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F1 2010 arrives this week, as does the fifth outing of Civilization - which one will be giving you bleary eyes over the next week?

Civilization V What is it? A civilisation building game that encompasses military, cultural, scientific, and diplomatic means to conquer the world. Should you care? If value for money is your clincher, this will keep you up until 3am on many nights. For veterans, there are some changes to the formula that make good sense.

Dead Rising 2 What is it? Zombie killing/humiliation game where you can combine items to make new, cooler, more hilarious items. Should you care? There are a lot of games cashing in on the zombie craze. This one does it right.

Blade Kitten What is it? Local developer Krome's XBLA adaptation of the Blade Kitten comic book. Your mission is to look cute while a sword that floats around you does all the work. Should you care? It's looking like a fairly simple, slow paced action platformer.

Sonic Adventure (XBLA) What is it? Digitally remastered, 720p version of the 3D Dreamcast game. Should you care? If you want to try out one of the few non-terribad 3D Sonic games. Still, some prefer their Sonic 2D.

Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition What is it? Another MMO in the Final Fantasy universe. Should you care? The Collectors Ed gives you access a full week before every one else.

F1 2010 What is it? A Formula One racer using the EGO engine. Should you care? It's from the makers of Colin Mcrae: DIRT and Racedriver: GRID, so it's going to be good. The question is whether you care about Formula One racing or not.

Darksiders (PC) What is it? Action adventure game shamelessly stealing all manner of Biblical references. This is the PC version of the game, in all its delayed glory. Should you care? It's more God of War than Zelda, but there are elements of both. On the whole, a very well made game.

Wings of Prey What is it? Combat flight simulator. Should you care? It's pretty hot graphically, by flight sim standards.

Commander - Conquest of the Americas What is it? Take command of a European power looking to dominate the new world. Should you care? Similar to East India Company, this combines elements of trading and strategy games.

Mount & Blade: Warband What is it? Aussie release of the latest instalment of an indie game made by a husband & wife team, simulating medium-sized medieval battles. This new add-on provides multiplayer. Should you care? Years ago, this indie game was looking pretty shabby, but it's gotten steadily better over the years, and Warband is very playable.

Did we miss anything? Post it in the comments below.


    Isnt Dead Rising 2 coming out this week (well it is according to my order)?

    Sonic Adventure came out last wednesday :S

    Its great. The graphics looks a bit sharper and the controls feel alright. I don't see why all the reviewers are slamming it.

    Dead Rising 2 on Thursday homez

    I am off to Bali at the end of this week and although over the moon to be on holiday I would nearly be as happy stuck at home with Civ 5 and F1.

    On a side note does anyone know if Bali is a legit place to buy games? I know it has plenty of pirated crap but I am interested in original items.

    you forgot dead rising 2

    I thought I was to fuel my kinemortophobia when the dead rise, for a second time. Stuck in purgatory?

    I don't know if I want to get Civ V. You can't undo the damage a time-sink like that does...

    Im frikken desperate for F1 2010 Jung. Is the most anticipated game of the year for me.

    That said Civ 5 is a close second.

    I got the F1 on the steam extra special before they upped the price and got myself a Logitech G27 which I am a huge fan of. The only issue is release date is supposed to be on 23rd in Aust and it says 25th on steam!

    Here I was thinking that both Dead Rising and F1 2010 were still a week or so away!

    despite a craving to try out a new F1 game, which looks to be pretty damn good... might have to stick with Dead Rising for now.

    My pile of shame is starting to look ridiculous! :(

    Civ 5 will be the death me of, already preloaded and going on civ 4 marathon. Farewell world, you have be kind to this wretched soul!

    Dead Rising 2 for sure. Civ 5 I'm steering clear of until there is another new release drought. As others have said - time sink.

    Civ 5 gaming = Wha... why is the sun rising?

    Gotta save for a trip mid next year... so I'm on a budget. Really going to limit my games.

    This week, I'll be starting on my pile of shame.

    I am going to be playing the /shit/ outta F1, on PS3, with my wheel at the ready.

    Kotaku ought to have a Friday matchmaking article for the racers out there...

    I'd be keen for Civ5 if they didn't slap regionalised pricing on it for Digital versions.

      Increasing the price for a digitally delivered product into a region with poor broadband caps is just too much.

      My mates and I are voting with our wallets, it's only 5 people but maybe with enough others it'll send a message.

        There is a work around to buying it from US steam store. ahem yes, oh would you look at that a pretty flowers.

        Now go buy the game and some pick some flowers.

          I thought that work around was plugged.

          It would still though entail support a company with what I consider to be a poor practice.

    Want Dead Rising 2, but I got Reach last week and it'll tide me over for the next month or so, plus have a metallica trip to save for.

    Sucks though, wanted one of the special editions.

    Final Fantasy XIV standard also releases this week. Collector's Edition is out Wednesday, standard embargoed until Thursday. Unless that's changed since Saturday...

      My source is JB Hi-Fi, btw. You may want to give a store a call to confirm that.

    Can't wait for F1 2010 (I was shattered when Goose ended up leaving a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see what he thought of it), looks like a stunning game.

    Civ V, F1 and Dead Rising 2 have all been pre-ordered. Should be enough to get me through till New Vegas ;D

    Looking forward to picking up my pre-order of F1 2010. Can't wait to play a really good F1 game, it's been a long time....

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