These Portal Bookends Are A Success


    Give me the name and address of who ever made these...

    also a shovel.

    Surprised they aren't all physics books :P

      I think Cooking books about baking cakes would be more fitting

    Good thing he has something to hold up that huge collection of books. Either that or he's hiding all the embarrassing, non-intellectual appearing titles...

    That is awesome :)

    I'd love to create custom bookends with a webcam in each and LCD screens embedded to show what is on the opposite cam. Then I would get maximum points available :P

    So want :)

    What's so great about these is that they look cool regardless of being gaming-related, so everyone would look at them and enjoy them, and people who get the reference would give an extra smiling-half-nod.

    Now that is cool, I really like that!

    haha that is pretty damn neat...

    they are probably the best collection of "intellectual" books - one is called 'Gay Science' Haha they are on

    In Australia - we have them at Zombie Steves (

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