These Ladies Will Be In The New Yakuza Game

Sega is making yet another Yakuza game. Not to be confused with the upcoming PSP spin-off, this new Yakuza title is headed towards the piece. Know what that means?

More Yakuza hostesses! Sega has auditioned a slew of girls and selected a handful of hopefuls. From that lot, the in-game hostesses have been selected.

At a recente press conference, Sega marched out the girls in the running and selected the girls that will appear as in-game hostesses in the new Yakuza title. They are Osaka-born Yurina Hayashida, college student Satomi Tateishi, Chinese language teacher Yuna, Akihabara idol Ai Sakura, Osaka hostess Erika Mizushima, vocational school student Saaya Kawai and restaurant employee Hina Sakuragi.

In the gallery, the winners are the girls holding flowers.

Not much is known about the new Yakuza game. The theme is "destruction", and Sega released an image of a destroyed Kamurocho, the in-game version of Shinjuku's Kabukicho.

セガ、「龍が如く 第2回キャバクラ嬢役 最終オーディション」を公開 [Game Watch]


    Whats the point of showing these images to us?

    We all know that Sega is not going to include HOSTESS BARS in the English versions of the game.

    So... stop COCKTEASING us with these photos!!!

      Fail troll is fail.

      Sega already confirmed that the 4th game will have it included.

      Whether they'll be included or not it sure brightens my morning to see these.

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