There Is A Fifth Devil May Cry Game

Proving you can't keep a good albeit frilly series down, Capcom tonight revealed a fifth game in the Devil may Cry series, simply titled DmC.

Not much was shown other than a fancy cinematic trailer, though we do know the game will star series favourite Dante, looking decidedly younger and more rebellious than we're accustomed to.

The game is being developed not by Capcom but by Heavenly Sword creators Ninja Theory, confirming a rumour first floated all the way back in April. It's not entirely a "foreign" affair though, as three of Capcom's staff will be flying over and working with the British developers on the game.




      I this you got the emote the wrong way around.

      D: is what you must be after. I was excited at the idea of a new DMC game, but when I read that they were rebooting the series and saw what the new Dante was going to look like, a bit part of me died inside.

      New Dante:

      :D totally right way round happy face!

    Black haired Dante scares me a little bit. :(

    Wait untill Kotaku Post images of the new, black haired, younger, emo-fringed Dante.

    You can check it out on Scrawlfx right now


    That character design looks horrid if it is indeed meant to be a younger Dante, other then that graphics are fine.

    I'm a bit worried. The reason why DMC did so well was because it so... Japanese in a sense, so being handled by a western dev...

      i think you will find that DMC didn't go particularly well to begin with honestly i cant look at that initialism and think "jap hack'n slash" no matter how hard i try

    Trailer's on the other Kotaku.

    This looks awful. New developer. New look. New music style. We don't know about the gameplay but it's safe to say it'll be different.

    Why would they do this? What was wrong with Dante's design? Why make music that sounds like the very worst track from Jet Set Radio Future (Birthday Cake)?

    I'm just going to hope that this is a reboot side-project and we'll get the game in between DMC4 and 2 at some other point.



      It isn't just an issue with his outfit, or his hairstyle, or even the fact that he couldn't possibly look more malnourished. The issue is that it feels like an American bastardisation of a franchise a lot of people have very fond memories of (yes, I am aware Ninja Theory is a British developer).

      Turning the game into some grimdark semi-grounded serious business re-imagining is a good way to turn off your fan base that might've been interested in the first place, while Dante's redesign is extremely uninspired and boring, something original Dante never was (except for DMC2, but we don't talk about DMC2...).

      The charm of the original Dante is that killing a roomful of demons with pool balls, part of the pool table itself, AND a bunch of scythes that happened to be jammed into his body while eating pizza and throwing out jokes is how you imagine he starts every day. Original Dante doesn't need to try to be a badass; he just is one.

      Malnourished Criss Angel Dante, on the other hand, seems like he'd struggle to eat a sandwich, let alone churn through a bunch of demons like they were butter. Stuff like the putting out the cigarette on the demon's head felt forced, as if Ninja Theory are going "look, our version is totally cool too!".

      Its not just a matter of his look; everything about this reboot just feels wrong. It isn't Devil May Cry, and it doesn't even appear to be overly interesting if you forget about that fact. And unless Ninja Theory can convince people otherwise, I think you'll see a lot of people choosing to vote by keeping their money square in their wallets.

    Dante's new look is...different. I'm hoping they either revert back to the old Dante, or make this one work somehow. I want DMC 3's difficulty back as well.

    Normally I like to give these things a chance. Not this time though. This really does look like rubbish.

    I like the old Dante, the new one is creepy looking.

    Maybe the dev's read that Penny Arcade comic and thought, "hmmmm, gay vampire... Twilight is quite big right now. How about we make him look like that Pattinson bloke and fluff around with his shirt open a lot?".

    The new look pretty puts me off...I may even bug me more than Cole's new (now not new) look did.

    Guess we could kissed the DMC series goodbye now.

    Twilight - the DMC saga!

    Even if I pretend this is a totally new and unrelated game, DmC looks terrible to me.

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