There Will Only Be 6000 Physical Copies Of DJ Max Portable 3

You'd be wise to act now if you want a physical copy of PM Studios' DJ Max Portable 3 next month, as the publisher reveals only 5000 UMD copies and 1000 Special Bundle Editions are making it stateside.

The age of the digital download is upon us, or at least it is for any DJ Max Portable fans looking to score a copy of the game in October after the initial release runs out. PM Studios is only releasing 5000 retail copies of DJ Max Portable 3 on October 14, and those copies will be available through and

Along with the limited UMD copies at $US40 a pop, PM Studios is also releasing an extremely attractive Special Bundle Edition for $US110, with less than 1000 available for purchase at

What's do you get for $US110?

  • Altenate Coversheet
  • Special Art Book
  • Deluxe Packaging
  • Contest Voucher

The contest vouchers are randomly placed in the Special Edition Bundles, giving stalwart fans a chance at some very impressive prizes.

  • Grand Prize (5) Winners: Technika Championship Card (Only 30 Made), Technika Platinum Crew Card (Only 30 Made), Technika Limited Edition Panda Card, DJMAX Portable Black Square Limited Edition, DJMAX Trilogy Limited Edition, DJMAX Fever, DJMAX Black Square and Clazziquai Edition Combo Pack, Technika Limited Edition Soundtrack, Technika 2 Limited Edition Soundtrack.
  • First Tier (300) Winners: Free PSN Version of DJMAX Fever.
  • Second Tier (100) Winners: Free PSN Version of Strikers 1945 Plus.
  • Third Tier (20) Winners: Free Technika Championship Card
  • Third Tier (20) Winners: Free Technika Platinum Crew Card
  • Fourth Tier (50) Winners: Random Technika Card

Don't worry if you don't manage to secure a physical copy; the game will be available for download via the PlayStation Network on October 19, though wouldn't it be nice to be one of those 6000 owners of a full copy?


    Will this be released for the AU PSN?
    I wouldn't be surprised if we're cut short AGAIN, but will be severely disappointed :(

    Amazon don't have the special edition and Bemanistyle don't ship outside of America.
    Well, this sucks.
    Here's hoping we'll at least get the PSN version.

    Bemanistyle do ship outside the US. You have to select 'Canada & Mexico' for all international shipping.

      ...Now that's just silly and misleading.
      Thanks for the notice, though.

    Hmm... purchase an LE game I don't want and keep it in mint condition with the intention of selling it later? Given there's 1000 of them, it's gotta be worth money, right? =.=

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