good Spidy game. Standard bs AUS release date so far away from overseas. Heard anything about it? The reiews online say pretty solid if not a bit repetitve.

    Might pick up an Xbox with Gears of War 1+2 and some others.... I'll wait till Reach is cheaper or rent to see how it goes, although Halo never really grabbed me at all.......

    might grab move just for the hell of it... halo can GTFO IMO...

    let me settle the debate, *gleamy eyes* "HAAAALOOOO"

    be picking up Move + Sports Champions on Thursday :D Pretty pumped - it will be a nice break from all the 'hardcore' games I play

    I'll probably pick up reach on ebay, better to pay $65 for a new copy from the UK than $120 for the same thing locally.

    Mostly psyched for Civilization V next week

      $120!? I can't believe so many people still shop at eb games. JB-Hifi, Big W and Game will have it for between $80-$85. $65 is a good price though.

    Am I the only one who is getting both? Move and Reach

      Can anyone top my 2 Legendary Editions and 3 Moves? Thats a Full House...

        Halo Legendary Edition, Halo Reach Console Bundle, 2 Moves, 2 Navs, and Sports Champions.

          Nice.. I will wait for Kinect Elite bundle and the new silver SE controller. (I'm a Sony fanboy). But I think the kids will demand at least 2 Reach controllers, maybe the headset.

        hmmm... that depends...

        1x Legendary, 2x Move Controllers, 2x Navigation Controllers

        otherwise known as a royal sampler!

        or later in November, I have a nice 2 pair going... 2x Signature Editions, 2x Prestige Editions and probably will also get 1x God Of War III Folio Edition Art Book...

          Impressive... tho I call on your November Signatures and Prestiges, otherwise known as the Xmas-Budget Deficit...

          Christmas will definitely see a chock-full trophy shelf...

    Hey man. Sports Champions doesn't have lawn bowls, it has Bocce. A bit like lawn bowls in that you have to get close to a jack but you lob balls (or boules) instead of bowling them.

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