There's A New PSP Coming With A New Piece Of Hardware

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan isn't done with the PlayStation Portable. In fact, it's releasing an updated version of the PSP alongside Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, introducing a new analogue stick.

The special edition Monster Hunter styled PSP will feature an analogue stick that's slightly modified to make those epically long loot-gathering sessions more comfortable for Japanese thumbs. The black and gold Monster Hunter PSP also features the good old extended battery pack, for making those extended Monster Hunter Portable 3rd games last even longer.

That means a battery cover that sticks out a little further than the standard PSP does, which Sony might argue makes for a more comfortable grip.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd limited edition PSP will ship in Japan on December 1 and cost 19800 yen.


    aww, i took that to mean a 2nd analogue stick...

      Dude there wont be a 2nd stick until a TRUE PSP2. Its just STUPID to add one this late in the handheld's life

    It looks cool but it sounds stupid. How about releasing something that doesn't make you claw up?

    So did I, I still want a PSP Go > < if only they made the new one be able to fit in your pocket. How lame an effort is that for a new model of PSP.

      You actually want a PSP Go? Why?

        Dispite the way it looks it's actually amazingly comfortable.

    I assume these aren't going to make it here... :(

    "There’s A New PSP Coming With A New Piece Of Hardware"


    "slightly modified thumbstick and extended battery"


    Bring on PSP2 already!

    Rage. The AKB48 PSP pack still isn't up for preorder, I contacted HMV Japan and they told me release information hasn't been given out yet, I bet it's the fault of this damned thing being released in the same month and hogging all the production lines...

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