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A big week of releases stands before you. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, the standard edition of Final Fantasy XIV Online, and FIFA 11.

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy and Nancy Drew: Ransom of Seven Ships What is it? Detective games based on the books. Should you care? These mysteries aren't going to solve themselves.

Lock On Platinum What is it? Air combat simulator. Should you care? It's hardcore flight sim stuff, with some stellar graphics.

Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole What is it? Movie tie-in made by our own Krome Studios in Brisbane. Should you care? Expect lots of flying through rings, chases, and aerial combat.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock What is it? Another Guitar Hero game. Should you care? Depends on the tracklist, really.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions What is it? Heavily stylised action game, featuring Spidey. Should you care? It combines four Spider-man universes, each with their own style and special attacks. The webslinger can conjure up various interesting weapons out of webbing. Also: Neil Patrick Harris.

Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp What is it? There's something about mystery games this week. Should you care? You've gotta really like your Scooby...

Ship Simulator - Extremes What is it? Expansion to Ship Simulator 2008. Should you care? Includes Antarctica, Bora Bora, as well as officially licensed Greenpeace vessels and dynamic weather.

Elemental: War of Magic What is it? 4X fantasy game from Stardock, with gameplay likened to Viva Pinata or Sim City. Should you care? It's been available online on Impulse for a while, and some are complaining it isn't a full game yet. As for its design, there are mixed reactions - you either love it or hate it.

Final Fantasy XIV Online What is it? The next MMO in the Final Fantasy series. Collector's Ed owners have already been grinding for a week. Should you care? Early reports haven't been good, pointing out a clunky interface and repetitive level design.

FIFA 11 What is it? EA's yearly football game. Should you care? Big improvements to AI, including positioning & defending. No update will come close to the massive introduction of 360 degree control last year, but FIFA 11 gives value to smaller, more technical players, making it a more balanced & tactical game.

Something for everyone this week - what are you looking forward to? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.


    i've only had fifa 10 for a couple months (im very late to the ps3 party) - should i hold off on fifa 11 for a little while or is it that good?

      My personal opinion with FIFA games is to not buy it yearly, but instead buy it every two or three years. The improvements made in the latest upgrade usually isn't that game-changing compared to the year before, however if you were to play FIFA 07 and compare it with FIFA 10, you would notice many many improvements that would justify buying the new edition.

      I'd describe FIFA 10 as a must get, even over 09. The 360 degree dribbling and other improvements are massive.

      11 isn't as massive, but it is a better game. If you've only had 10 for a few months, it's tough to say - you've gotta be a nut I'd say. The online improvements are still there for 10, so that's not a problem. I use a more technical team (Barca) and 11 handles players like Xavi and Iniesta better, they don't just get bowled over by tough Chelsea players instantly.

      So it's really just how much of a nut you are man, sorry for the non-answer! Pro Evo 2011 is also looking like they've pulled their socks up quite a bit, although I haven't spent nearly as much time with it yet.

    My copy of GH shipped from the UK last week, can't wait to try my new logitech drums with it (they were on sale for $100 couple of weeks ago, far better than my crappy broken GH:WT drumkit that broke).

      Orly? Where did u get a set for $100?

    Think I might give this week a miss - I still have two of the recent new releases starting to gather dust.

    Neil Patric Harris you say?


    Spidey... suit up?

    but, yeah... another week where I'll be working on the backlog I think.

    Definitely guitar hero with the best looking setlest and the free import if gh: metallica \m/ \m/

    Hey Jung, any chance you could do a Bargain Hunter post on fifa 11 later this week?

      I'll have a look around!

      GAME are offering a trade value of $75 for a select few games if you trade towards Fifa 11 or a few other titles.

    FIFA 11 for me this week! Wouldn't mind gh 6 but I think I'll wait for rb3 instead

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